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Stephen C. OConnell Center University of Florida students, faculty, staff and their spouses are invited to use the facilities of the OConnell Center. 250 Gale Lemerand Drive The OConnell Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items within the Center. A visual of ADA seating locations can be found on our Seating Charts page. Agreements with promoters and/or sponsors of events may allow complimentary tickets for University guests. Such admission may be by invitation or complimentary ticket. The locker rooms are ADA compliant for restrooms, showers and emergency egress. University policy on commercialization and solicitation are strictly adhered to. Classes and clubs must follow the posted schedules by beginning and ending promptly. Protection of equipment and personnel is vital to the operation of an event on stage and back stage. All of the OConnell Center accessible toilet stalls are equipped with safety bars. Pool capacity for swimmers is 229 and the pool decks capacity is 435. Gainesville, FL 32611, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Stephen C. OConnell Center Policy Manual. dimmitt For the safety of the athletes flash photography is strictly prohibited with the exception of media who have been approved by the University Athletic Association. Materials and banners shall not be posted and/or displayed inside or outside of the OConnell Center without the approval of the OConnell Center Director. The mission of the Stephen C. OConnell Center is to serve as an academic, athletic, recreational and entertainment facility. If there is a special event, all entry and exit will be through the pool deck glass door, located at Gate 3 adjacent to the Bill Harlan Swim Team Meeting Facility. For free and general admission events, staff in employee uniforms are available to provide assistance to patrons on a first come, first serve basis. The OConnell Center facilities are available for rent with approval of the Centers Director. residents whinston prospective Use of the Practice Court is permitted only when an authorized staff member is present. The President of the Student Body shall make his/her recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs. If you have lost an item while at an event, please speak to any Event Operations personnel for assistance. Terms for each student advisory board are an entire academic year. Gainesville, FL 32611-5850, University of Florida He/she then makes a recommendation to the President, or his/her designee, who makes the final approval for a new member. Such notifications will be made in writing. Signs must be hand-held and cannot be mounted on a stick or pole, and they cannot block the view of other guests. There is a wheelchair ramp located near the parking spaces in the center of the west lot. For a complete list of restricted items, please visit ourSecurity Measures pageor review ourcamera policy. Alcohol, drugs, weapons, fireworks, and explosives. Many students work for Event and Technical Services in key positions such as Event Staff Manager, Changeover Manager, Technical Show One and House Electrician, and various supervisory positions. Non-University organizations will be required to submit a certificate of insurance showing proper insurance coverage along with any deposit requirements. All professional camera equipment must be accompanied with appropriate media credentials and remain in designated areas. With the approval of the Centers Director, this arrangement may be allowed provided: 1. In addition, the User shall agree to use and occupy the premises for no purpose which is considered indecent under the law. Any change to these practices must be authorized by the President. Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the Dance Studio at any time. The Stephen C. OConnell Center staff embraces customer contact as an opportunity to make a difference. The OConnell Center has a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. Day of show ticket sales are managed by in-house ticket sellers as coordinated by the University Box Office. I just have a small gathering that I wish to hold at the arena. A service charge is paid by the buyer who purchases the tickets. Bathing suits must be worn by all swimmers. Tickets for events will be sold at the OConnell Center ticket booths located at gate 1 approximately one and a half hours prior to the show, but time and location varies from show to show. Please call the OConnell Centers main administrative office at 352-392-5500 prior to an event for more information on whether the use of a segway will be permitted. It also provides office space for several of the University Athletic Associations coaching and support staff. For a complete list of restricted items, please visit ourSecurity Measures pageor reference the facilitysmoking policy. Contracts with musical groups and other artists are negotiated on an individual basis. The University Athletic Association is responsible for the advance and door sales of tickets for all University Athletic Association events held in the OConnell Center. University of Florida Does the OConnell Center provide accommodations for the disabled?The OConnell Center is fully ADA-compliant. For daily recreational class use, the pool is accessible by way of the mens and womens locker rooms on the service level, or by using the ramp at the Gate 3, service level pool deck entrance. For each OConnell Center event, parking impacts may vary. Can we bring food and beverages with us to the OConnell Center?For most events, outside food and beverage is prohibited from the OConnell Center; however, there are concessions available once inside. The Director of the OConnell Center may require insurance coverage greater and/or less than two million dollars (CSL) if he/she determines it to be in the best interest of the University. Concessions:Concession stands at all gates have been updated to include a counter section that meets ADA accessibility requirements. We ask guests to arrive early and travel light, as you may be subject to search, which may include metal detecting hand wands upon entry. Reservations for tours must be made at least one week in advance by calling the OConnell Center administrative office at (352) 392-5500. Absolutely. Any User utilizing the Center must agree to comply with all appropriate state and federal laws, University rules, regulations and guidelines and fire and police department rules and regulations. The University Box Office has information on OConnell Center events and takes phone orders for tickets. Concourse Access:The use of segways as personal mobility devices within the OConnell Center will be determined based on specific event requirements and restrictions. The University shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of products or materials of the User or any exhibitor who has sublet space from the OConnell Centers User while these products or materials are on University premises, including within the Stephen C. OConnell Center. Assistance for the Hearing Impaired:Sign interpreters for the hearing impaired can be requested by calling the OConnell Center administrative office (a minimum of 10 business days is required). Promotional Trade Outs: USERS of the OConnell Center may utilize tickets to trade with the media (radio & TV stations) for air time (commercials or on the air event mentions) to help promote their event and generate ticket sales. The Associate Director or Box Office Manager can provide Ticketmaster generated reports to the promoter. Confirmation of the reservation must be made no less than one full working day prior to the day of the event. Publicize the work of the Committee and the availability of applications. connell selig associates (see below for further clarification), Businesses interested and/or participating in advertising programs. In order to use the facilities, users must present a University of Florida Gator One Card. commencements and speeches) to provide stage accessibility during the programs. In most cases money from ticket sales must be deposited in the Stephen C. OConnell Center box office agency account for University and non-University sponsored events. How do I obtain backstage passes for an event? For a complete list of restricted items, please visit ourSecurity Measures page. Joggers use these areas at their own risk. These spaces are available on a first come basis, including the two in the west lot when it is reserved and not available to the general public. The user shall not be entitled to use or occupy any other portion of the Center or adjacent areas. Hard-sole shoes are not permitted in the Dance Studio.

