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Original file (3,648 2,736 pixels, file size: 3.67 MB, MIME type: image/jpeg), Inside the Entertainment Building of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Taken using my own camera with model DSC-WX80. According to an official, the symptoms of the building collapse, such as those posted on Blind, were not true. [+9, -2] Stop with the nonsense..this is akin to saying a Chinese exercising in China would cause earthquakes in our country , [+5, -0] Looks like we're witnessing the birth of a monster rookie idol that will shake up the world . There are tables and sofas for employees to socialize. Why is f(x)s Krystal leaving SM Entertainment? Tweet and follow us @dailynaver for the latest! On April 5, SM announced the establishment of SM Studios, a new subsidiary entirely owned by SM Entertainment. There are many windows and open spaces so that employees can work freely and peacefully during their breaks between work. It also employs full time baristas who serves coffee and other pastries at the companys expense. Heres Why! The new building of FNC Entertainment is located in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul. DL E&C, a building contractor, issued a statement on 21st and stated, "we conducted an emergency safety diagnosis but couldn't find correlations between tremors inside the building and foundation. On the 20th, an office worker in the 33-story Acro building complained of anxiety he felt as he recalled the tremors inside the building. Destiny after 15 years, Her way of eating kimbap is different Woo Young-woo Park Eun-bins surprising acting details, Fans suspected that EXO Sehun is being mistreated by SM over severe lack of promotions. The Acro Seoul Forest business building currently houses SM Entertainment, Socar, and Hyundai Glovis.

The first unique room is audition room, where the room is used for visitors who may have the talent to show their talents and can be part of SM Entertainment. I hope they clarify why the building really shook after they do more monitoring and simulations.". [SM ENTERTAINMENT], The former JYP Entertainment headquarters in Gangnam District, southern Seoul. Located in 423, Apgujeong-ro (521, Apgujeong-dong), Gangnam-gu, Seoul Names, Height, Age, Zodiac Sign, Position, Rank, Stray Kids W-Korea photos will take a storm, KoreBu - K-POP News, Korean Magazine, BTS, Blackpink News, Ros smashed both Youtube and Spotify records (Again! Box is taken from the architect's thinking to describe the career stepping of a talent from a management entertainment. Contact us Telephone: +90 212 6797374 Address: Telsiz Mah. Although they conducted their own investigation, they could not find the same symptoms like in the post. The lobby is decorated with much modern and chic style with an enormous LED screen.

However, it was true that 119 received a report on Jan 20th when the above-mentioned post was uploaded. Fans may be able to see their favorite SM Entertainment idols touring and showing off the building soon! _ _ ), SM Entertainments New Boy Group Plan: NCT Hollywood. The trainees reportedly also practiced in the basement room of this building

