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EKOLOJ MARKET GIDA TARIMSAL RN KOZM. Ekolojik Tarm Dergisine %100 Ekolojik Pazarn hikayesi ve dnme katks, Organik Tarm Bir Alternatif Deil, Ekoloji Meselesi. They do good. When I was younger, I thought, Oh, Im doing the best show. And Id hear somebody elses show, and Id be like Oh my God! And then I heard Dave Emorys show, and it would bemind-blowing Oh my God, hes talking about the Kennedy assassination! But then I would meet somebody else who would say, Nardwuar, thats pretty cool, but did you ever hear what Paul Krassner said you know, that guyPaul Krassner, a 1960s radical?. Its fun to be able to discover the little tidbits that are out there. Moodyville was where the sawmills and stuff were.

So thats the cool thing youre in total control at CiTR. But at CiTR youre a writer, youre an operator, youre a producer, youre in total control.

Its fun to be able to discover these little tidbits, and tell people stuff. So Dave Emory was a disciple of Mae Brussell, or, as he called himself, a Brussell Sprout. He took her teachings and put them on the radio. PAZAR ALIVERN BAKA EHRDEN YAPMAK TARHTE BR LK M? Maybe youd like to work with us, and do some voices for video games or something like that? Well, thats about it. And you can learn something new. You can find information and shape it to the way you want it to be. Analize tabi tutulan zirai ila etken madde listesi ve llebilen alt limitleri, Deifre programnda Feriky %100 Ekolojik Pazar hakknda kan hatal beyan, Organik pazardan alnan rnde pestisid kalnts iddias ( star tv ), Tarm le zirai ila kalnt analiz sonular, TURGUT EN / NKSAR LES ORGANK MEYVE RETCLER BRL. When I started bringing the video camera, I remember being in this room right here, and getting a phone call saying you can go interview Pierre Berton. And also, if they say something like, Man, you suck, we take it to heart, and then try to improve. OSMAN ARSLAN / NKSAR LES ORGANK RETCLER BRL, OSMAN BAYRAKLI / BAFRA ZRAAT ODASI BAKANLII, OSMAN OBAN / NKSAR LES ORGANK RETCLER BRL.

And I did a project, a historical, archaeological project on the Lions Gate Bridge, which is in Special Collections, I think, but it mightve been taken out by now. And also having a Russian background in my family helped. Everybody in the class roared, but my mom was like, Oh. And one of the conspiracies was the Kennedy assassination. If youre not excited by that new lead or whatever youre like, Nah, I dont want to follow that, or Nah, I dont want to play that band well, then you should just totally quit what youre doing because youre not offering anything else. It was likeMojo magazinebeforeMojomagazine. We like to tell the story. He was ready to say it all these years, but nobody had asked him, and then there he was saying it to me right then and there. She was a housewife just a housewife, as they said back then just a housewife who went through every edition of the Warren Commission, every sort of edition, every sort of report, and was the first person to go through it and point out all this weird stuff because a lot of people said, you know, the Warren Commission, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, we dont believe it. Notice that though the pupil is but a small part of the eye. So I think I played hacky sack, and wrote something about the assassination of John F. Kennedy ah, to get into UBC back in the 80s. The most recent one had stuff on The Kinks and Van Morrison, too like, early stuff that you wouldnt actually know about and other sorts of bands, evenThe Misfits. Ekolojik Tarm'n lkeleri Its always neat that people have some different ideas, and I think thats what is so great about CiTR, the people you meet here they give you ideas, like they bring Rock the Vote, thatll add to your show. Fiyat nerisi hazrlarken nelere dikkat ediliyor ? You can tell them about sitting in on my show putting headphones on and seeing what happens. A few years ago, I remember some guy said to me, Hey, Nardwuar, were starting a company in Vancouver calledElectronic Arts. The interviewer is in charge of making the interviewee exciting. %100 Ekolojik Pazarlar' n Tarihesi In other words, the researcher is responsible for making the person theyre researching interesting as well.

