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If you want to check your progress at reducing energy waste on weekends, you'll want to look at changes in the energy consumption on weekends only.

Thanks for inviting The "Single Day" feature has a "Date Finder" to help you identify dates of interest such as: The "Av Max Min" feature helps you to make a bar-chart of the average, maximum, and minimum interval values between selected dates. Connect with a Microsoft specialist or partner to learn how Microsoft PowerBI can help you use data insights to drive and grow your business, answer pricing and licensing questions, or set up a free demo and trial. PPT Making Thank you for subscribing.

More, I have worked on many projects and I am good at excel so you can provide the opportunity to me Your request cant be submitted using an address. Like the "Daily" feature, both the "Weekly" and "Monthly" features give you the option of looking at maximum and minimum power demand.

awaiting for your positive res, Dear Client, The "Calendar" feature is great for getting a quick view of the patterns of energy consumption. However, it is very time consuming to do without specialist software like Energy Lens. Energy Lens works with 5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute, 20-minute, 30-minute (half-hourly), and 60-minute (hourly) interval data. Hi. I am an expert in Excel and 20 years of experience in software development, I know very well the problem that you must solve, so I can help you. University of Agder, Norway. Build a data-informed culture that uses business intelligence to identify and deliver on environmental standards and best practices for the energyindustry. I have more than 10 years of experience in MS-Excel so I can di this job very easily and accurately. The "Summary" feature helps you to calculate figures such as totals, averages, maximums, and minimums, for the dates and times that you specify.

For example, the chart below shows month-on-month variations in maximum, average, and minimum kW: Monthly weekend maximum, average, and minimum kW (full-size view). Average, maximum and minimum tables such as these are useful for identifying dates on which consumption was at a maximum or minimum at particular times of the day. After two clicks on a spreadsheet with thousands of values, it takes me only five minutes to create the graphs and tables that I need. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional.

For example, the above chart looks at energy consumption between 09:00 and 17:00 only, as these are the core occupancy hours of the building that the interval data came from. Also, we are able to see the energy use numbers for different economic sectors, and the Production Quantity widget offers a breakdown of the different types of energy sources that are used by each industry. This dashboard thus offers valuable insight into not only overall production costs but also the costs required to produce specific types of energy. Expert in Degsilent. Know exactly how much power, from which source, was spent on ambient conditions maintenance, Anticipate next months bills with predictive estimates, right from the tooltip. Improve and transform the way sustainable energy is managed and generate value across energy production, supply, distribution, and consumption using data-driven insights provided by Microsoft PowerBI. You can easily choose to focus on particular times-of-the-day (e.g. I have more than 12 years of experience in Data Visualization, Excel Automation and dashboard creation. It plots an entire month of profiles on a single sheet: A calendar chart with optional overlayed profiles (full-size view).

Create a free IEA account to download our reports or subcribe to a paid service. The data in this chart specifically excludes the energy consumption on holiday days when the business was closed.

Amongst other things, this can be useful for comparing the average, worst, and best energy performance of a building. The "Weekly" and "Monthly" features make it easy to compare energy performance on a week-to-week or a month-to-month basis. This sample dashboard is built using FusionCharts Suite XT, My name is Ajay and I have expertise in Excel and Visual basic.

best regards, It's free to sign up, type in what you need & receive free quotes in seconds, Freelancer is a registered Trademark of Freelancer Technology Relevant Skills and Experience Moreover, with the industry-specific data provided by the Avg Energy Consumption by Sector and Production Quantity widgets, we can review the energy demands of different economic sectors and determine how heavily each sector relies on various energy sources. We can see exactly how much of each months costs resulted from each energy source, which illustrates how heavily we rely on different sources and how much they cost. I understand you need an Excel and Visual Basic expert to create a Dashboard for energy consumption. The profile above is based on 15-minute interval data from a manufacturing business.

To this end, the IEA provides the worlds most authoritative and comprehensive source of global energy data.

