how to attach shade cloth to pergola

It is the chafe (rubbing) along the edges of the structure that usually causes the shade cloth to deteriorate.

In order to trim the excess pergola shade cloth, you should use a guide, to ensure a clean cut.You can use a ruler or a level, but you can also use the bottom part of the edge as guidance if need be. The higher its shade percentage number, the more sun it blocks. Here is what you need for the installation of Shade Cloth: If you are making your own cloth pergola cover , measure and cut the fabric to fit the area you want to cover.

If you have a large amount of excess cloth at the end then you can happily roll it around the batten board up to 3 times but after that, the depth of cloth under the batten will impact the tensioning.

A: Lattice works, but it does have some drawbacks.

Explore different yard locations to determine which offers you the best view or where you prefer to sit during the times youd use the pergola most, such as after work. Many have open roofs, using wide rafters to cast shade for much of the day, although closed roofs provide the best shading options.

Plus, eye bolts supporting cable in the middle of longer spans to eliminate deflection. We recommend a 4 x 4 wood beam or a steel or aluminum metal pole designed specifically for this purpose.

When used on a newly cut edge of cloth then it is suggested that you fold the edge over a couple of times (as if making a seam when sewing) and then clip through to help spread the load and avoid the edge unraveling under tension. How to Stop Your Umbrella from Blowing Away? Im Rob Sleep, and along with my family, we are behind Stay Cool Guide. In some cases, you cannot attach directly thru the fascia into the rafter and then you should use a fascia support to reinforce the fascia next to the rafter. Extend the free end of each wire rope to the eye end of the turnbuckles to get a general sense of where to cut the ends. If so, great!

The quick and easy removal of the shade will also mean that is relatively easy to re-tension, especially if you choose to have the shade suspended on the underside of your pergola rather than on top. Maybe a Shade Sail over the top of your Pergola is another option, it gives a larger area of shade and can be equally removable. You can attach one or two mount-points to a deck or wall, though you should be sure youre mounting to something structural. Write these measurements down on a piece of paper youll need them later.If youre having some trouble measuring your pergola, theres a quick video guide that will help you down below.

It should be lying flat with some excess (6 / 150mm) over each edge. If your pergola/patio structure will require two or more sections of shade cloth then layout all the pieces and plan for the joins to be over a rafter; this will help conceal the join and ensure you can still keep the shade tensioned evenly.Pro Tip: For the best appearance, line up the knitted lines of the shade cloth mesh to be parallel to the structure. You can either mount it in the ground with concrete or to large moval anchor.

4. In this guide, we will show and explain all of the key differences.

Weve seen a lot of people use an old tire thats been filled with sand or concrete. Determine where you want the first snap to be along your wood beam and screw the piece into place on top of it using a drill with a Phillips head bit or a screwdriver.

How to Attache Shade Cloth to a Pergola Quick and Easy Method.

If not then when fixing the first batten do not make it tight against the structure until you have finished rolling in the battens on one complete side. You can choose from a multitude of sheet sizes, plus four pleasant colors to best match your current yard decor yellow, turquoise, brown, and beige. Instead, you should adjust your fixing location further away from the required position to allow the fixing to line up with one of the trusses or rafters that hold the fascia board. Also Check: How To Protect Deck From Planters. With your assistant, roll the first batten board into the fabric so that the batten sits on top of the fabric with at least one complete roll.

If you plan to remove the shade cloth then using the open hooks can save a lot of time but you need to ensure they are good quality so as not to bend open when under tension.

Mounting a couple of points of a shade sail on an existing structure makes things much easier.

Place your battens on the top of the structure and arrange them so that they are completely around the perimeter without overlapping each other.

This shade cloth maximizes shade and creates an intimate and cool ambiance during hot days. To attach the snaps to the pergola, grab the screw-in snaps from your kit.

Each type of fixing will require a slightly different method for attaching the cloth and ensuring it is laying smooth when you do so.

What they dont tell you!

This tends to be for permanent installations. In my blog, I write about home and backyard design and the products that inspire me.

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Unless you are getting a custom made cloth with edge tape and grommets (reinforced holes) then cutting the cloth to fit will mean using butterfly clips.

How to Attach Shade Cloth to cover a Pergola? Now you should have all the fasteners in place and the fabric spread tightly over the roof of your pergola.

They should be at least galvanized, aluminum or best of all stainless steel to ensure they do not corrode.

It should be lying flat with some excess (6 / 150mm) over each edge.


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An Engineers Tips and Tricks when your Air Conditioning is NOT keeping your house cool!!

In northern climates, it also makes it easier to avoid snow and ice damage during the winter. Using the ladder, loosely spread the shade cloth over the entire structure.

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Some designs will also provide a hole that can be used as a grommet. Initially you may be able to pull the line easily every three or four grommets but when trying to get the final tension, pulling after each grommet will give you the best results. When you tension the end battens it may again be necessary to flex the batten to ensure then tension is even across the shade.

