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We envision a community that respects their pets as the sentient beings they are. Training techniques based on the science of how pets learn have been around for a while. We offer a specialized approach and tailored sedation plan to make stressful vet visits a thing of the past! Many people are surprised to learn that every interaction with an animal is a training session, becausethe animal learns from the experience. Our one-of-a-kind team of Behavior Vets, Behavior Consultants, and Certified Dog Trainers is led by Colorados most experienced Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorist. Many dog training classes at other facilities are large and impersonal, use punishment techniques, and/or can be very expensive; additionally, animal training is notoriously unregulated.

Welcome to The Training Studio, an animal training center where we educate pets and their people for happier, healthier partnerships. Cash, check, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover) are accepted forms of payment. We offer training plans geared to teach your dog or puppy how to stay calm and relaxed during medical handling so they can get the care they need. Working with her was a delight and her recommendations were easy to implement. Would altering some aspect of that behavior make your pet easier or more enjoyable to live with? Phone: 720.484.5000. Lets restore household harmony by addressing litter box issues, fear, shyness, scratching, biting, or fighting. Through the proper understanding of an animal's behavior, the enjoyment and relationship of the family pet can be greatly improved. They host a number of Fear Free Certified Veterinary Professionals, and so are well equipped to help take the stress out of vet visits for your animal (and you too!) I'm a professional dog trainer and even we need help sometimes. If your pet has significant fear and anxiety at vet visits, we can help!

Recheck appointments are 1-hour in length and the fee is $200. Dr. Honeckman believes that behavior therapy is an essential component to providing total patient care.

Emphasis is placed on promoting healthy behaviors in pets utilizing positive behavior training methods and medical intervention when appropriate. Pet Behavior Solutions' mission is to promote compassion, respect, and understanding of animals and their behavior in order to create a healthy relationship between people and their pets. We provide behavior vet consults and training for animals of all kindshorses, birds, goats, and even exoticswe know and love them all. Dog, puppy, cat and horse behavior modification and training and fear-free sedated veterinary clinic exams located in Castle Pines. We highly recommend Dr. Yin's books, order them at these links How To Behave So Your Dog Behavesand Perfect Puppy in 7 Days.

If you have Puppy Problemsclick on this link to our special webpage with resourcesto start your pup out right and solve common puppy issues. Please note: Our phone is not answered after hours. Early closures on New Years Eve and Christmas Eve.

Learn more. I cant thank Dr. C and her team enough for evaluating him and talking to me about strategies to try to help him find calm. We believe that the best way to help our patients is to empower pet parents by giving them the tools they need to help the animals in their care. All rights reserved.

Visit her website for postive training tips. An open dialogue between Dr. Honeckman and a client's general veterinarian will occur with every case. **Referral to a Board-Certified Veterinary Behavior Specialist is an option for all clients**. Click here to check out the classes and private training options.

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Anywhere. Check out all the training resources, videos, and blogs by great positive dog trainers and world renowned veterinarians. A recent surge in awareness is the result of more trainers and pet owners realizing punishment and outdated, dominance-based training is not the only solution for changing animal behavior and in fact, can be detrimental. She will do a very thorough assessment of your pet and will be with you every step of the way to monitor progress. As medical causes of behavioral problems must be ruled-out, all current medical records will be reviewed with possible recommendations pertaining to blood and urine tests, radiographs, and advanced diagnostics. Veterinary Behavior Solutions & The Training Studio offer solutions for your pets. Learn more. America's Dog Trainers See how some of the best positive dog trainers do it! If you want to learn more about the philosophy of positive dog training methods check out this excellent European website. Victoria Stillwell's Victoria is famous for her TV series, It's Me or The Dog! Dog bit the vet? Use tab to navigate through the menu items. dog looking corner around trainer education experience Offering small, unique classes and personalized attention, The Training Studio instructors are all certified and adhere to the humane hierarchy.