SMs Founder and Chairman, Lee Soo Man is the owner of this property, valuing at approximately $36 Million USD. Close in distance with SM Entertainment building. Inside this building there are SUM Celebrity Shop, SMTOWN Studio, SMTOWN Sum Cafe and Market, SM's restaurant, SMTOWN Museum and Gallery, and SMTOWN Theater used for showcase, fanmeeting, and birthday celebrations. Muhammad Egha, Hezby Ryandi, Fahmy Desrizal, If within 5 seconds the file is not downloaded automatically please click the following link. _ 119 is on the move, Park Eun Bin reunites with her birth mother in the tearful ending of Extraordinary Attorney Woo episode 8, Cha Eun Woo: Unparalleled visuals but controversial acting skills, said to not be talented enough for his major projects, Park Byung-eun sacrificed for Seo Ye-ji, her revenge plan succeeds, but she lost her love, Netizens call this (G)I-DLE member a talentless visual, who is only assigned meaningless lines, Yumis Cells Park Jin Young, I cant sympathize with Yoo Babi when his heart was shaken by the intern. The building also features an in-house garden, perfect for relaxing during that extra-stressful day. The building is likely to be used for various exhibitions and the introduction of new innovations and technologies from SM Entertainment Heres Why Lee Soo Man Is Selling His Stake In SM Entertainment (& What It Really Means For The Company), Heres Why Naver & Kakao Are Trying To Acquire SM Entertainment Shares (& What Will Happen If They Do), Heres Why SM Entertainment Reportedly Turned Down HYBEs Proposed Investment, Sevilla FC Player Rafa Mirr Asks MAMAMOOs Solar Out To Dinner, And She Has The Classiest Response, Actor Kang Tae Oh Sends Netizens Into Meltdown With Viral Extraordinary Attorney Woo Scene With Park Eun Bin, Fans Are Lining Up To Enlist In The Military In Place Of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Actor Kang Tae Oh Heres What Happened, BTSs RM Updates ARMYS On The Progress Of His Solo Album During Weverse Live Broadcast, GOT7s Jackson Wang Gets Brutally Honest About What It Was Like Being A Trainee At JYP Entertainment, Floridas First Practicing Lawyer With Autism Weighs In On Everything Extraordinary Attorney Woo Gets Right, Extraordinary Attorney Woo Actor Joo Jong Hyuk Has Become K-Drama Audiences Public Enemy Number One, BLACKPINKs Jennie And HBO Under Fire For Cultural Appropriation In Latest The Idol Trailer, Why ENHYPENs Sunghoon Thinks Its Time To Say Goodbye To Making Figure Skating Content, 5+ Of The Hottest 94-Liners Have To Enlist In The Military This Year. [+103, -80] This would've been more believable if they said femis were stomping and shaking up the building . They need to thoroughly analyze the tremor cycles and the building structure and install a device to reduce transmission of such tremors in the necessary areas. Who knows? [+116, -5] Didn't they learn from the large-scale disaster that was Sampoong Department strike? ", Another resident A in the building stated, "The tremors were so severe I really thought we were experiencing an earthquake. _ It is envisaged that there may even be a space for fans to use, similar to SM Entertainments Caf and Market in the Cheongdam-dong building. Article : "New revelations about Kim Garam" Source : Pann Netizen : "I'm her classmate. The SM Entertainment headquarters building in Samseong-dong, southern Seoul. Article : Kang Daniel, controversy over "sexism" a slip of the tongue?

2021 Yl ierisinde, en iyi kore fan A.Serra Gnay seilmitir. Where to Enjoy the View of Han River in Seoul, Top Spas & Saunas to sweat away your stress in Seoul, Walk on the trails of modern history in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul. Located in Seocho area, Starship Entertainment building is a home to popular K-Pop artists like K-Will, Sistar, Boyfriend, Monsta X. Here is a closer look at the SM Entertainments two office buildings: The first building (SM Headquarter) is located in the neighborhood of Apku Jung, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Korea. We translate Naver articles about Kpop, Kdrama, Kvariety and more! This office building was completed in December 2020, has 7 basement floors with 33 floors above-ground and currently houses Hyundai Glovis, Socar, and SM Entertainment. Korean Celebrities Who Will End Their Military Service in 2022 and 2023! After investigations, it was revealed that the tremors were caused by 20 people doing aerobic dances at a fitness center on the 12th floor. Inside, a modern interior with a slew of windows and open space allows employees to freely move around and socialize during their breaks. You might be lucky enough to see your favorite K-pop stars or so-called biases in front of their entertainment building. Except for the lobby and the 8th floor, the rest of the building is dedicated as office space which houses Global Buisness, Marketing, Foreign Marketing, and other departments. Acro Seoul Tower building tremors mystery. _

