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The drum must only work when its literally at full blast and it just wasnt there. Skorpios/Malice16. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. The four-bar UHMW system is driven by a single input and mechanically limited so the grab-to-lift motion is controlled by a single input. Fight over. SubZero might be weaponless but its doing a commendable job of pushing Shatter around. Pardon My French; L, KO 1:37 vs. Black Dragon). If youd like to support this project you can do so with a monthly pledge on Patreon or a one-time donation with Ko-Fi. Lets set the expectations a little lower like maybe with a whoa or a hey it works this year. This fucking thing has been MIA for about the past two minutes and fifty-eight seconds but right before the buzzer the robot musters one lift on its opponent. battlebots bloodsport marple Logan shouts oh not they got our batteries while his teammate says thats okay. Your robot is one click away from bursting into flames now and currently Shatters fist is stuck in your robots ass and its being driven to every set of goddamned Killsaws in the arena. The double KO definitely is a good loss, and it means they have two KOs against opponents, one of which is Tombstone. The Tegris wheels are back because Switchback could conceivably reach into the UHMW wheels and shred them as well. SubZero keeps at it and gets underneath Shatter in the middle of the arena and looks like it tries to go for another box rush into the wall but it gets cucked by the Killsaws and Shatter breaks free of the hold. Lifter/Grappler Jackpot gets right back in there and tears off Deadlifts fucking face. The verdict is unanimous and is for Jackpot. Claw Viper cruises in and slams into the front of Pardon My French and rather than dig in and damage Claw Viper the drum just sorta comes to a halt as if there was just no muscle behind it. Whether thats a retool of HUGE or another bot would remain to be seen of course. ", "From Seattle, Washington, prepare for some claw and order dun-dun. This is Retrogrades first battle and theyve kind of tossed it an underhanded pitch by pairing it up with Rampage all things considered; these two robots are basically opposite each other when it comes to design philosophy.

Theyre in. The weapon looks a little more fierce and overall the design is more stout and looks like it could take at least a few hits from some of the mid-tier robots out there before dying. (Seriously do you have any idea how hard that is to do when youre blind in one eye? Oh, this could end badly. Kraken tried to rush but the omniwheeled Glitch straddled, getting hits on the side of Kraken and flipping the crusher onto the screws, which pushed them onto the Upper Deck. Yes, this is their second season. Top Speed HyperShock-P1 seems fitting due to last years 32nd seed controversy, but due to leaks we already know a second-round matchup so I know who wins. Also Rotator just has the one disc. That did finally did it. So Pardon My French is lacking in the maneuverability department, thats where its minibot Zut comes into play. Team Information For my non-money, Id say control, especially in that first 60 to 90 seconds. Deadlift tries to go in for a frontal assault but backs away when Jackpots diamonds starting grinding on its face.

But considering its totaled, more damage to it would mean absolutely nothing. The speed and radio control systems are also held in place with 3D printed TPU brackets. Or not. Copperhead vs. 25. Bloodsport vs. Claw ViperBloodsport: 1-1 (L, KO 2:59 vs. Whiplash; W, KO 2:10 vs. SubZero)Claw Viper: 1-1 (W, KO 1:44 vs. The material and information contained on these pages and on any pages linked from these pages are intended to provide general information only and not legal advice. Kenny, if they were late wed be seeing flips.

Instead SubZero is just a 250 pound brick with a largely inefficient wedge stapled onto the front of it. Special shoutouts to Alex T. for joining the Patreon crew! But we know were getting Rusty Jr. for 2022. Jackpot digs in so hard that the plow warps and now Deadlifts wheels are riding unevenly on the ground. And apparently they fought Black Widow, but that was an unaired fight. Thats going to do it for BattleBots Update this week, thank you for swinging by! Well goddamn, I think you did it.

Statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show, or if not applicable, qualification attempt. Claw Viper is a control bot. Robots which debuted in Discovery Season 5,,, And Rampage still has growing pains to experience. Just as I say this Shatter swings its axe and hits the backside of SubZero where the flipping arm pivots. DUCK! SubZero may have been a sitting duck but Shatters weapon was busting off armor panels and everything before eventually stabbing a battery and thats the money shot people want with a hammer bot. This is a robot who gets under you with its front forks, bites you with its snake jaw, and then lifts you up perpendicularly to the floor for the suplex. Thats some fun with physics right there, watching Mammoth bounce around. It is a flat, four-wheel drive robot armed with a grappling claw, which was designed to look like a snake's head, and lifter mechanism similar to that of Comedy Central BattleBots competitor Complete Control.