Website Design by Choose Positive. CHECK OUT THESE WEBSITES WITH TRAINING INFORMATION AND RESOURCESFROM THE WORLD'S BESTEXPERTS. Contact us with additional details. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please complete the appropriate behavior history form found in the "Forms" sections of this site and return it via email or fax. Does your pet have an annoying or possibly a dangerous behavior problem? There are many reasons our pets dogs, cats, birds, horses or exotics demonstrate these and related, difficult-to-manage behaviors. These consultations may include - but are not limited to - cases involving fears and phobias, separation anxiety, elimination, and aggression involving other animals or people. Counterconditioning 2022, Pet Behavior Solutions. She can even teach a dog to somersault!! We treat farm animals (horses, cows, pigs, chickens, etc.

We all have enough stress right now - let us help you with what we do best. A former cabinetry showroom, this place has got some swagger, and you can feel right at home in our custom kitchen and extra large exam rooms.

Whatever the problem, however serious, well create a plan for change, and then stick with you to make it happen. How to Select a Local Dog Trainer for Your Dog This link will help you find a trainer right for you and your dog and provides our recommendations for positive trainers in our area. Learn more.

You will find lots of behavior training information here with frequent updates and new material.

All those daily interactions, if approached thoughtfully, add up to the well-behaved pet we all want.

Need an expert in veterinary behavior? Adoption Candidacy Evaluations - For rescues, shelters and fosters trying to suss out the reality of placing a behaviorally challenged cat or dog. Real change is possible, and were here to help you achieve it. The Veterinary Behavior Center, LLC. Have hope. There is extensive. If you haven't found a way to resolve the issue, there is still hope.

Inspired by the VIN community, part of the VIN family. The most important difference The Training Studio offers is that we work closely with Dr. Amanda Florsheim and. jennifer parrots toucans pets vs meet candid interview Closed New Years Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Friday and Christmas Day. The mission of VBS is to diagnose and treat problems pertaining to the behavior of pet animals including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, and other exotics. Dog Star DailyThis is a fabuloustraining and behaviorwebsite from Dr. Ian Dunbar, a world renowned veterinarian and dog trainer. Dr. Fagen is a fantastic behavior doctor. Desensitization and As of Monday February 14th, 2022 our very new mothership office in Boulder is now open! World's Dog TrainersNew from Dog Star Daily, now they will be showcasing the best trainers around the world. Busy? Behavior problems, whether dangerous or just annoying and inconvenient, are one of the most common reasons why pets are surrendered to shelters, given away to other homes, abandoned, or euthanized.

Dr. Fagen is professional, compassionate, and extremely knowledgable.

There is extensive, scientific research showing positive reinforcement produces long-lasting behavior changes. For urgent matters text and we will respond as soon as possible. Her website has many videos on postive training methods for canine behavior problems. A unique fusion of hands-on support from our Behavior Therapy Technicians and teleconsult service to your veterinarian. Whether referred by your veterinarian fora diagnosed behavior problem, or you come to us seeking help yourself, we can provide you the behavior modification support you need without getting one of our doctors involved. Dr. Fagen helped my dog and I get through separation anxiety when nobody else could and I am extremely grateful. Learn more.

We work with you as a team. Utilizing learning science and veterinary psychiatry, each diagnostic and treatment plan is personalized, prioritized and practical. We provide help with training and behavior issues for both dogs and cats. Feel free to stop by just to check it out! This means there is no guarantee that a trainer keeps up with the latest scientific discoveries about behavior and learning theory. Fully virtual possible! Kikopup YouTube Training Videos Great video clips on how to use positive and clicker training methods for common puppy and dog training. 562 E. Castle Pines Parkway We are unique among Colorado veterinary clinics and Colorado dog training and behavior consulting services.

The first step is simplejust reach out. Zeus was quick to teach me how unique he is and the team at Behavior Vets helped me figure out how we were going to be a family. Taking my dog toDr. Fagen was truly the best decision I have ever made. TVBS also offers remote consultations to clients in other parts of the country as well as internationally.

Learn more. Learn more.

Learn more. Veterinary Behavior Solutions Orlando, FL, (Hunters CreekProfessional Park--South Orlando), **Easy access fromState Road 417 or the Florida Turnpike**,, Veterinary Behavior Solutions (VBS) is a pet behavior consultation service founded by Dr. Lynn Honeckman. Castle Pines, CO 80108. We partner with the Animal Care Center of Castle Pines to provide exceptional veterinary care for our patients. She was able to examine him and physical causes for his stress symptoms. Good Fit Evaluations - For those pet parents who are trying to sort out if their pet is really a good fit for their household.