Services may include, but are not limited to, limousine service, truck/car rentals, musical equipment, lodging, dry ice, catering service, dressing room furniture and printing, etc. This includes all participants in any class or club activity as well as the use of the pool and jogging areas. Faculty and staff members of the Advisory Board represent various areas of the University that have a special interest in the OConnell Center. In addition, we strive to provide superior service to guests and clients, and training for future leaders while operating the Centers auxiliary as a financially self-supporting entity. The Screening Selection Committee shall recommend names to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the President of the Student Body by a deadline of mid-April. There shall be no sales of products or services on the grounds of the OConnell Center facility in conjunction with an exposition, trade show or special event without prior written approval of the Vice President of Business Affairs or his/her designee. Stephen C. OConnell Center Merchandise or Service Trade Outs: USERS may utilize tickets to trade with service businesses and vendors to help minimize their overhead expense in producing an event. Swimmers may enter and exit through the mens or womens locker rooms. The Director must approve any plans to use an outside catering service. Caterers should plan accordingly. Locks must be removed at the end of each day or they will be removed by the OConnell Center. The cooking facilities within the OConnell Center are for the exclusive use of the contracted concessionaire. A copy of the insurance certificate and policy must be submitted to the Director of the OConnell Center or his/her designee a minimum of fifteen (15) working days prior to the start of the Users lease of the Center. Signing the contract will obligate the user to the full rental amount and any direct expenses incurred. Restrooms:The OConnell Center has restroom access for disabled patrons on the main concourse, as well as the mens and womens locker rooms and just off the Zone 1 hallway on the service level. The use of cigarettes or other tobacco products on the UF campus, including in parking lots and vehicles, is not permitted and in violation of UF policy 6C1-2.022. The staff of the OConnell Center is committed to assisting persons with disabilities. The Gymnastics Studio is reserved for and intercollegiate gymnastics only.