Drive Yeah, the saws are always spinning just in case you were wondering. And was in the corner and in some peril. To maintain sufficient downforce preventing skidding, neodymium magnets are affixed to the base. Until HUGE hit the drum bearing and knocked it loose, right after Chris Roses commentator curse about the weapon still spinning at full speed. Lets look at the two play-ins: 31 seed play-in: Hydra vs. Defender: This seems like 31 vs. 34. In the past when SubZero was called Mecha SubZero and sported beefier armor Id say this was SubZeros fight to lose but now with its redesign that doesnt feature as much upper armor as it used to this is probably a fight SubZero is going to lose. The two bots circled, looking for that first strike.

It then connects with Rampages spinner but it looks like no real damage has been done to Retrograde because Retrograde just keeps attacking and takes a few more stray blows from the spinner to its backside. Id saySkorpios by JD. Pardon My French cannot self right nor can it drive upside down so this is pretty much it for the French-Canadian machine. Claw Viper got it, but unfortunately it was shunting their minibot Hatchling and Bloodsport hit them with the bar, also sending the minibot flying.

One thing Id like to point out about these unaired fights is that the editors are really making me work for those screenshots I use of the robots in their starting squares because so much of the build up and prep for the fights is cut. It seems you have Javascript turned off in your browser. You do realize you have to use your weapon, right? Glitch kills the unkillable Kraken.

Claw Viper toys with its immobile opponent. Retrograde starts spinning up its undercutter disc and pulls off Rampages back left tire in a single shot. Supporters on Facebook could see the unaired fights the same day as new episodes but in order to watch it for free you had to wait until the following Sunday for the YouTube upload. vs. 21. The flipper fires. It kind of stops and repositions itself to perhaps better come at Retrograde but this doesnt matter because Retrograde is on the attack and its not about to let up. The second hit broke the plow in half, then another hit that took a tread out. Are they having their own Killerhurtz moment? It only takes Valkyrie a few seconds before its weapon is up to top speed. The team entered it along with hobbyweight Siege Breaker, which has now also adopted the "Claw Viper" name. While Mammoth was stuck, Lucky went for a flip to maybe get them onto the Deck proper and not just on the screws and took off the left tire. I dont know if thats the name the team has given to this particular weapon but its what Im calling it, so there. Here comes CLAW VIPER! For previous seasons I really dropped the ball on the whole What Got Cut nonsense but Im striving to do better this year. Fusion led with the vert side as between the two bots, it got loud. If that flipper wasnt already dead itd surely be fucked now. Find out by watching the latest season of Discovery Channels BattleBots!

Damage is 5-0, easy. SawBlaze vs. 27. People really did come out to see what Triple Crown could do even if that turned out to be absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, if you leave offensive material in the comments, well have to send you home. Otherwise just eyeball it. battlebots It should look like a violin.

Notably, Claw Viper was so powerful that it was able to damage the Robot Ruckus arena, peeling up panels of the arena floor and dislodging the arena barriers during its fight against Slammo!. Unfortunately Jackpot seems to be hanging a little too far off to the side for the fire effects to be doing much of anything but its impressive and its control points and thats what the judges are looking for. by Draco | Apr 16, 2022 | BattleBots: S11, IM SO EXCITED BATTLEBOTS UPDATE ISNT OVER YET. BattleBots Update isnotaffiliated with BattleBots, Inc. or their partners. Claw Viper signed up for the July 2022 Robotica event in Houston, Texas bearing the name Danger Noodle.

Rampage managed to lose this fight.

The Killsaws sure are getting some mileage in these fights. Claw Viper kicks it into reverse gear and slams Pardon My French into the wall the impact of which very nearly puts Pardon My French back onto its wheels but its not meant to be and the robot instead sits in the corner totally dead. Bloodsport8. Sure, its not going to win the fight this way but props to Logan Davis for his driving skill and tenacity; his robot mightve arrived with a DOA weapon but his control of the sticks is fantastic. HUGE is definitely at a crossroads. It didnt get better because though Claw Vipers forks got under Bloodsports next assault, the overhead spinner bumped up and cleanly took the viper claw, reducing Claw Viper to a lifter. Well, that officially gets them in.

Are you using simulation to get there first? Thats because Rampage was relegated to an untelevised exhibition fight I believe where it was paired up with the equally as invisible Black Widow. This week will cover the left side of the bracket, so the 32 seed play-in, plus the following: 1 End Game vs. 32. Rotator is still cool in my book. Burning other bots with a hot grapple-cino. This in theory will allow Pardon My French to get its bearings and come in for the kill shot.

Wait, no, scratch that, its the Lock-Jaw plow welded on to act as a plow/lifter. The End Game fight, quick as it was, was still pretty brutal. Claw Viper turns its attention to ZUT! Maybe well find out next season. Rampage starts spinning its weapon up as it leaves its square. And now for the final Fight Night fight on the docket, two 1-1 teams.

They met weapon to weapon and both weapons died. These battery packs provide exceptional strength in minimal volume.