Move to one of the pergolas sides, so you can start attaching the cover to the canopy. Depending on your location, the time of year, and the height of the patio shade sail, the area you want shaded may not be where you plan to put your patio sail!

)Fixings Check out the full description below (nails/screws with washer, timber stud, timber fastener)This job is much easier if done with a helper who also has a ladder. Unless you are getting a custom made cloth with edge tape and grommets then cutting the cloth to fit will mean using butterfly clips. Loosely Spread the Shade Cloth over the Frame. Its weather resistance is also something to be noted because natures elements (such as sun or frost) can easily deteriorate a lower quality product.

For me, though, a precut piece of sun fabric is a better alternative.

Starting at a corner and progress along one of the long edges of the structure, with fixings 12-18 (30-45cm) apart, applying a moderate amount of tension (not stretching the fabric) to the cloth between fixings. If you have an assistant then have them provide even tension while you attach the fixings.Top Tip If your pergola structure is attached to the house, then fix this side first, before the shade cloth itself will restrict your access. Note: There are various proprietary products that work in a similar way to using battens, in that they grip the cloth over a longer surface, making it easier and quicker to adjust the tension or remove the cloth. It is also advised to use at least a galvanized nail (or aluminum or stainless) to avoid it from rusting which will be unsightly but also increase the abrasion on the mesh. The nature of this type of installation is that the shade is evenly tensioned on all sides and that the lacing will gradually even out any discrepancies.

ie if the grommets are 12 apart then the hooks will also be 12 apart but staggered so they are not in line with the grommets. A complete guide to Everything you need to know.

Ensure you allow for this extra amount of material when cutting the shade. Fix the batten board to the top of the structure on one of the long sides. Second, its bulky and difficult to remove and store should you want more sun and less shade during cooler times of the year.

Although the actual fixings used are different they are all based on placing an attachment roughly every 12 -18 (30-45cm) around the perimeter.

Also keep in mind that you will need additional length if you prefer the look of fabric drooping between each rafter.

(Note: These may be relocated at the end when you start to tension the shade but it gives a starting point.). When youre planning how to install a shade sail on a deck, you want to be sure that you attach your sun shade sail to a deck joist or other structural member not just a piece of fascia or trim board.

Identify and label where each batten will be located.

Naturally, you can always create your own pergola shade fabric, but that is mostly for people who have the extra time to take on one more DIY project. With our high-quality products and top-shelf customer service, youll be enjoying your beautiful new pergola in no time!

The beauty of this approach is that the pole is heavy meaning that it wont move, but it can also be tilted on its side and rolled to a new location. Just pass the ball through the loop to secure the bungee.

Here is yet another great example of a cloth choice for people who want to cover their pergola. Q: If we want to increase the shade over our pergola, is lattice our best option? These, therefore, need to be fixed very securely.

You can check the size of the shade accurately and get a feel for how tightly the lacing will need to be. They can then be used for lacing or attaching directly to a wire.

Having tensioned the shade along the long edges it should be looking flat over the main area but may have some softer tension towards the middle at the ends.


But if the sun is coming straight down on your pergola or coming in at an angle to where it is shining through your beams or rafters, Shade Cloth is a perfect solution for obtaining shade any time of the day.

The fabric is created to be breathable, so youre not sweating underneath it like youre inside an oven.

If you found this tutorial useful and would like to read more of these types of articles, let me know in the comments. But, besides the money-saving factor, its nice to contribute to something using your own two hands.

Furthermore, this cover features UV protection and it can block up to 90% of the suns rays, keeping you cool in the shade.

Ever wondered what slippery floors and trash bags have in common?

The material is easy to clean and spraying it down with a hose should do the trick. Also, make sure its not too tight, or the fasteners might be put too much pressure on the fabric, causing it to tear.Leave some space between the fasteners and the edge of the pergola, as you will need to cut the excess fabric later. What future DIY home project sparks your interest? It may be necessary to roll the cloth a few different times with slightly different starting points on the batten to ensure that the cloth is evenly tensioned when it can be fixed to the structure.

Only pull the shade up until it is approximately 5 inchs away from the structure.

We were awarded Best Houzz for Customer Service for four consecutive years. Whatever the reason, putting a pergola in your backyard is always a great idea. Check that all of the fixings are installed tightly and if required you can add further battens to the intermediate rafters although that is usually only needed when the shade is suspended by this method rather than on top of the pergola.

At the first corner, you can now remove the short length of line used to initially hold the shade.

Pergolas are a great way to add additional living space beyond the walls of your home, allowing you to enjoy Mother Nature with protection from the elements. Most shade material is remarkably resilient being made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

Their design helps spread the load across the whole fixing. This ensures a nice even flow of the lacing and will make it much easier to tighten later.