All guest admissions must be accounted for and records maintained documenting the use of guest admissions. (e.g. Can I bring a sign into the OConnell Center with me? Rental of the Main Arena shall include areas of the OConnell Center reasonably necessary for ingress and egress for personnel and equipment as well as those areas necessary for parking and unloading of equipment. The Vice President for Student Affairs will request that a Student Affairs staff member, without vote, chair the Screening Selection Committee. Gainesville, FL 32611-5850, University of Florida PO Box 115850 The University official responsible for the function or event shall submit, upon request, a detailed description of the guest admission practices, a list of events to which complimentary tickets were issued, and the number and value of guest admissions. Materials from organizations other than the OConnell Center shall not be posted on walls or any area of the OConnell Center without the approval of the Centers Director. Due to the complexity, size and physical setting of these events, there is no available space for seating. 6800. Please check the event profile for your specific event for more information. The University Athletic Association diving team practice is not allowed during classes or recreational swimming hours unless approved through UF RecSports. Invited guests of the University who, in the opinion of the Presidents designee, are special guests and to whom it would be beneficial to offer this courtesy. These spaces are designated with the official disabled persons sign and reserved for persons with the appropriate parking decal or permit. Can I bring my childs stroller to the OConnell Center?While we discourage this practice, if necessary, guests may bring strollers to events in the arena. The OConnell Center has electronically controlled doors at all gates to assist disabled patrons and guests with entering and exiting the facility. A rental structure shall be established to determine rental for profit and non-profit organizations desiring to use the OConnell Center facility. Complimentary Tickets: Complimentary tickets may be offered to individuals or businesses that perform services or donate goods or services to help in the promotion or production of special events held in the OConnell Center. Show requirements may limit the number of accessible seats for persons with disabilities. For a complete list of restricted items, please visit ourSecurity Measures page. The UF Alcohol Approval Form may be found at https://www.uff.ufl.edu/docview/?docid=2431. The weekly calendar should always be checked for confirmed class times. Faculty or staff that may be required, in their official duties, to attend certain events. Refer to the OConnell Center weekly calendar for specific times and dates. Hearing assisted devices are routinely available for commencement ceremonies and speaking engagements; however, due to show constraints and availability, we cannot guarantee this service for other shows. All attendees are subject to a security screening prior to entry of the facility for all events. Prepare appropriate application forms and post them online. Elevators are available at the administrative gate and gate 4 for access to the service level and the 200 level. Qualifications include being a full-time UF student (12 hours undergraduate, 9 hours graduate), a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA, and not on Conduct Probation. Trivia Give-Aways: USERS may trade tickets with businesses and vendors for items which may be utilized to help in the promotions of an event such as, but not limited to, trips with travel agencies, shirts, dinners, record albums, gift certificates. The OConnell Center requires all outside event promoters to include the following working in all printed advertisements: For TDD assistance call 1-800-955-8771 If this number does not appear in the ad, the Center will take necessary action to notify the promoter. The plan may be activated in conjunction with the University CEMP or in response to an emergency affecting the department. Event Staff services are linked to production services on medium and large events. For a complete list of restricted items, please visit ourSecurity Measures page. Special guest for recreational programs may obtain a Guest Pass from the Department of Recreational Sports. Most events feature reserved seating. The Dance Studio may be used only for dance classes and practices and approved special events. The Chair of the Screening Selection Committee should be appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs in early March. A five-day advance notice should be given to have lift accessibility. The Practice Court is reserved for UF intercollegiate basketball and volleyball teams, educational classes, scheduled intramural games and approved special events. Some typical intermediate size events are: Large scale productions require not only a full crew and production lead, but generally a lighting director, electrician, sound engineer, and production coordinator. ADA Seating on the pool deck in the natatorium is currently not available for patrons. Phone Access:Event advertisements and activity information includes the Florida Relay Service TDD number (1-800-955-8771) for the hearing impaired. Mens and Womens Locker Rooms are available to UF students, staff and faculty with proper identification.

Our Goal is to Exceed the Expectations of our clients, patrons, co-workers and supervisors. Stephen C. OConnell Center The wooden basketball and volleyball floors are for use by the intercollegiate basketball and volleyball teams only; pick-up basketball games are not allowed. The Centers Director may put a limit on the number of tickets utilized for these purposes when deemed appropriate and in the best interest of the University.

A lift for disabled patrons is available to assist with entering and exiting the pool; it is available and operated by the lifeguards or instructors for their respective programs. Reviews existing operations and use of the facility, the marketing of the OConnell Center and its events, and proposes new concepts for increasing distribution of event information. Inappropriate behavior is prohibited in the pool and pool area. The University Box Office is managed by the OConnell Center and will support other entities on campus as requested (such as the School of Theater and Dance and Gator Growl). The use of these guest admissions should be limited as follows: These guidelines are intended to provide general direction for the use of guest tickets and admissions and are subject to change in accordance with rule.

Serve, gain valuable leadership experience, and help make decisions that benefit all students at UF.