They make me quiver and give me the shakes. Also may be a bit sprier, and Matt Olson has shown he can drive pretty damn well. And a dent in the popcorn bowl. Yes it does actually matter somewhat. This is where SubZeros dual piston flipping system resides so its not like theres nothing back there for Shatter to hit. See you next week! ", "From Seattle, Washington, the town Starbucks calls home, comes a bot who'll spell your name wrong on your tombstone. Dragon Slayers had a win at least, beating on the beakless DUCK!. But for the teams tonight, it could very well be do or die. After an impressive display against Pardon My French, Claw Viper was pegged back to 1-1 after again losing to Team Uai!rrior and Black Dragon, before suffering a second loss to Bloodsport which cost Kevin Milczewski a Top 32 spot. Riptide. Triple Crowns weaponry consists of an offensive spinning bar and a defensive spiked plow. You know the fights going to be over quick when Pete Abrahamson shows up to break down Retrogrades design and the videos already half over. Yeah, Glitch is absolutely one to watch. P15. Lucky9. Its the same wheel damaged from the Tombstone fight. Yeah I guess if youre launching rockets or something being off by that much is bad. The only time Rampages weapon has made sparks in the arena. YouTube Exclusive: Blade vs. Dragon SlayerBlade: 0-2 (L, JD 3-0 vs. Skorpios; L, KO 0:46 vs. Lucky)Dragon Slayer: 1-1 (W, JD 3-0 vs.

[1] Claw Viper boasted some of the best acceleration in the field, in part due to the four RV-120E brushless motors used for drive, each of which are each paired up to its respective wheel via belts.

Id say this is brutal but so far literally all this damage is cosmetic. The hit is landed to the side of the attachment which rips it off and throws it across the arena. Theyre introducing Retrograde in this fight, a lifter/spinner combo robot with dual weaponry. Rampage lands with its back wheels sort of touching the ground but its not going anywhere.

Claw Viper at this point had a change in strategylet Bloodsport spin up. Glitch received Kraken with a big shot to the side and then from the back, where K was stuck on the screws by the starting squares. Dude thats not okay, thats like the polar fucking opposite of okay. Valkyrie for some reason feels compelled to avoid Triple Crowns spinning bar despite the fact that its as big as a fucking Snickers bar and probably weighs as much as one too. into the arena barrier. When it's your turn to face him, you'll say, 'Never mind.'

Team Bad Ideas returned for Discovery Season 6 with a handful of functional and aesthetic changes, including but not limited to sloped armor around the front and sides which doubles up as wheel protection, and a new pivoting mechanism to allow the lifting forks and snake head to clamp more reliably. Shatter retaliates by firing its hammer and busting the previously damaged front panel of SubZeros flipper completely off. That specially designed piston was Shatters target and it lands a precision shot that wedges its pick axe between SubZeros piston and its frame locking the two bots together for a few seconds until Shatter is able to unstick itself. Claw Viper is a robot built by Team Bad Ideas, which competed in Discovery Seasons 5 and 6 of the BattleBots reboot.

Jackpot falls off the arm and starts grinding away at the right side of Deadlift before backing up and plowing forward to land a proper shot splitting open the 3D printed decorative hexagons on the robots lid. Discovery Season 5Discovery Season 6 I think theyre in with the loss being to Black Dragon, but due to how the fight went, and the bubble, maybe theyre not a lock. I know you all wanna.

Discovery S5 Throwing it another horizontal, plus one thats had weapon reliability issues, seems cruel. HUGE wins by KO, though just barely with the loss of mobility. For their efforts they also earn the great and illustrious Rusty Popcorn Bowl. Theyre already in the tournament, but that lack of third fight definitely sucks and most of the teams, while keeping their parts library just a little bit fuller, prefer to have that third fight to get a better feel for their robot. Witch Doctor, 4.

Pardon My French is a big ass robot from Quebec, Canada. This fight marks Rampages proper debut in the Fight Night rounds however and the robot has admittedly been redesigned. Somethings definitely dicked up with the flipper and thats a shame because a flipper is a unique match up for Shatter because surely wed see some interesting self righting with a successful toss. Savor this because this is probably the biggest shower of sparks all season from the Killsaws. Ah, the perks of being a supporter of BattleBots on one of the worst social media platforms ever conceived. This is SubZeros first outing into the box and we know how the robots season ended but we never got to see how it started thanks to this fight being snipped from episode two. Icewave loses the weapon, but Fusions motors and season go up in smoke. Originally for 2021, but not totally finished, so Rusty 2.0 confirmed! Stickers and shirts are available through Redbubble and for everything else follow BattleBots Update on Facebook.

Both bots were stumbling around a bit in the short corner. And then? At 2-0 and with that win theyre in.

Triple Crown seems dazed after that last hit from Valkyrie and to seal the deal Valkyrie cruises in and attacks the wheel of Triple Crowns white drive pod. A set of bubble teams are fighting tonightnot fighting are some notable 2-0 teams, including Whiplash, Uppercut, Tantrum, Copperhead, HyperShock, and Shatter!.

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