Repeat with other side of shade. One sheet of fabric measures 615 feet, but you can trim it to best fit your pergola. First, it will catch seeds, pods, and leaves. Recommended Reading: How Many 80lb Bags Of Concrete Make A Yard.

Full List Of Allen Roth Gazebo And Pergola Replacement Parts, Wonder Whats Allen and Roth patio furniture warranty And Who Makes It? How you plan to use your pergola will also impact your choice.

Do Misting Fans Really Work? Battens 1 x 2 batten boards. Installing Shade Cloth or Shade Fabric is very simple and easy to work with.

Welcome to our ultimate guide about how to increase curb appeal of your house! To get the best out of your shade and to make it easy to remove at the end of the season it is suggested that it is suspended under the pergola so it doesnt rub against any of the structure.

One great strategy is to pull up your address on and take a look at its solar positioning.

Placing the fixings along the long edge of the structure. Whether youre installing a brand new pergola or renovating an existing one, the shade is an essential component to making your pergola useable and making sure it looks good.

Vinyl cable coatings turn yellow and crack, needing replaced long before the cable ever fails.

This will help you avoid making multiple trips up and down the ladder.If you dont have a tool belt, you can use something like a fanny pack to hold all the nails, screws, and other small things youll need for this project.

From the corner where the line is tied gradually progress around the perimeter of the shade pulling the line after each grommet slowly making it tighter. The answer is yes and Im going to show you how to cover a pergola without spending a fortune. Trim off the edges straightand fasten cloth about withnails, staples, or screws withwashers. Before you buy anything, you need to do your homework to know exactly what youre spending money on. When you mount the brackets to the post, you will want to ensure that it will be an adequate support. The material can block out 84-90% of the suns rays, giving you a shady spot for you to enjoy your summer afternoons.

Hammer this job is much easier if done with an assistant who also has a ladder. Youre on your way.

Repeat at the other end of the long edge. Once youve done your test run and determined the length, repeat the fold and snap install on the other side of the shade and hang according to above instructions, weaving it over one beam and under the next. You want the shade to be tight, without any wrinkles but not under a lot of tension. You want the fixing to be sat on the top of the rafter with enough space on the outside edge of the rafter, after installation, to trim the excess cloth in a nice straight line.Pro Tip When you attach the fixing using nails or screws you want to ensure that it is tight and that the washer is holding/pinching the cloth against the wood not just the shaft of the nail/screw.

Home > Backyard > Backyard Decor > How to Cover a Pergola: Follow These Easy 9-Step Instructions. For instance, if youre hoping to take advantage of your pergola during the colder months, and you live in a cooler climate, a natural or living shade isnt the best option. In the corner of the structure fix two of the hooks in place, one on the long edge and one on the short edge.

Its normally better to install the bracket to the wall just below the roof instead of on top even though the latter can provide a higher clearance.

We offer shade cloths with UV protection from 70% to 95% or more.

Home 'Stay In The Shade' How to Attach Shade Cloth to cover a Pergola?

Read Also: How To Fix A Broken Patio Umbrella Rib. 70% to 95% of UV rays.Protection from the suncan be enjoyed with shadecloth on your pergola, arboror other outdoor structures.

When the shade is correctly tensioned it should be completely flat with no wrinkles.

When youve finished with one side of the frame, you can continue on to the next edge, moving along the perimeter of the canopy.

Over long lengths, it is necessary to try and ensure that the shade it evenly rolled and will therefore be evenly tensioned all along the full length of the batten. Last update on 2022-07-22 at 00:29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Using the ladder, loosely spread the shade cloth over the entire structure.

You can use whatever fasteners you have on hand, including construction staples, wooden screws, or galvanized nails.Leave about 12 to 16 inches of space between each of the fasteners, while always making sure that the cloths weave is parallel to the pergola frame. A good Sun Shade also has a UV protection and it depends upon the color of the fabric, the darker the color the more UV protection it gives.

Check out our Planning a Sun Shade What you need to think about. You are not trying to put the cloth under tension just avoiding any slack that will be pulled out when it is tensioned later.

Shatex 90% Sun Shade Fabric, Sun-Block Net Mesh Shade with Clips for Pergola Cover Porch Vertical Screen, Beige (8x16ft), Coolaroo 302238 Shade Fabric, 6' x 15', Heritage Green, Patio Paradise 12' x 10' Sunblock Shade Cloth Roll,Beige Sun Shade Fabric 95% UV Resistant Mesh Netting Cover for Outdoor,Backyard,Plant,Greenhouse,Barn.

Try not to overlapedges when seam have tobreak the same beam.

Pull the drawstrings down in order to move the pergola canopy horizontally and extend it. Why does curb appeal matter?

Attach the shade cloth to thelong side against the housefirst. Pergolas provide attractive shade options for your attached patio or other areas throughout your yard.