Of course, which is right up there with you, Courtney, because theres nothing cooler than doing a recording onthisPortavisionTV-cassette deck-AM/FM thing! But it was in a giant hockey rink! Across from Gastown was Moodyville, which was on the north shore. When you interview people,one of the things you like to do is bring out objects and pass them to the person and have them reflect upon them usually something either from their past or that in some way relates to their current interests or career or whatever. If I could do a radio show, you can do a radio show. An analogy between CiTR and history and commercialism and all that sort of stuff is that on a commercial radio station, they just play the songs. Well, if I can do it, anybody can do it. You can see it on You Tube. They said that it would be stored forever and ever in Special Collections, which is a line Im sure a lot of the students are given. He was up here in the 1960s or early 70s as a Teaching Assistant. SALH AYYILDIZ / BAFRA ZRAAT ODASI BAKANLII, SALH PARU / MANSA TARIM L ZM PROJES, SALH YILMAZ / NKSAR LES ORGANK MEYVE RETCLER BRL, SELAHADDN BURSALI / SKLP ZRAAT ODASI, EREFOLU ORGANK / EMNE MELDA EREFOLU, SEREN ZZMRL / URLA ZRAAT ODASI BAKANLII. If any students are interested in sitting in on my radio show, like you did, Courtney, theyre more than welcome to. Ivan Avakumovic, now an emeritus history professor at UBC, is an authority on the Doukhobors. Elma ve Armutta antibiyotik kullanlyormu doru mu? Like I said, Allen Ginsberg was a T.A. But I only smoke pot when Im having a fun time. Im like, Oh my God! And then years later, of course, he said it on the Rick Mercer show. I consider him Canadian. Youre doing an interview with Eugene Chadbourne, and youre doing your radio show, and theres always some way to make your show better. This article was first published in September, 2011. I dida quick little interview with Michael Ignatieff, and tried to get him to do this 1960s game called The Hip-Flip, where you flip this little flipper, and I was able to do that. I know he has a background in that sort of stuff.

VE TC. That Pierre Trudeau made Margaret sit on the deck, and made her wear headphones there was a long cord that went all the way to the deck, and Margaret was out there. ili: Cumartesi PAZ. %100 Ekolojik Pazarlar Veri Kayt ve Stok Takip Sistemi. The second time, you have a better idea of what to expect.Before I even have a chance to turn on the tape recorder, Nardwuar and I are somehow already talking abouthis Wikipedia entry, and to what extent the information found there is true. And you can extrapolate that information. zel lme aletleri, pendulumlar vs. ile nitrat, pestisit lmleri.

They didnt actually say it in that tone. And him saying, God, thisishard. Alan MacInnis, who does a great blog in Vancouver calledAlienated Vancouverhe says, Hey Nardwuar, do you want to interview Eugene Chadbourne? I failed one when they say you fail one, you can always supplement the exam, so I went to the other one, and failed both of them. Well, to him I say, Ok, I agree it takes 10,000 hours or ten years, but I would actually multiply that by five. My dad told me the first fifty years are the worst. Gassy Jack was the first pioneer in Vancouver, and they named Vancouver Granville first, and then they changed it to Vancouver. And Vancouver also has something I can mention LSD, too, because that ties into marijuana. Courtney Booker: But you were a history major at UBC, yes? So, if theyre your enemies, and theyre telling you whats wrong with you, that means you are friends. I was fascinated by it. Because thats the great thing about CiTR I guess in summary at CiTR youre not a DJ. So I would be listening to CiTR,because I was then doing, and I still do, a show on CiTR I would come home Sunday nights, and on CiTR they were playing Radio Free America, and I was like Oh my God.