Copyright 2022. He was defecating out of his litterbox, andthe situation was creating a great deal of stress for us both. We can even do the training for you. We are so grateful to Dr. Fagen for her help with prepping our dogs for the arrival of our baby!

This website is an extensive resource on all the ways clicker training can help your pet and much more!

Innovators of Choice Training and EduCare for Dogs. See the results of positive training. Clicker training is a fabulous training method based on scientific learning theories.

Personalized basic manners training for a dog you can proudly take anywhere. Solve puppy problems, start basic manners training, and set your puppy up for a lifetime of behavioral wellness and joy.

The address is 5345 Arapahoe Ave, Unit 7 near the intersection with 55th street. We also see patients from Wyoming, North and South Dakota, New Mexico, and Montana. Pet Behavior Solutions strives to create a more compassionate community through excellence in education, effective training programs, and a scientific understanding of animal behavior. Phone:219-781-6868 Email: They also have a great on-line store with behavior tools and toys.

email:, The initial behavior consultation is a 2-hour appointment and the fee is $395. FOR INFORMATION ON DOG TRAINING ANDRESOLVING BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS CHOOSE ONLY TRAINERS THAT USE POSITIVE TRAINING METHODS. Texas Veterinary Behavior Service (TVBS) is a referral service dedicated strictly to the diagnosis and treatment of behavior problems in animals. All Rights Reserved. From families, to shelters, to zoosnear and far, Nail Club - For getting your pet comfortable with routine nail care and low stress trims, Pre-med Ahead - For getting your pet comfortable with veterinary and hygiene handling and pre-medication anti-anxiety testing, Practice Pop Ins - For clients actively working with our therapy team for additional practice and feedback in a group setting. Email: Were here. Dr. Fagen helped us to course correct when our beloved sixteen-year-old Persian began acting out two years ago. We provide kitten training and cat training. Once a medical problem or underlying illness has been addressed, then behavioral intervention can occur. TVBS is the only veterinary behavior referral practice in the greater Houston area. Payment is due when services are rendered. I would highly recommendher to any person ready to have a healthier and happier feline at home.

If you are ready to choose a local trainer click here. We even have classes. Texas Veterinary Behavior Services is a referral service specifically to assist families with animals with behavior concerns.

We engage in patient-centered, client-tailored and doctor-led service.

She makes learning fun for both pet and owner! with directed follow-through for your behavior and training needs.

Comprehensive care from our veterinary behavior team for pets of any species and their parents in Northern Coloradoand beyond. from the UK and now on Animal Planet. The TVBC Advantage - Our premiere support plan that includes all of the above, plus discounts on retail, classes, workshops labwork and other beneficial perks! Showing you how to communicate what you want in a way your pet understands is what The Training Studio does best. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. All Rights Reserved. Weve dedicated our lives to helping people and pets enjoy life together.

They teach classes ranging from private sessions to basic manners programs, Nose Games, Dig It (teaching dogs to file their own nails) and Relaxed Rover and Dog School Drop Out for fearful, anxious and reactive dogs. Boulder, Northern Colorado, Front Range, veterinary, veterinarian, veterinary behavior, veterinary behaviorist, animal behavior, animal behaviorist, animal behavioralist, dog trainer, veterinary psychiatry. New Horizons Veterinary Behavior SolutionsServing the Chicagoland Area with Mobile Consultations, Serving Northwest Indiana at 310 E. US Route 30(Next door to Deer Run Animal Hospital) Schererville, IN 46375(219)781-6868, New Horizons Veterinary Behavior Solutions, Inspired by the VIN community, part of the VIN family, View over 30 short training videos at Dr. Yin's. From Nail Club to our premiere support program, maximize your investment and your success, Consulting services for individual patients as well as development of organizational level behavioral health plans, Individual patient or colony assessments as well as development of organizational level behavioral health plans.

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