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It seems they just appear overnight and the next day theyve devoured many petals. Love and appreciate your blogs. Thanks for all you do and share, this farmer truly appreciates it!

Its so great to know that you grow organically. I have been starting the initial stages of flower farm planning and have been keeping an eye out for soil amending advice. That would help immensely!! Tell me what the tractor attachment is that fluffs your soil so nicely and leaves a nice crumb to it. my soil tends to be clayee and im forever mulching etc but thought maybe an extra layer of compost for the worms might be good? Can you tell me where you purchase your compost from? are so helpful. I still have to present my plan to the family, but because of you sharing your knowledge, I am able to present my plan to farm floral on some of the acreage. Hi Erin, Any suggestions about the grass? Your summary of how you have got to where you are now indicates a lot of worry and fears, and probably also enough tears to cover one of your raised flower beds. Can you please recommended a gardening journal for me? This knowledge has inspired me. Im just starting to think about compost tea. Good Morning! Thank you for all your encouragement and your generosity. hi erin and team floret, My soil is black with a sprinkling of rocks. I believe in using natural methods and ingredients when it comes to growing. Growing flowers (and veggies) without dangerous chemicals is top priority on my farm. Can you tell me what you make the organic tea mix from? Maybe if you post an item number or sku or something of the Dewitt Sunbelt rolls it would help. We purchase it by the dump truck load, and it runs $15 to $17 a yard, delivered. Hi, Thanks so much!! So time consuming is there an organic way to deal with grassy new ground? Usually its very clay heavy. You have such beautiful, natural gardens! We are stepping into flower gardening for the first time this summer in Santa Rosa Bach, in the Florida panhandle.

You woman are so motivating and have given my daughter and I the courage to take to jump with our dreamsthank you so much!!! I made my first ever batch of compost tea. I see that you cover entire sections of your farm with a fabric. Erin, thank you so much for sharing! I may just be too much of a garden newbie to understand this all yet, but Im enjoying the ride! Are they a driptape as they look to me or an emitter hose with a certain amount of spacing between the emitters? Thank you for your great generosity of beauty as for sure it feeds this beloved planet.and all of us who read your blog are nurtured likewise. Weve been organic gardening since the 90s & our goal is amending our mostly clay + sandy soil for improved H2O retention. Thank you, Thank you! Drip irrigation will save you a lot of time and water. You have me fully inspired! I havent even planted the first seed and I had to go back to your first February article and remember why Im doing this. I am loving the daffodils that I got from Floret last Autumn and they are blooming beautifully here in Eastern Washington. They may taste okay, but they do not keep as well and ultimately are less nutritious for biochemical reasons. The only plants that arent protected are California natives that gophers arent interested in but I was really looking forward to some bulbs and other flower varieties thank you so much for your time and for sharing your amazing skills and inspiring us to go for it I have signed up for the 2020 workshop and still cant believe I did it but Im going all in. Would love to know if you share the compost tea(s) ingredients. Really great information! Dear Erin and Team I am putting together two 4x10 beds. Ive been wanting to do this type of flower production for years and youve helped me get started. Thank you! Best, KM, Plecase.. im such a beginner..but i dont interesant.. you put out one drop of flower and plant anotherdo you keep the root for next year? Your soil preparation information is priceless! I am a new grower this year. Margaret. I am very grateful to you that you share your knowledge in the field of floriculture. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of knowledge, and so timely for me, as my dream is to create an organic market garden and flower farm, here in our little corner of the Dordogne, and will be preparing the land this year so that I can start growing next spring. Erin, these posts have all been so fantastic! I have a friend whose daughter is in 4H and she has a friend (also in 4H) who has 30 poop-making rabbits. I think its an important point you made- as parents (of pets or children), we should try to avoid toxic chemicals at almost any cost. Happy gal.