Mounting this cover is easy: just staple the fabric to the top of the pergola and youre good to go.

Price the price of having one built in your home will differ according to the size, materials, accessories and the exquisite intricacy of the design.

However, it is more important for the shade to be evenly tensioned than for the batten board to be fixed straight or parallel to the structure. In many places, it may be necessary or desirable to remove the shade cloth for parts of the year. I am a wife, a writer, and an enthusiastic designer! Better cables are rated for higher breaking strength and advertised as commercial quality Aircraft Grade, making making some 1/8 inch diameter cables stronger than a 1/4 inch cable.

To get the best out of your shade and to make it easy to remove at the end of the season it is suggested that it is suspended under the pergola so it doesnt rub against any of the structure. Contractors often install a cable or pipe frawork above or below existing wood structures to allow lacing without placing fasteners in the wood beams and rafters.

These should be within 3/10cm of the end of each batten and then spaced ~ every 18 / 45cm. It can be easily removed or re-tensioned but also suitable when the structure is not wood eg a tube frame, wire or attaching to fencing. Jump To How To: Removable and Longer Lasting Method. Breathable to allow airflow for good ventilation.

Yes. Mark on each batten the locations where the fixings will be. How To: Quick and Easy Way to Attach Shade Cloth to A Pergola. Ensuring that the corners are suitably tensioned will ensure that the lacing will not develop slack later from a knot sliding or the corner being pulled away. Chances are you already have most of the tools you need for this project around the house. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'staycoolguide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_0',131,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position!='undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-staycoolguide_com-medrectangle-4-0')}; Hanging the shade cloth underneath the structure will dramatically reduce the impact of abrasion and therefore increase the longevity of the shade.

Attach the three turnbuckles with the hook end to the three remaining eye screws on the pergola.

So, I tackled the idea of making and installing my pergola covers myself.

Curving of the cable when perimeter is laced taut with rope should be avoided.

When you get to the end of the long edge of your structure then you turn and follow on around the perimeter, along the short edge.NB: If you reach the rafter where two shade cloths will join, then turn and follow that rafter as the short edge.You then continue along the second long edge and finish on the last short edge. Braided galvanized steel cable or copper pipe or galvanized conduit is commonly used. These are monofilament threads that make an inherently mold and mildew resistant fabric.

How to Stop Your Beach Umbrella from Blowing Away? This material is made of HDPE, is 90% UV Resistant, and is mold and mildew resistant.

Do not use vinyl coated galvanized steel cables. If your pergola roof is big and you need more than one piece of fabric, make sure to hide the seams or where the two pieces meet, or else the project will look sloppy. Here are some of the most popular and unique ideas on how to style your pergola to provide a shady, cool area for your family and friends to enjoy in almost any weather. Nails / Screws with 1 / 2cm diameter washers.

These can be removed or re-tensioned if required. Make sure that it offers a high UV protection and has a warranty for UV degredation. Which Shade Cloth Attachment Method is most suitable?

Thanks for visiting my blog! If you then thread some line from the hook on the long edge through the same grommet in the corner of the shade you should have the corner of the shade roughly in place about 3 / 8cm from each edge of the structure.

We offer you 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction.


These are explained in greater detail with the fixings below.

If your pergola/patio structure will require two or more sections of shade cloth then layout all the pieces and plan for the joins to be over a rafter; this will help conceal the join and ensure you can still keep the shade tensioned evenly.

Weve seen several handyman specials where the brackets have been mounted to a roof. Now trim off any excess cloth. With fixings all the way along the long edge you can then lace the shade on that side.

Nothing is more frustrating than realizing too late youve made a mistake by buying from a particular vendor.

Available in heritage green, grey, and wheat, the Gale Pacific pergola cover is made from the same type of high-density polyethylene as the above product. You should then have the shade cloth loosely hanging by two corners in approximately their final position. And because its lightweight, you can put it up in the spring or summer and take it down in the fall, hose it clean, let it air out, and roll it up for winter storage.

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4. For the same look as ours, alternate the over/under positioning of each shade to create the look.

Aside from these benefits, this fabric also offers protection from the sun. With six different patios (I look after holiday accommodation!)

The key to a longterm and happy shade cloth installation is ensuring that the cloth is evenly tensioned in all directions, to avoid any single location being overstressed, and to avoid it from rubbing, flapping or moving against any part of the structure. This product is made with high-density polyethylene, which can survive mold and mildew.

Lets take a quick glance at the products we will talk about here. Extend each of the turnbuckles out as far as they will go by turning the two ends counter-clockwise to each other.

If youre short on time, any of the following products are a great option for your outdoor fabric for pergola roof.

It is best to tension the shade a little at a time and go around the perimeter 3 or 4 times than trying to do it immediately.

They can have different shade factors depending on the manufacturer and will drain when wet.

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