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Refactored and tidied up WorldDictionary. Allow two curtains to be added on different edges of the same square. Allow collapsed inventory and loot windows to expand when the mouse moves over them when the player is aiming if the game is paused. This allows us to add back "turn to face the container while looting", because turning doesn't change which containers are displayed in the loot window. Recognized controllers are listed in media\gamecontrollerdb.txt. in some cases sprite were not being set properly on IsoObject, this may have also affected erosion objects. Copyright 2022 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Helping gamers with walkthroughs, guides, cheats & console commands and codes lists since 2005, Project Zomboid Best Mods Multiplayer Mods, With special game modes for MP, or simply compatible with Multiplayer, Project Zomboid Best Mods Cheat Menu Mod, Project Zomboid Best Mods Helicopter Mod, Project Zomboid Best Mods Hydrocraft Mod, Project Zomboid Best Mods Tsars Common Library MP Mod, Project Zomboid Best Mods Britas Weapon Pack Mod, Project Zomboid Best Mods Arsenal(26) GunFighter Mod, Project Zomboid Best Mods Autotsar Trailers MP Mod, Project Zomboid Best Mods True Actions MP Mod, Galarian Zigzagoon Community Day Pokemon Go August 2022, Ore Smelting Tycoon Codes Roblox July 2022, Obstagoon Weakness Pokemon Go Best Raid & Leagues Counters, adds symbols variants to base game symbols (requires Extra Map Symbols UI), replaces angled arrows with own version, aligned to roads, adds additional map symbols following base game style, Autotsar Trailers [MP updated] > Download, Just Throw Them Out The Window > Download, True Actions. In each language folder, a new file called language.txt specifies the name and character encoding. Allow crowbars to be used to remove wood barricades, and use animations for it. Fixed "Blooo" item appearing inside character's inventory sometimes. Visually indicate seats that can't be reached from the current seat in the switch-seat ui. Fixed leg-twitch while attacking with 2H weapons. Forum IWBUMS Build 41.35, Date: April 9, 2020 Fixed possible NullPointerException in RVSTrailerCrash if the trailer script isn't defined. Fixed evolved recipe (cooking stir fry) not resetting their base nutrition values, giving big boosts to nutrition on those recipes. Fixed unused Object/WoodGate/Break FMOD event. Crashing a car into objects can now damage the engine if hood condition is too low. server/recipecode.lua uses ClothingRecipesDefinitions. Fixed the tutorial breaking at the zoom in/out stage when not using double-sized textures. Fixed some mirror not working for make up (they were attached sprite & not new object). Fixed hotbar appearing for controller users. This was to fix a bug when opening/closing a door using a controller, puddles would appear briefly in a 3x3 area around the door. Fixed digital-watch alarms appearing on zombie corpses in House In The Woods challenges. Avoid calling File.exists() on the main thread when loading textures from files that we know exist. Fixed stone not being lost when creating a spear from it. Fixed being able to open multiple fitness UI. Fixed the position of the "favorite" icon in the inventory window (it was clipping into the row above). This looks better when the equipped items are in the hotbar. Added bracelets, watches, dogtags etc to zombies. Initial implementation not wired up to Networking nor AnimStates, yet. You need either a make up foundation, make up eyes shadows or