All Users shall be obligated to provide a minimum of two million dollars (CSL) insurance coverage for the entire contract period of rental of the OConnell Center. Lockers are not permanently assigned, but users are encouraged to bring their own locks to secure their belongings during operating hours. The Orange parking lot to the west of the OConnell Center and the Green & Orange lots to the north are available for anyone with the appropriate parking decal during normal UF business hours, and are available on a first-come/first-serve basis at other times. The OConnell Center shall be available for rental to private businesses for the purpose of trade shows, provided that said trade shows are not open to the public and are not for the purpose of retail sales. The OConnell Center offers event and technical services as a production support service for a variety of athletic, educational and entertainment events at the University of Florida. The Director of the OConnell Center, on behalf of the University, is authorized to purchase specific entertainment activities or to self-promote activities which will be of interest to the University and the community at large. When a faculty, staff or community member vacates a position on the Advisory Board, the Advisory Board and the Centers Director make recommendations for a new member to the Vice President of Business Affairs. UF prohibits smoking, the use of tobacco and the use of products intended to simulate smoking.The use of cigarettes or other tobacco products on the UF campus, including in parking lots and vehicles, is not permitted and in violation of UF policy 6C1-2.022. Signs are posted at each entrance informing guests of this policy. Official Home of the University of Florida Stephen C. O'Connell Center. Stephen C. OConnell Center Any exceptions require the approval of the Director of the OConnell Center. Any exceptions must be approved by the OConnell Center Director or his/her designee. Participants are expected to keep rooms clean at all times. Swimmers must shower before entering the pool. One lavatory in each restroom has a tilted mirror and an accessible faucet. The University official responsible for the function or event where guest admissions are allowed is solely responsible for the use and accountability of all guest tickets and admissions. The Chair will work with the Vice President for Student Affairs Office in preparing the appropriate application forms and assuring that the Advisory Board positions are advertised extensively throughout campus. The organization will be required to provide the OConnell Center with their tax exempt number and a complete financial accounting of the event. The responsibilities of the Screening Selection Committee are as follows: The Student Body President can recommend someone for the Advisory Board who was not chosen by the Screening Selection Committee; however, the Vice President for Student Affairs can reject such a nomination and would expect the Student Body President to provide a reason for the exception. In kind contributions should not be encouraged in lieu of payment for admission but accepted when the circumstances warrant such action. For a complete list of restricted items, please visit ourSecurity Measures page. Swimming between the bulkheads is not permitted. Tickets are available for persons with disabilities, as well as companion tickets, for all events held in the OConnell Center. Shorts of any kind are prohibited in the pool. Elevators are located at the administrative gate & gate 4 for access to the service level. The students should, to the extent possible, represent a cross section of campus in areas such as sex, race, place of residence, class and college. Recreational swimmers must sign in and present a University of Florida Gator One Card to the lifeguards. With the rise in the number of secondary ticket agencies / scalpers, we have experienced an increase in the number of invalid tickets being presented at our entrance gates. At times, event staff is used for major events at which no production services are required. A copy of the tickets, which may be used to alert the point of purchase, will be provided at the customers request.Customers with invalid tickets are welcome to purchase valid tickets at the University Box Office seating location and price based upon availability. This includes items such as space allocations, the addition of furnishings and equipment, and proposed construction/renovation projects. Please note that all recreational facilities in the OConnell Center may be closed on University recognized holidays, during academic breaks, and whenever there is a ticketed or special event. Disabled patrons should not attempt to use the lift without the assistance of a trained staff member. Additional seating is also located along the upper level of the arena in sections 201, 211, 213, 222, 226, and 228. Can you accommodate me? Holds a mid-year budget review to compare actual expenditures to budgeted expenditures for the six month period, and makes appropriate recommendations for the remainder of the year. Laser pointers, air horns, and noisemakers, Bicycles, roller blades, skates, skateboards, and hover-boards, Video cameras, audio recorders, cameras with detachable lenses, and cameras with fixed lenses longer than 6, Oversized bags (defined as 15 x 9 x 6). Event Staff services also extend to crowd control and parking security. These facilities and amenities are provided for and utilized by University departments, the University Athletic Association (UAA), student and campus organizations, Gainesville and surrounding communities, and outside rentals for the purpose of hosting a wide array of activities and events. Tickets may be traded with businesses in lieu of them making cash advertising buys on local media to promote the event. Swimmers may enter the pool area only when a lifeguard is on duty. The President of the University of Florida is empowered to establish specific locations on campus where alcoholic beverages may be consumed by the general public. Is smoking permitted within the OConnell Center? Video recording devices are not permitted without advance approval from center management. Invalid tickets may be confiscated by the University Box Office. Screening procedures may include bag searches, use of metal detectors, or pat downs. Most food catering in the OConnell Center is provided by the University of Florida food service contractor. In this case, specific names of individual tickets will not be required. Members of Boards of Directors of the respective facilities or sponsoring organizations who are encouraged to attend in order that they may become better acquainted with the function or activity. The Chair has the responsibility of convening the group and providing basic staff work needed. An attempt is always made to negotiate with representatives of the groups which sell T-shirts, novelties, and in some cases, specialty food items, for a 25% allocation to the University. Violation of this regulation is grounds for ejection. Works with the OConnell Center Director to review expenses and profits. The net proceeds are for a recognized and approved charity. The Practice Court may be rented for special events such as receptions and banquets with the approval of the OConnell Center Director.

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