April Na-eun's accuser reveals "bullying" claims w 'Snowdrop's production company sees surge in stock IU embroiled in "fan discrimination" controversy, Disney charts reveal 'Snowdrop' is #1 drama in Korea. Many residents reported,"I could feel tremors. Netflix Responds to BTS Taehyungs Squid Game Costume! Acro Seoul Tower building tremors mystery, Kang Daniel threatens to block fans in latest texts after sexist "noona eyeliner" controversy + more private DMs leaked, HYBE begins erasing traces of Kim Garam from Le Sserafim + more reactions pour out, HYBE eventually terminates Garam's exclusive contract after threatening "strong legal action" over "bullying" scandal + more rumors surface, Garam's friend A reveals she was "threatened" and "abused" by victim B + alleges HYBE used Garam for "noise marketing" and "threw her out", National Assembly halts BTS "military exemption" talks + lawmakers express "shock" and "embarrassment" over BTS' sudden "hiatus", BTS V under controversy for "smelly" comments following Yoo Ah-in's "academy" post, Leaked DMs show Garam bullied another classmate C over her mom being "disabled" + HYBE visits victim's school, Classmate leaks pictures and reveals Garam cursed out teachers, threw shopping bags, and forced students to kneel on the hallway, Junior A exposes katalks and testimony that RM is getting married soon to "gold spoon" chaebol he met at 'BTS fansign' + alleged proofs posted, BTS' tearful "hiatus" dinner found to have been pre-filmed 3 wks before White House visit + HYBE under suspicion of illegal "non-disclosure" and "insider trading", Rumors surface that "actress A" attacked with murder by young husband B is Choi Ji-woo + YG currently "aware" of speculations, Informant A reveals Yang Hyun Suk tried to force her to leave the country to cover up TOP's "marijuana" scandal due to Big Bang's imminent comeback, Victim A reveals actor Nam Joo-hyuk was a "school bully" who gang assaulted, swore and harassed students for 6 years with his "iljin group". _ ", Experts explained, "The fire marshals who were dispatched the day of this report also checked the earthquake detection device under the building and no separate tremors were discovered. At the time, vertical tremors were detected that shook up the building up and down and access to all floors was blocked for 3 days. The shape of this ladder by architect is applied to the form of 'Box'. There's a possibility the tremors were generated from idol groups dancing in those practice rooms that were more amplified than usual because they coincided with the natural frequency of the building. SM Entertainment was applying the concept of THE BINK which is taken from the philosophy of Box and Pink. There are four recording studios and three dance studios, with the founders office located on the third floor. Here is BTSs Jungkooks Personality Trait That He Finds Most Attractive! There are choreography practice rooms at the 9th, 11th, and 18th floors. SM Entertainment aims to collaborate with the American MGM Television Worldwide Group and Digital to create a new K-Pop game show and create the first K-Pop boy group to be, SM Entertainment restructured its system for subsidiaries. The building is also used as a location for SMTOWN Gala Charity Night and the annual halloween celebration "SMTOWN Wonderland " The building of a smaller entertainment company, WM Entertainment, the home of popular idol group B1A4. TWICE Member Jeongyeons Beautiful Heart Will Warm Your Heart! However, some people did not feel the mentioned vibration even when they are also employees of SM Entertainment. SMTOWN Buildings | 5 In this situation, some employees working in the Acro Seoul Forest buildings business district poured out intense criticism on their management who forced them to go to work in the office. You may have seen it already if you're a fan of JYP on the TV Show "Sixteen". Poor construction seems to be exploding worldwide. Do not miss also watch the theater hologram and the surrounding view concert inside this building. Who is a Netizen? This is why the public continues to be anxious with these things because of our backward country. Actions that ignore the laws of physics from Jungkook and Jimin.

He has been working as a news editor for 2 years and has been actively an editor at for the last 1 year. SMTOWN Coex Artium has also just been equipped with a digital wide screen in collaboration with South Korea's largest electronics company, Samsung SMTOWN Coex Artium Acro Seoul Forest is a residential-commercial complex consisting of 2 apartments and 1 office building.

_ Pink itself is applied by architect to make the branding identity of SM Entertainment still perceive, so architect created room colour shades seems like the pink colour scheme. On Blind, an office worker community, a post was posted on Jan 20th saying,The Acro Seoul Forest building just shook. The writer claimed that many signs are indicating the building is about to collapse, such as: The building shakes all day long, Some part of the floors protruded Water leak from the ceiling, Windproof sound on the elevator and cracked windows downstairs., Witnesses from employees of other companies who are in the same business building continued. They all need to be held accountable. There are also disagreements from employees of other companies working in the same building that they did not feel any vibration. ", Tutup Konverter!sentiment_satisfied Emoticon. _ It's clear there are issues with the structure and design of the building. Copyright 2019-2021, Tm Haklar Sakldr. In addition to functioning as an office, in this building there are also several exercise rooms, SM's restaurants, SUM Caffe and SUM Market SM Celebrity Center The brand new JYP Training Center in Cheongdam-dong.

Who was the "idol couple" Dispatch planned to expo [+697, -32] The building shook to that level because of "idols dancing" and they're saying that's ok??? flip english The interior of the big three entertainment companies (SM, JYP, and YG Entertainment ) offices have been garnering much attention recently when these offices were revealed on the SBS K-Pop Star., In response to the great attention and popularity, theKangnam district in Seoul recently announced that plans are under way to create a tourist attraction surrounding the neighborhoods of Koreas top three entertainment companies, SM, JYP and YG Entertainment by May 2012, calling it the Hallyu Belt..