lipstick. Removed the old JInput library which was used for controllers. Fixed the "randomAngle" field of a VehicleZoneDistribution always being false. Fixed the vehicle editor not selecting the correct vehicle in the scripts combobox. Changed the Yes/No "Chest Hair" combobox to a checkbox in the character-creation ui. Fixed some story-based corpses clipping with furniture. They both had one condition that didn't exclude the other animation. Moved the Delete button to the left of the New and Play buttons in the Last Stand player-select ui, to match other uis. Fixed Unusable Wood appearing twice in the barbeque Add Fuel menu. Fixed titles issue by adding UIFont.Title which is used for titles in the main menu. Animations created by Martin Greenall of The Indie Stone for use in future versions of Project Zomboid, and modified by IBrRus. Fixed saving exeTimer.size() twice. Full helmets less likely to fall from zombies attacks. The generic table provides all the functionality of an index-name, name-index table. Preload sample data ahead of time so that sounds can play immediately when started. Faydal Linkler. Charcoal barbeques can use the same fuel and starting methods as campfires and fireplaces. Added ability to hold a torch/flashlight in your hand, Added a Loot Generator UI in debug context menu to track loot spawns better. Reduced damage done by falling from 2 storey windows. IsoWorld.sceneCullZombies() already sorts zombies by visibility and distance, so it is used to set a flag on zombies that shouldn't use shared animations. Rebuilt jassimp64.dll with statically-linked c++ library (removes dependency on msvcp140.dll). This happened when hitForce was <= 0.1. added Bob_IdleEatingFromPlate.X and Bob_DrinkFromFloor.X. Pressing Q (shout) while crouched will now have different text and smaller sound radius. This was broken since the shovel couldn't be equipped while the corpse was still in the player's hands, so the shovel might appear in the player's hands and on their back. Server-side saving: MP save system now in a server-side database. Refactored some stuff so the MovableRecipe has the same chances, xp, resultitems, equipitems etc as world object dismantling. Fixed furniture moving and disassembling actions not finding tools in bags. Fixed possible nullpointer for RVSCarCrashCorpse. Added a different icon to the vehicle radial menu for refueling from a pump at a gas station. Fixed the player not turning to face a barbeque when displaying the info ui. Fixed walls on the same tile overlapping door when the latter was opened. Required skills are displayed in red text if the player's level is below the required level. Fixed book store cash register having books in it instead of money. Fixed Pizza whirled display case not spawning correct loot. Fixed zombies pushing around zombies sat against a wall. (, , ..). Base.TrailerCover is the covered version. Made many previously unmovable objects movable: benches, bunk beds, carpets, canopies, spiffo's tables, bar stools, counters etc. They used to spawn as soon as the player opened the door to a room. (For example, the blue Pharmahug sign was only blue the first time it was loaded. Fixed garbage creation related to clothing item lookup. letiim Can now pickup broken glass (warning, if no gloves you might get injured). Clarified the "map_t.bin does not exist, cannot determine the server's WorldVersion." Blood is added to vehicle windows zombies are attacking. Added sewing kit (icon pending) to kitchen loot table, this contain needles/thread and few strips to fix clothing.

