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Within and around these Community Groups we place great value on building friendships, celebration, and service so that people will get a tangible sense of who God is as we explicitly proclaim the gospel. That said, you can expect to eat together, pray together, read the Bible together, and have discussion about how to apply what the Bible says to our lives. . Pursue God's Purpose. If you have any questions about the process or need additional help getting connected, please don't hesitate tocontact us. A Community Group is a Family on Mission. 9:30 am: ONLINE. We now have Community Groups meeting in various neighborhoods in DC and throughout the Metro area. We read the Bible together, pray for each other, and help each other get closer to Jesus. Community Groups are the place where the Body of Christ can really be His Body as we live life together. Click the link below to see our current list of open Community Groups. Aspen Hill CGA community in the Aspen Hill area that cares for neighbors, coworkers, and works a community garden together and the relationships that form in the process.Leaders:Stephan and April Schlegelmilch, Burtonsville CGA community moved by the grace of God to bear each other up and to be a neighbor to the folks around us.Leaders:Clarence and Kristi Maeng, Gaithersburg CGA community that is devoted to demonstrating and declaring the gospel to neighbors in Gaithersburg/Germantown.Leaders:Mario and Rachel Lagman, Downtown 1 CGA family that loves Jesus, one another, and Downtown Silver Spring, through declaring and demonstrating the Gospel, all flowing out of our Gospel identity.Leaders: Stuart and Angie Coulson, Downtown 2 CGA family that loves Jesus, one another, and Downtown Silver Spring, through declaring and demonstrating the Gospel, all flowing out of our Gospel identity. All rights reserved. NCPC if When we say gospeling-and-prayer gathering, were simply talking about coming together (1) to talk about the things that were facing in life, (2) to talk about how the good news of Jesus speaks into those things, and (3) to lift up one another to the Lord. In that regard, the goal of the gospeling-and-prayer gatherings is to emphasize the hope of the gospel and the power of prayer. Hill City Church is a non-denominational church in Richmond, Virginia. In Community Groups, people talk through life issues, eat together, pray together, laugh together, struggle together, and serve others as we are transformed by the grace of God in our lives. This Group is specific to couples who are dating or married. 3- : , 06-05-2017 : , 114 30 / 2014 | , Pietroni P. : . Visit our Community Groups page, where you can find a list of our current groups and filter through them depending on location, meeting day, or other criteria that are important to you. We believe that the church exists beyond the four walls of a church building. It is where the body becomes the body, loving, caring and challenging one another. As you'll notice, Community Groups meet bi-weekly (weeks #2 and #4), with the purpose of establishing a dialogue driven by a set of sermon-based questions. : 1- : . View RHC Community Groups in a larger map. town vocabulary learning english match word worksheets matching printable sheets read anglomaniacy teaching printables resources crossword pl 2022 CrossPointe Church Peachtree City, GA | 401 Dividend Drive, Suite E, Peachtree City, GA US 30269, 401 Dividend Drive, Suite E, Peachtree City, GA US 30269. We are passionate about having an undistracted love for God and his supernatural purposes in our groups and wherever he sends us. VIRGINIA Tuesday, July 19th at 7pmQuincy Park 1021 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22201 DC Thursday, July 21st at 7pmLincoln Park12th & E Capitol St. NE Washington, DC 20003. ( ) . . 1992 305:564 566. : 2001-2010. Community Groups are the easiest way to get connected with Restoration City. , , . Each Community Group will also develop a mission that is unique to the group, but consistent with the overall mission of Redemption Hill Church. wHo ( ) : . . : For community resources to help develop a launch plan and guide your family meals, visit our Leader Resources page. In community we are able to work together to find and seize opportunities to make a difference and to make disciples of Jesus. We believe every individual life is worth, By Heather Clark, LCPC In fact, Redemption Hill Church doesnt even own a building. As the Church Scattered we can better work our way into the neighborhoods and communities of our city for the sake of the Gospel. For more information regarding Community Groups, please email As we grow in our understanding of the Gospel together, in community, we can challenge each other to allow Gods Word to more deeply penetrate our hearts and work itself out in our lives. . people. makumbi johnson pastor speaks chattanoogan rotary uganda hamilton church place club These groups are intentionally designed to not only give everyone at Passion City Church a place to belong but also a place to be encouraged and strengthened in their journey with Jesus. Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of one! The Church is people. . We have groups ranging from gen z to empty nesters, from girls or guys groups to co-ed. , ( ) . Choose a group based on your stage of life or activity preference. [pdf-embedder url= title= 2014-2023], ( ) : , = : Adansonia digitata : ( = ) : c , ( -19) . . Community Groups are also a great way to get plugged-in to NCPC if Each group has a different focus - we encourage you to find one that fits you best, either by the location, your stage in life or a specific focus. Contact Brian & Jen if you'd like to attend! a vital way in which we worship God and care for one another as His Fill out this form and let us know youre interested. During these get-togethers, you will hear a brief teaching and dig into Scripture with a group of about 6-8 people. , : : : . National Community Church believes each person has incalculable worth, dignity, and potential. Join us for our summer block parties! 0022247688888 2014-2023 . That means we laugh together, celebrate together, shed tears together, and build up real, loving relationships with each other as we try to live out the Gospel. These groups have an established set of rhythms designed to help people experience the joy of fellowship, the power of prayer, the truth of Gods Word, and the hope of the gospel in the midst of a culture of relational authenticity and transparency. Worship Gatherings Sundays at 9 AM & 5 PM400 D St SEWashington, DC 20003, Mailing AddressPO Box 15250Washington, DC 20003, Redemption Hill Church, leadershipwhat we believepartnershipssundayskidsyouthcommunity groups, where to startsermonsask pastor billappmembershipjob opportunitiesonline communityeventscontact usgive. 1010 Rio Road Charlottesville, VA 22901, SERVICE TIMES . . We believe we all grow in the context of community, and we have now made it easier than ever to take part! They are more like families who are gathering weekly for dinner together; families who love each other, encourage each other, have fun together, and work together for a purpose. All college-aged and young adults are welcome to attend our College Group. Pursue God's Power. email podcast facebook instagram dollar. A short portion of each group is spent on content and discussion about creating healthy community. Each letter next to the neighborhood name corresponds to the above map. (( )) . a vital way in which we worship God and care for one another as His Community Groups are an essential part of the life of our House, especially in this unique season. The best way to meet people and build lasting friendships within our congregation is to join a Community Group. . you are new or are looking to deepen relationships with those with We are united as a diverse spiritual family, moving toward Jesus in intimacy and with him on mission. Better yet, it's a family of Jesus followers on mission with God, declaring and demonstrating the Gospel to a specific pocket of people. To get connected to one, fill out this form and we'll be in touch with the details. 9:30 & 11 am: INDOOR Were getting together this June and July for our Summer Events!Show up, make friends and do something fun together. Theyre ultimately about becoming more like Jesus and joining Him in His mission. It is the vehicle in which we live on mission together as a church. () ( ) . 19 . According to the National Eating Disorders Association, Eating disorders are serious but treatable mental and, May 2022 Our desire is for everyone to find lasting community, and we believe that everyone who calls Passion City Church D.C. home should join in community groups. Bridgeway Community Groups are small groups of people throughout our city committed to ABIDING in Christ, CARING for each other, and PROCLAIMING the Gospel to those who are far from God. ( dr.Xiaorui Zhang ) , : : , . These groups of 5-10 people are either co-ed or single-gender and meet 2-4 times a month to engage in Gods word, to pray, and to care for one another. Simply put, our Community Groups exist to help you make friends at Hill City. ( ) . ( , , , { } -27- { }- 28-{ , . 9:00 am: OUTDOOR Life groups are a great way to grow with us, and you can use the link below to let us know what kind of group could work for you. In between the two weeks involving sermon-based discussion is a once-a-month family dinner (week #1) and a once-a-month gospeling-and-prayer gathering (week #3). This group is for any young adult, age 18-25. A Life Group addresses various stages of life & serves as a bridge to the normative experience of sharing life together as a family in the context of a Community Group. Living in caring, praying, loving community is central to the Christian life. whom you worship on Sunday morning. To be in community at City Harvest means to regularly connect to a small group of members of our faith community where you are transparently sharing your personal journey in your relationship with God while giving and receiving encouragement. . If you're interested in joining a Community Group email us at and we will get you connected! . , : , : 1 ( ) , , , . () ( ) Our hope is to create a foretaste of heaven among people who are far from God, but we can only do this by intentionally "moving toward" people. Leaders:Mike and Heleena Dension, Kennsington/Bethesda CGA diverse group of people around the Kennsington and Bethesda areas, who are learning what it looks like to live as a family on mission through intentional meals together.Leaders:David and Joy Wheat & Glenn and Rhoda Campbell, North Sligo CGA family that loves Jesus, one another, and Downtown Silver Spring, through declaring and demonstrating the Gospel, all flowing out of our Gospel identity.
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