This room is a communal concept in the SM Entertainment Office. [YG ENTERTAINMENT], The new Big Hit Entertainment Headquarters building in Yongsan District, central Seoul, is currently undergoing construction. [+13, -1] How many idols were dancing in SM's practice rooms to have shook up a 33-story building . Created by Dunia Blanter - Powered by Blogger. The third room that is also important is amphitheatre, which is used by the SM Entertainment Team to review the audition results obtained or just for a meeting. What does Netizen mean? gedung diinspirasi soompi dahulu We may see SM Entertainment idols walking around the building soon. The use of box-shaped bench furniture makes it more dynamic and functionally can accommodate more people. The use of this pink colour scheme derivates the impression of soft and friendly and create a comfortable room. DL E&C is in charge of both implementation and construction. As a result, safety examinations were conducted by the construction company and authorities that revealed the main cause of the tremors was from SM's choreography practice room. Ros and Jisoo are at the airport to go to Paris Fashion Week. And yet, the Ministry of Construction and Transportation keeps being too complacent when issuing permits and supervising constructions. content, please come back later. TWICE Momo and SUPER JUNIOR Heechul broke up. type john story marshall its chants An SM Entertainment employee said, I sometimes felt the vibrations, but today was the worst.

It was the first time it felt like the building was shaking up and down. How does that make sense? As an Entertainment office which is already quite large in South Korea and is already well-known in the world, SM Entertainment then opened its representative office in Asia Pacific. The following pages on the English Wikipedia use this file (pages on other projects are not listed): (3,648 2,736 pixels, file size: 3.67 MB, MIME type:, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0,,_Pasay)(2017-12-31).jpg&oldid=823947529, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 files, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, {{Information |Description = Inside the Entertainment Building of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City |Source = Taken using my own camera with model DSC-WX80 |Date = 12/31/2017 |Author = Patrick Roque |other_versions = }}, Flash did not fire, compulsory flash suppression, This page was last edited on 4 February 2018, at 11:30. What gives Lisa (BLACKPINK) such clout in China? This office building became the main coordinating center of SM Entertainment, running entertainment communications and business networks. It's difficult to accept their explanations that the building shook up and down to that level because dozens of trainees were dancing at the same time.

#smtown #smentertainment #smbuildings #smcelebritycenter #SM, SMTOWN Buildings | 4 This building became the commercial center of SM Entertainment's business network. Why shouldnt BTS members be alone in a room? Located in 648, Samsung-ro (52-1, Samseong-dong), Gangnam-gu, Seoul All materials contained on this site are protected by Korean copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior consent of | Tel: 1577-0510. YouTuber exposes the identity of Freesia's dad as Freesia reveals she bought "luxury fakes" because Kang Yong-seok criticizes Freesia for "China" comm Freesia captured in leaked video saying she "likes Choi Jong-hun's mother assaults a reporter at a ch 'Gaseyeon' informant that raised suspicions about Media suffer backlash for malicious press over 'Sn More idols exposed for "Chinese" greetings + "Ever Everglow Yiren abruptly halts promotions and retur 'Snowdrop' continues to top Disney charts as #1 dr G-IDLE Soojin's accuser A exposes her mother's "at 32 Korean scholars and professors send an open let Everglow Yiren's "Chinese" greetings cause an upro VERIVERY Minchan caught on video insulting a senio Day6 Jae under controversy for calling Park Jimin Who are the winners of the '2022 Golden Disc Awards?

It has 7 basement floors and 49 ground floors in total. As a representative office, SM Entertainment is also equipped with several rooms that functionally have their own uniqueness.