It isn't 100% fixed; the tiles that provide thickness to the docks aren't visible, and there's a 1-tile glitch where the dock meets the shore. Fixed not checking BodyLocation.isExclusive() when dressing zombies, which could result in conflicting clothing items being worn. PAZAR ALIVERN BAKA EHRDEN YAPMAK TARHTE BR LK M? Nerfed smashed bottles condition lower chance. Allows us to specify what to indent the first line with. Fixed some blending issue with holding bags. Multi stage build now show a plank in player's hand when building. Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.42, Date: August 13, 2020 Fixed missing BreakSound on some weapons. Reduced the damage to headlights from hitting zombies. Languages are loaded by looking in the media/lua/shared/Translate folder for the game and any active mods. Added new options to add padding/patch holes on garments. Fixed the player's direction snapping when changing the player's in-hand models. Fixed reloading an empty magazine and putting it back into the gun after using the Eject Magazine context-menu command. Fixed the inventory-window and loot-window selections changing as timed actions removed items. Fixing context key always dropping heavy items. Fixed fences door being more resistant than fences. Fixed character-info avatar not updating after washing off blood. Fixed media/textures/patches/patchesmask.png getting loaded on the wrong thread. The hitching when entering unexplored parts of the map (when new vehicles are created) should be fixed. Updated translations for Spanish, Hungarian, Japanese and Polish. Added new sandbox presets to the sandbox options screen. Ekolojik Tarm'n lkeleri A hotbar slot is highlighted red if a dragged item cannot be equipped in that slot. Fixed a garage in Riverside having an inside-out door and an old dirt floor tile (with a stray pixel in it). When zoomed out beyond 100%, the filter used is TriLinear, also known as Linear MipMap, for smoother appearance and less pixel shimmering. Fixed being able to shove zombies behind the player while still turning. Destroyed traps can return multiple items, those using twine return the full twine cost, Antique stove can now spawn in a crate in any warehouse (very rare), Fixed wrong items appearing in roomtype 'camping', Fixed wrong items appearing in roomtype 'bakery'. Allow sleeping anywhere when the character reaches a fatigue level of 4. Each sub-layer checks their parent for the cached sync node+track. Fixed the selected container in the Loot window changing due to the player turning while transferring items. Fixed double doors losing their assigned key ID when opened. Added a few functions to add text, options for color and usage of the indicator arrows. It should handle activating and deactivating mods. Fixed zombies thumping short metal fences. Elma ve Armutta antibiyotik kullanlyormu doru mu? Fixed annotated map loot not always spawning when it should. Fixed cancelling attaching an item to the hotbar leaving the model visible on the player but not in the hotbar. Fixed enabling and disabling mods with texture packs not updating which textures the game uses. Fixed lua error with the "Rest" context-menu option when extremely tired and no bed/chair was clicked. Fixed being unable to remove Thin Skinned using the Player Stats debug ui. Fixed collision detection with trees and bushes. Fixed the aiming outline not appearing sometimes. Context-menu tooltips display the required amount of soap and water. Fixed not being able to attack after closing a map when using a controller. Non-weapon items may be dragged to the hotbar. Fixed excessive Baseball Bat spawns in Riverside Sports Store, Re-added missing containers in ProceduralDistributions. Fixed zombies shoving after you hit them. Draw a rectangle under the post-death text so it is easier to see on light backgrounds. E.g. These should work again now. Fixed the Metalwork menu tooltips using the old DisplayName translations. The application's main thread is now the RenderThread. They have a different spawn number of infected, and other features. If you want the most of a particular kind of item, its best to stick to the relevant business. A challenge's AddPlayer() function is now called when creating new players in existing games. This will override the standard line triggering limitations in the radio system and use the supplied amount seconds before moving to the next line. Fixed IsoStove.doSound() exception that happens when a running stove is destroyed by fire. Fixed the health panel not always being wide enough to display all the text in it. Fixed not being able to interrupt closing windows or smashing windows. Double click the item icon to pick it up. Fixed DisplayName for Necklace_Choker_Amber and Necklace_Choker_Diamond. Fixed Texture.getUVScale() allocating a new Vector2 each call. Forbid entering various invalid characters in the savefile field when creating a new game. wpfpn_nbrows : [];wpfpn_nbrows[165]=0; wpfpn_nbrows = ( typeof wpfpn_nbrows != 'undefined' && wpfpn_nbrows instanceof Array ) ? Rinzler, January 23 in Clans & Groups, Howdy All! New loot balance and loot balance system: houses and stores now have loot in the containers you would expect from real life and not in a jumble. Fixed Lamp On Pillar losing it's battery and on/off state upon reloading. Fixed vehicle save issues by doubling the size of the ByteBuffer used to save vehicles from 64KB to 128KB. Fixed furniture sometimes fading away while the player is still close enough to see inside. Welcome to Bedford Falls. Only blends (with animations) to defaultWalk/Run/Sprint if isTurningAround==false. Items automatically go on a table/counter if the mouse is over one of them. Fixed NullPointerException in IsoMovingObject.checkHitWall() when adjacent chunks haven't been loaded.