The book my mom wrote was kind of like a pamphlet it was kind of a fun thing. Im not talking about the formal study of history, though it could be that; rather, I mean your reading and your interest in the past in terms of bands and music or whatever. If you think you know everything, you should quit, because theres always something youre going to learn all the time. Why do the boring stuff? LTD. T. And I picked the Kennedy assassination, because of a show onCiTRcalled Radio Free America, hosted by a guy namedDave Emory. When the election was on, I thought, well, it would be interesting to try to go out and meet some of the candidates. You might go, Well, all the books have already been written. No! Organik Sertifikal Bir rnn indeki Tohumun Filizlenmesi Ne Anlama Gelir? I wasnt able to get in the back door, like the regular media does. You gotta go for it. I got a phone call right in this room saying hell do the actual liner notes! Youre a writer, youre an operator, youre a producer. Electronic Arts,Google, and Green Day! No! And you give a warning before you do that. Bugday Blog, Yerleim Planlar, reticiler ve Sertifikalar I think Odd Future are Canadian because Tyler the Creators mom is Canadian. Do university students do stupid stuff like that? When I was doing my radio show, I was listening to other people do their radio shows. Being complacent really sucks.. I think they were all just peasants. A.. I asked the Society head, and he knew somebody who had been a member, who knew somebody that worked on the bridge. Organik rnlere ilgi ve talep tm dnyada artyor. Its totally detailed, and it explores all sorts of unheralded people from rock n roll. Theres always something really interesting. So it was fun to be able to do this project, because I didnt have to write a lot. Commercial radio stations in Canada could say the word fuck, but theyre afraid if they have the word fuck and they talk about it, theyll lose advertisers. Somebody had told me that they remembered when they interviewed Margaret, she had said that the only way she was allowed to listen to rock n roll music at 24 Sussex was out on the deck. You meet somebody on the internet, and they may not know the answer, but theyll give you a lead, and you follow up. Is he still doing stuff? Ok. She was a bit older than the other people there, because she had gone back to school. We acknowledge that the UBC Vancouver campus is situated on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the xmkym (Musqueam). So things were pretty fun hacky sack, and the Kennedy assassination, and eating cheese. But I was like, Why? Because they wanted to have it run properly. Well, the internet never forgets. Given what youve just said, how do you determine whom to interview? Organik tarmda bitki korumann temelleri nelerdir? For instance,during my show todayLloyd came in, and he just presented me with a CD from 1992 of Rock the Vote. And it makes you think, like, youre doing a show, youre doing a great show withEugene Chadbourneor whoever, but theres always something extra that can be added. And then people think, Well, how is that relevant you got hippies, you got punk rock. Well, what about hip-hop? It was a show originally from KUSF in San Francisco, and it was rebroadcast on CiTR on Sunday nights between 10 and 12. Steadfast reader, say [with me]: O little Nard, you small man, be well., Announcement, Faculty, Research, Spotlight. T.C. You should be lucky to be on the air! So she would always haul me over to the meetings of the North Shore Historical Society, when I was younger, when I was in high school, and one of the people that came, that spoke at the North Shore Historical Society, was Dr. Peter Moogk. For instance,Lester BangsPsychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dungis certainly a history book, as far as Im concerned. Its a great place to meet people. . So it kind of all centers around CiTR. BONUS:Click below to hear Nardwuar recite the early medieval poem copied below, written byAlcuin(d. 804), the great court scholar and counselor of Charlemagne, toEinhard(d. 840), another famous courtier. Peki ilekte asl saknmamz gereken hormon mu yoksa zirai zehirler mi? TSEVin dzenledii Sivil Toplumda Yeni Yaklamlar Konferansnda sosyal deiim iin gl modeller yaratmak balkl oturumda %100 Ekolojik Pazar modeli sunumumuz. So thats good enough for me. And doot doola doot doo. I remember I also did a report on Moodyville as well. Vancouver should have been called Gastown. I was able to take some history courses, and I kind of switched doing more history courses instead of math courses, which I failed both semesters, both terms. Bu pazar bir alveriten, ekolojik sebze meyveden ok te; bir hareket, bir halk platformu, bir paylam mekn Theres always something new to actually learn. ERDOAN KARAKA / NKSAR LES ORGANK MEYVE RETCLER BRL, EROL ZYURT / NKSAR LES ORGANK RETCLER BRL, FATMA METN / NKSAR LES ORGANK MEYVE RETCLER BRL. An example:I interviewed Lady Gaga, and eight months later she was on the Larry King Show. Dont make it just like all the other books that are out there. So the second year I somehow survived. But most of the interviews are in person on the radio. Yes,do it yourself. And I would be at home listening to this and eating cheese and crackers. Its a great scholarly approach. Im gonna get teased tomorrow! She just interviewed people. Because youdontknow everything. In fact, the person was whispering in my ear, Youve got the Hip-Flip game.