Very close to JYP Entertainment Building is Cube Entertainment building. It's so ridiculous for them to claim idols dancing caused shaking to that level on such a massive building. This is 100% defective construction. DAILY NAVER - All Rights Reserved [YONHAP], Music outlets heap praise on J-Hope's debut solo album 'Jack In The Box', Enhypens third EP 'Manifesto : Day 1' tops Japan's Oricons daily chart, BTSs Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook to feature on Benny Blanco's new track with Snoop Dogg, Singer Kang Daniel facing criticism for remarks he made on Universe, K-pop optimistic but adrift after existential crisis, Korea's biggest entertainment agencies pay homage to the year of online, Big Hit Entertainment IPO price set at maximum 135,000 won, BTS label Big Hit Entertainment files paperwork for October IPO. _ ", However, despite explanations from the construction company and authorities, staff and residents in the building are still uneasy. Acro Seoul Forest denied some of this fact. This office is located next to the famous Galleria Department Store, where you can spot many celebrities. _ [+34, -1] The Chinese have been knee-deep in our constructions since 2010 [+18, -1] This is exactly why practice rooms and karaoke rooms need to be on the first or second floors, regardless of whether you rent or own the building. aespa BlackPink BTS Jennie (BlackPink) Jisoo (BlackPink) K-Drama K-POP Korean Show Lisa (BLACKPINK) TWICE, Is the SM Entertainment building about to collapse? Leaked discography reveals Yoo Young-jin is the ly BTS under controversy for "overpriced" fan pajama Dispatch reveals hotel photos of T-ara Hyomin and Official lyrics for SM 'Girls on Top' debut song " Did Dispatch have "hidden motives" for releasing ' 'Snowdrop's 6th episode under fire for its depicti SM's new multi-gen girl group "Girls on Top" make Day6 Jae terminates his exclusive contract with JYP.

It also has nothing to do with inferior finishing materials being used inthe building's structural layer. There are plenty of tables and couches for employees to chat, and it also contains a back area, perfect for coffee machines and snacks. Within the building, a design that is reminiscent of SMTOWNs COEX Artium can be seen in the semi-outdoor plaza. SM Entertainment Studio Center Who are ENHYPEN Members? Inside the building consists of an practice room, training studio, recording studio, photo studio, and other rooms that used to produce the masterpiece works of SM Entertainment artists. E-mail: [emailprotected]. The first photos of SM Entertainments new building in Seongsu-dong by Seoul Forest have been revealed, showing a brand new interior and a modern, sleek look. To write comments, please log in to one of the accounts. Many stated, "If the building shakes because of idols dancing, doesn't that mean it was poorly built in the first place? The depiction of a career stepping by an architect is analogous to being a ladder. Staff and residents are expressing anxiety over tremors inside the SM building. The articles posted on Blind still exist and are rapidly being spread to related communities. [JOONGANG PHOTO], The new YG Entertainment building in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo District, western Seoul. These are just external opinions anyway, the real cause hasn't been determined yet. Indonesia was honored to establish the first SM Entrepreneurship representative office in Asia Pacific. BLACKPINK Jisoo Targets Unfounded Hate Comments All Because of Her Phone. Only Real K-Pop Fans Can Guess These Music Videos! All of SMs contents are produced here. SM had recently moved into the building. [+175, -11] This is serious. The representative office was established to help the fans reach SM Entertainment talents, also to screen talents in Indonesia to become SM Entertainment talent. #smtown #smentertainment #smbuildings #smentertainmencommunicationcenter #SM, SMTOWN Buildings | 1 Also located in Cheongdam area, southern Seoul. The new headquarter building of SM Entertainment is located in Cheongdam-dong, the southern part of Seoul. All the employees were surprised., Another employee also complained out of fear, saying, I feel the vibrations three times today, Im thinking of not leaving the office tomorrow., Another SM Entertainment employee also said, I was scared because the vibration was so severe, adding, Shouldnt we report a safety diagnosis?. SM Entertainment will relocate its headquarters to a new building. Article : V got hit by Yoo Ah-in sparks? Located in Nonhyeon-dong, southern Seoul, Big Hit Entertainment's headquarter is a place every Bangtan Boys (BTS) fan should know! SM Entertainment Communication Center You dont have the right to talk about reverse discrimination, harsh criticism against Woo Young-woo from a Yonsei student is spreading rapidly, BLACKPINK Lisa enjoys watching Spy x Family anime, even cosplayed as Anya Forger, Jessicas re-debut and Girls Generations comeback may overlap? #smtown #smentertainment #smbuildings #smentertainmentstudiocenter #SM. We need to break the dirty chains between politicians and subcontractors, layer and layer, and expose their dirty dealings.

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