The following chart is an example of how Energy Lens can help you to focus in on specific days and times it looks at the average power on Tuesday evenings only: Weekly average kW on Tuesday evenings (full-size view). Monitor weather patterns to plan your day, streamline outstation visits, and anticipate inclement climate - or embed the dashboard in larger Monitor your entire manufacturing performance and quality in a single screen. For example, we can easily see the overall energy use and production cost numbers for any given date or date range using the date selection filter. Experience is the golden factor in this project where you find in me at least 3+ years of working experiences over all the factors in y, I have a good knowledge of work like Excel, Word and data entry. Well contact you within two businessdays. V lookup

), Hello This data provides insight into larger questions, such as which industries use renewable energy most efficiently or which industries rely most heavily on fossil fuels. Comparing recent energy consumption with that of another period (e.g. The "Weekly" and "Monthly" features can also output Excel tables. Spreadsheets Establish data governance aligned with energy industry regulations and compliance requirements within yourcompany. I understand you need an Excel and Visual Basic expert to create a Dashboard for energy consumption. 1- Short term Load forecast (Matlab With this data, we can answer big-picture questions regarding energy costs.

Get more out of your investment in IoT-enabled remote tracking by using it to drive AI analytics and actionable insights for sustainabledecision-making. A number of the features of Energy Lens give you the option of including these maximum and minimum kW in your charts and tables. More, Hii, Transform reactive decisions to predictive and preventive strategies with enhanced critical equipment and resource management in energy production and distributionchannels. You will get the exact result from me, I have full-time 3-year experience on Microsoft EXCEL, WORD, I have experience and skill in the creation of dashboards and in everything related to graphic interpretation of data through MS Excel.

Predict and plan for future customerdemand. In this article, we have created a custom toggle button in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI to toggle the, In this article, we have created a beautiful dashboard with Northwind database using OData feed in Power BI. Grow as a people-centric sustainable energy operator and serviceprovider.

philips hue consumption power system consume does much Experience is the golden factor in this project where you find in me at least 3+ years of working experiences over all the factors in y Anyway, once you've identified possible sources of waste, you can use the other features of Energy Lens to investigate further, quantify the waste, and set targets to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Further, with the Monthly Energy Consumption and Monthly Production Costs widgets, we can see monthly breakdowns of these numbers. 0 reviews

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We invite you to reach out to a partner for assistance, ask our community of experts, or start a free PowerBItrial.

Identify new business models through AI-driven analysis of energy distribution, consumption, and customer demand inreal time.

of Veteran Affairs, Automotive Manufacturing Management Dashboard, Twelve Global Economic Indicators to Watch, Identify inefficient rooms, which continue to consume power even when used sparingly, Gas or electricity? 20062022 BizEE Software Contact Us | About Us | Privacy Policy, profile of 15-minute data with optional overlays included, Average, maximum & minimum charts and tables, follow some rules to ensure that the results are meaningful, use Energy Lens for in-house energy management, use Energy Lens to analyze energy data faster. Expert in Matlab.

Will be happy to he, Hii,

For example: Tracking changes in energy performance by focusing in on specific days and times is an incredibly effective energy-monitoring technique. Arabic: Mother tongue. If you have more detailed data, you'll get more detailed profiles, such as this profile of 15-minute data with optional overlays included. Expert in Matlab. The sophistication of the "Weekly" and "Monthly" features is in the calculation of their figures. You can very easily create the following charts and tables for yourself: just download Energy Lens and give it a go. I have done projects like this before also. For example, the chart below shows 8 months worth of data: 8 months of daily kW in midnight-to-seven period (full-size view). Improve production techniques and use advanced analytics to support an intelligent smart grid that enables an increased share of renewableenergy. Hope you li More, My Skills: the same month last year). Dates where consumption was above or below a certain threshold. to look at a particular tariff cost-band). I would like Microsoft to share my information with selected partners so that I can receive relevant information about their products and services.

More, Dear, I am interested in participating in your project. I have 11+ y Improve visibility for energy consumption and costs with our Smart Energy Dashboard. work quickly and preciously

Just like with the "Calendar" charts, you can easily leave out the average, maximum, and minimum overlayed comparison data if you want your single-day charts to be as simple as possible. Because of my job I use Excel on daily basis and have many experience with preparing dashboards for analysis.