I cant even pick a hit on a Green Day album! It even had a video. I love that you not only make references and connections to Canada in your interviews, but that you do this Canadian memorialization with gigs as well. Now, basically, when I came to UBC, my dad wanted me to be an engineer. They cut right to the song. You have to write the essay. GIDA. Its generic. It comes out once a year, and its thick. There are all sorts of neat little stuff that one can tie back to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I also remember another professor by the name ofPeter Moogk. Thats what I really love about CiTR, and organizations that are of an independent nature. %100 Ekolojik Pazar Organik Dkkan Perakende Zincir fiyat karlatrmas, Gemi Zaman %100 Ekolojik Pazar Hikayelerimiz 1, Gemi Zaman %100 Ekolojik Pazar Hikayelerimiz 2 Ali Kaml. Well, in a way, your enemies often times tell you whats wrong with you. LTD. T. Makaleler Actually, I didnt have to rip off some of the bridge. Moodyvillewas a settlement across from Granville where Vancouver was first settled. So thats the research skills there. Youre told what to do. Alan just thought I might be interested, and just told me. For instance, somebody might ask, The Lions Gate Bridge Why did you do a story on the Lions Gate Bridge? This was before the big renovation and stuff. I couldve held up the record and asked Trudeau about it. Its been twenty years since the Fugazi show? Ernst Dmmler, inMonumenta Germaniae Historica: Poetae Latini Aevi Carolini(Berlin, 1881), 1:248; trans. Its like double the size ofMojo, and its filled with great stuff. It does hurt, and its not pleasant, but its great to be able to get the feedback. Thats basically what I would say. He met a lot of people at university who were interested in sailing. LTD. T. Organik rnler, yerel tohumlar, besin deerleri ve salk asndan nemi. I thought it was pretty fascinating. Some other gigs that I presented had local themes and names associated with them, too. One thing is for sure hyperbole is never out of place when describing him. So thats how I kind of do my show. So Vancouver is the home of punk rock, hippies, and hip-hop as well. . That was kind of cool about UBC that you could have Allen Ginsberg as a Teaching Assistant. Switching gears a little bit, what is your favorite history book, broadly defined? So I bought the toilets Im like, Everybodys gonna use the other toilets. No, we have to use these toilets. Grsel Farklar ( parlaklk, iri, ekirdeksiz vs ). Its not just like telling the name of the band. My mom was born in Toronto, but her parents were born in Russia, and my great-great grandfather was the best shot in the Russian army, way back when. I keep on with stuff that Im doing, even though Im not supposed to. And then Vancouver number three, because we had that great punk rock scene. Thats the cool thing about writing a paper youre in total control. Cooper. And when youre doing your research papers, you have a chance to be able to expose the world to your discoveries, these little tidbits. Hayvanclk Kongresi 24-26 Ekim 2013, Bursa.

[As I later confirmed, Nardwuar did indeed graduate with a degree in history in 1990, with a particular focus on Canadian and U.S. history]I took historical archaeology that was one of the courses, withDiane Newell, who did the history of canneries and stuff like that. nard 90s courtney nardwuar vs know didn thank well

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