Thanks for this post! I live in seattle and all the bulk compost I can find is from municipal yard waste (like cedar grove) and who knows what is in it, or woodchips with steer manure. Thanks again for all the excellent information! This garden is used mainly for vegetables during the summer. We are guilty of feeding the soil but not testing it. Constantly fertilizing it with recycled waste that is filled with useful properties. You are amazing and thank you for all that you do! Even though Im on the other side of the world to you, our farm is in a colder area than most might expect for Australia so a lot of what you have to say is very relevant for our conditions, if only we had the same rainfall! It seems to make weed control so much easier but can it be reused? Thanks so much for this step by step! The pictures youve included are so helpful as well. Im LOVING them. It is free to watch on YouTube. After mapping out a 48 foot long and 12 foot wide space to try your intensive garden techniques in if you have advice on gophers it would be very much appreciated. I have been reading your book, posts, and a few other websites posts. This test measures everything from the percentage of organic matter to the pH of the soil, plus any lacking trace minerals. We discussed growing soil is as important and growing crops in my Starting Your Sustainable Small Farm class on Saturday. The fields are normally hay fields. There is a discussion circling in my community about pesticide/herbicide-free straw. Living in the Southeast all my life, I have been fortunate to garden in the wonderful Ridge and Valley, Southwestern Appalachians, and the Mississippi Delta ecoregions before permanently moving to Southeastern Alabama in the sandy Southeastern Plains ecoregion. May you be blessed 100 fold for your recognition of true love for your countrymen. Rabbits, ground squirrels We have several acres of Bermuda grass and feel at a loss of how to plant flowers in this invasive weed. Our favorite compost is made locally from recycled plant debris. We are hoping to start growing flowers next year here in New Zealand and one thing that bothers me is the use of landscape fabric. Learn how to grow, harvest & arrange beautiful cut flowers in this free 3-part video series. Any particular wire netting spacing ,there are so many sizes.! Anita xx. I started my flower farm very small, a 2020 space. Growing cut flowers for production is new for us this year, so well be certainly going to feed those beds with compost tea. This is an odd question, but do you prefer to plant rows North to South or East to West. I download the form online and send it in. Great information! Thanks so much! I dont have any excuse because in central Ohio we have wonderful soil testing resources, especially CLC Labs in Westerville, and the Ohio State Extension office. Organic is important to me because I want to stick my nose right into my flowers and touch my plants. We put them a foot apart since our soil is sandy, but if your soil holds moisture better, you could space them out more. Id check out the Growing Solutions website. A good deal. Do you think a 8-2-4 organic fertilizer is sufficient? I like to know how you make your compose tea. Remember Findhorn garden and Golden Gate Park were both built on sand dunes. I have access to aged chicken manure & horse manure. I am excited this year to have found a source for rabbit poop which to me, is better than a sleigh full of Christmas presents. They may have this available in other states as well. Although I am full of questions, I will start by asking about compost tea. Im learning about soil health and amendments. thank you so much!! Erin this was a very timely post, as Im trying to figure out the new beds Im adding this year, and your information is priceless!! Youre an inspiration! I was just up in Waimea(2500 ft. elevation) installing drip irrigation for the first time. I love your book about flower farming! Which soil test service do you use in WA? More specifically the info and clarification on when a bed is done and how you mow it down and re-supplement the bed before next planting is just what we were trying to sort out in our heads of what this looks like. The pictures are just a great way to communicate. Hi- Thank You very much for your post and your wonderful organic philosophy? You just saved me a couple bucks. . I enjoy composting just as much gardening. Growing naturally is harder and a bit more expensive, but I truly believe it shows in the quality of the flowers, and in your and your familys health. After the rest finishes out in august and September what do you suggest as a winter cover crop on the smaller garden? Thank you for generously sharing this information. Im so inspired! I only wish that all the pictures were labeled. Of course you can. :). The information is so valuable!! We just purchased some drip tape online and were surprised that it was already prepared with emitters every 8 inches. Do you have other teas and seasons, specific uses? Keep it coming, and thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge you have provided us so far! Thank you for your beautiful site! I really like the idea of the compost tea and would also love a recipe. Ive learned an insane amount from you over the past year. .no demanding that our soil be rich and full of the good stuff! My little 20X80 P-Patch here in Seattle is home to some fabulous dahlias and poppies and the soil here at Picardo Farm is probably the reason why. I try very hard to be organic in my own garden and its very discouraging when the landscape company at the neighbors house over sprays fertilizer or pesticides or who knows what into our yard. Thank you for sharing all of your insights and practices! My gardens are more landscaped with perennials . I plan on doing this to the soil I put in the beds, but not sure where to start with the soil for that. Would you please tell me where you get your local compost? Hello

Thank you for this informative post and I cant wait for your tips about landscape fabric later this week! What method do you use beside handpick them early in the morning and after rain? Thanks! : I got my answer from the previous post, no fabric for dahlias! But our land must have been a sand bar as well. I too, am curious about the compost tea as I have read both good and bad. I am in my second season of growing flowers for the farmers market and I dont feel I have the resources to invest in the soil like I want to. This is wonderful. I would venture to say the you probably make your own. Im just now reading this, but keeping it in mind for this Fall and Next Spring! What do you use for your tea? I really appreciate you taking the time to put it together. Your farm is so beautiful. I am inspired by you and when we move I plan on implementing all of your techniques in our new home in Montana thank you so much for sharing. Alaina Noel. Your beds are wider than most other growers, is why I ask. I have had my father in law bring me natural mycorrhizae from his 325 acres in the upper peninsula in Michigan. That is, the amounts of water and compost to make tea, and also the type of compost you use (fish, chicken manure, kelp, etc). It is well appreciated. Love your posts and blog. Hi, just wanted to say I am finally giving myself time for my garden and find your blog really inspiring.
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