Each of the mini-charts shown above have maximum, average, and minimum profiles overlayed on top. A new interactive product showcasing a wide set of indicators to analyse historical trends of CO2 emissions, energy, power and sectoral patterns at country level, Energy balances for 190 countries and regional aggregates, The complete data behind the IEA's monthly Oil Market Report, Includes projections at global level for the Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS) based on detailed modelling of the energy sector using the ETP Model, Explore, export and download energy balances by country and region in this interactive tool, The IEA and CMCC Weather for Energy Tracker is a new free platform showcasing weather-related data useful to understand, analyse and model the energy sector, from generation to use across sectors, Explore historical data and forecasts for all renewables sectors and technologies, Latest data on IEA oil stocks in days of net imports, Explore the evolution of greenhouse gas emissions from energy and related indicators across a range of countries and regions, Keep up to date with our latest news and analysis by subscribing to our regular newsletter. (You can actually specify. Add user access controls and data protection to PowerBI data with Microsoft InformationProtection. Empower your employees to easily gather and share actionable insights at the point of impact using interactive data visualizations, live reports, and dashboards on the go and across theglobe. You can contact me to expand more details of the requirement. I am very good at excel and i design projects in excel.i have good typing speeds and will complete the project in time. I am [login to view URL] plus PGDBA(Finance) having 8 years of experience in the same. which needs a license for commercial use. Using Energy Lens, you can instantly create a variety of charts and tables from interval energy data of your choosing.

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The "Single Day" feature allows you to view an individual date in more detail: A single day profile with overlayed comparison data (full-size view).

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I know how to do these things well. Generate insights from existing energy distribution and consumption data to help facilitate actions for conservation and consumerawareness. I have done the course of ADCA I also have its

All the tables that Energy Lens makes are just regular Excel tables, so you can easily chop and change them or extend them as you please. Create combination of widgets in an intuitive fashion, Discuss the metrics with your team easily and productively, Choose the deployment environment that suits you, Customizable features to meet application needs, Have complete control over every aspect of embedding, Predict outcomes, identify risks and understand trends, Granular control over access permissions and data security, Track energy consumption, production costs, and more. I can do it very easily but i am just new freelancer and looking for opportunity to get rating on the same Please feel free to download Energy Lens and try out its advanced date-selection features.

Like the other tables that Energy Lens makes, one of the best things about summary tables is that you can use them as a starting point for your own calculations.

Spotting days or times with above-average energy consumption. My Projects: The chart above was generated from half-hourly data. Manage smart and efficient energy on a global and localscale. Bold BIs sample power plant monitoring dashboard displays the live production data of a series of power plants. The IEA collects, assesses and disseminates energy statistics on supply and demand, compiled into energy balances in addition to a number of other key energy-related indicators, including energy prices, public RD&D and measures of energy efficiency, with other measures in development.

Each week, the business runs continuously from mid-morning on Monday to mid-afternoon on Friday, so, to give a good representation of the days with 24-hour operation, this av-max-min profile is based on data from Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only.

Tuesday evenings are just an example they might, for instance, be when the cleaners come in. The "Daily" feature can be very useful for getting a quick, fairly detailed snapshot of energy consumption over a longer period of time. English: Modest user (IELTS). Expert in Degsilent. Participation requires transferring your personal data to other countries in which Microsoft operates, including the United States. Introduce yourself to new clients with Pitch. Grouped column in 3D with multiple series, Bar chart with custom labels as annotations, Same axis - Column & line/area, with scrolling, Dual axis - Column & line/area, with scrolling, Same axis - Stacked columns & line, in 3D, Dual axis - Stacked columns & line, in 3D, Dual axis - Grouped stacked columns & line, Dual axis - Grouped stacked columns with negative values & line, Dual Axis - Grouped stacked columns & line with scrolling, Scatter with selection of points on canvas, With task owner listed & multi-level dates, Heat map with additional labels per quadrant, Heat map with categorical values & numeric mapping, Tree map with slice & dice layout - vertical slicing, Tree map with slice & dice layout - horizontal slicing, Tree map with slice & dice layout - alternate slicing, Visually Editable Charts (What-if analysis), Greenhouse gas emissions (with drill-down), Different plot type for each variable (measure), Y-Axis on right side of one of the canvas, Time series chart with a million data points, Interactive candlestick chart with y-axis on right, Enable Auto-axis clipping when null data is present, Customizing caption and sub-caption position, Selection change event on stacked column chart, Expense Dashboard of US Dept.

More. Calculate and analyze electricity consumption andusage. Has Experience in Excel and SAP , and In ERP Tally I am Microsoft certified Excel Specialist, Power BI consultant and an ACCA U.K member currently working in finance dept of a leading airline of the worl, Dear, I am interested in participating in your project. My experience is that Energy Lens is an easy to learn and easy to use program that gives readable results in no time.

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