Added "Set Compost" command to the "[DEBUG] Objects" context menu to set the amount of compost in a composter. When no item is in a slot, the faded icon of the item that provides the slot (such as a belt) is displayed instead. console message as being ok the first time a server is started, when map_t.bin hasn't been created yet. fixed automated broadcast generating frequencies that werent being able to be tuned in manually, Fixed corpses or zombies spawning when they should be disabled (on vehicle or house stories). Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.31, Date: March 2, 2020 Fixed the player not walking adjacent to burnt vehicles and trailers when displaying the mechanics ui. Fixed an error starting a server when attempting to host a game on MacOS. Spears used for fishing lose condition when damaged, and don't disappear from the player's inventory. The file should contain a single line with the translated map name. Fixed player movement stopping when playing the one-handed crit attack animation.

Improved and standardised English language presentation. Automatic Forest zones require all neighbouring chunks to have trees, Clothes can be washed without soap but it takes much longer, Lacerations can now be bandaged with dirty rags, Increased nutritional value of caught fish, More canning equipment in kitchen (jars/jar lids), More loot in sheds (mechanics stuff, saws etc), Fixed Mildew Spray not being pourablr on the ground, Fixed Tall Fences and Log Walls not being part of cutaway system, Fixed tile with a wall from an intersecting wall not fading away with cutaways, Fixed incorrect timed action on chopping down tree with axe. Fixed red garage doors not being openable. Fixed not being able to wear items on the head with coveralls (FullSuit and FullSuitHead locations were swapped). Increased character's lighting to counter balance the darker vision cone. Fixed some missing translations in the inspect-clothing ui's context menu. Made the same changes to male and female zombie textures. Fixed bandit road story appearing before 30 days in the apocalypse. Russian). Fixed garage doors on the north edge of a square blocking vehicles. Fixed Revolver & dbl barrel shotgun getting hammed. Fixed tainted-water status of metal drums with water in them. Fixed issues with automatically opening boxes of nails when doing carpentry. Wall cut away system not hiding enough of player-made walls, Fixed advantages give through cancelling attacks (IMPORTANT: If you prefer playing with the ability to walk while attacking zeds (kiting), then this is possible by disabling Melee Movement Disruption in Sandbox options). Fixed crafted double-door objects losing some properties when opened (in particular, the thumpSound). Press Shift + W to start/increase it, Shift + S to decrease its speed. A long-standing issue has been the alpha values not being the same between the two methods. Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.40 hotfix, Date: July 30, 2020 If a player is next to them, rain hitting vehicles and/or trees will be audible. Some professions have existing regularity in certain exercises (fitness instructor, fireman..). Fixed vehicle engines not taking damage if the hood is uninstalled. Fixed item.RequireInHandOrInventory being treated as DisplayName in ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.doEatOption() instead of an item type. Fixed zombies trying to walk through fences with sandbags placed in front of them. Fixed the "Move To" inventory context-menu options always being disabled when using a controller. The old "Language" enum is now a class. Fixed SkyBox.update() allocating Color and Vector3f each time. Makaleler Fixed zombies getting stuck in the grace period of AttackState after the player dies (standing with their arms outstretched). Syncing of data where needed is up to coder/author.

Fixed chance of success and chance of damage sometimes being less than 0 or greater than 100 when installing or uninstalling vehicle parts. Fixed seat naming weirdness by removing "BigCarSeat" and "SportCarSeat" items, and renamng "NormalCarSeat" items to just "Seat". Increased the range the player prefers to target lunging zombies instead of prone zombies from 0.5 to 1.0, Adjusted the 2-handed miss animation to leave the weapon in left hand during the miss anim. The carpentry and metalwork menus together created 60+ tooltips. Fixed the random vehicle generator which was causing "Standard Seat" to be selected every time. Added possible bullet vest on police outfit. Fixed multithreading bug with the player/vehicle database. Fixed ClimbThroughWindowState bug with zombies. Fixed wrong "job type" being displayed in the vehicle-mechanics ui sometimes.

Fixed warm-hands-by-a-fire animation possibly continuing long after the fire goes out. Fixed NullPointerException in IsoPlayer.updateDirt(). Send SendPlayerProfile packet before exit to main menu on exception while in in-game state Increased ThickSkinned cost to 8 points (from 6). Fixed missing consolidate context menu option for thread & wire. Fixed zombies farther away than 10 squares having a negative chance to spot the player. Build 40 will not be patched with this for now. Fixed weather mask not updating when the zoom level changes. Fixed being able to survive bleach death by eating lemongrass, Fixed not being able to repair double doors, Fixed Fish fillet / Chicken behaving strangely when used in salad, Fixed filling up an empty bottle / bucket from a river or a lake incorrectly showing "Puddle" as a source, Fixed not being able to hold RMB and use F to turn on flashlight, Fixed "Easy use" causing all car trunks to be opened, not only unlocked, Fixed Analog watches not having alarms if Spanish language is selected, Fixed Padlocks that spawn in stores oftentimes getting called "house key" + a string of numbers, Fixed not being able to freeze separate eggs. Fixed the Continue button skipping the profession screen when the player is dead. Previously, only items on the square that was clicked were detected. Fixed lunch box being set as "Medical" (only for loot chance). The Attach menu options show the item to be replaced in a tooltip instead of the option name, to match the Wear menu. The correct amount of soap and water is used. Right-clicking on an equipped corpse or generator says "Drop" instead of "Unequip".

They prefer to go around, but if there is no other path, they'll thump on walls and crates, etc. Moveable lights lost their custom color when moved.). Save hotbbar position to avoid weirdness at loading game with holster equipped. This appeared to cause a hitch in the zombie's pose. Player will raise their left hand if close enough to jaw stab. Fixed drinking from popcan having timing issue. Fixed grass/vegetation showing over interior walls when wind makes them sway. Fixed AxeMan trait not affecting animation speed when fighting or chopping trees. Hydrocraft is a mod based around crafting and filling in the empty world of zomboid with more stuff. For this to work the spriteproperties must be set to 'CanScrap' AND have at least one dummy material defined for the scrapcode to recognize it as valid scrapable, the actual materials returned will be from the recipe. Fixed shoving zombies from behind sometimes causing the zombie to move toward the player. Forum: IWBUMS Build 41.41, Date: June 18, 2020 Fixed DrinkingFromBottle sound continuing forever after the action completes. Fixed fake-dead zombies in House in the Woods challenges. This might move to the Crafting UI later on. Fixed double create spear with screwdriver. Leg fractures now reduce speed according to their severity.

Used Docker to create and with a version of GCC that will not cause issues with some Linux setups. Don't use shared animations on the nearest 20 zombies, to avoid foot-sliding when they're lunging. Smoking cigarettes plays the Smoke sound once during each animation loop. Fixed Lock framerate = Uncapped not being saved. Fixed zombies thumping windows when they didn't hear a sound or see the player, when the "Environmental Attacks" sandbox option is disabled. Adjusted the drinking sounds to fit the anims better. Fixed Torch and Rope items on the ground not being allowed when creating Lamp-On-Pillar. Fixed zombie landing from a fall being killed when they land and staying stuck. Optimized PropertyContainer's handling of IsoFlagType. hotfix to remove an exploit for players to teleport around the map. Fixed some instances of zombies turning while lying on the floor - needs further feedback. wpfpn_nbrows : [];wpfpn_nbrows[2691]=0; wpfpn_nbrows = ( typeof wpfpn_nbrows != 'undefined' && wpfpn_nbrows instanceof Array ) ? Fixed rendering the isocursor and aim-outline in splitscreen. Fixed lights from fires sometimes remaining after a fire is removed.

Fixed makeup being applied when closing the makeup ui without clicking Apply.

Fixed VehicleAmbiance using the wrong event name. Fixed shoving the first zombie within range, rather than the closest zombie within range. Added "Corpse Shadows" display option. Mechanics window tooltips now display battery charge, amount of fuel in gas tank, amount of air in tires. Fixed the temperature debug ui not resizing vertically with different-sized fonts (horizontal resizing needs doing). 2292487242 - Harry's Functional Tow Truck - Chevalier Rhino

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