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Students want to warm-up in a different manner every time, so make sure to switch-up your warm-up exercises for each class. Static pole and spin pole have such a different dynamic that it needs to be taught separately. Congratulations youre now a certified pole fitness instructor! XPERT Fitness is an award-winning program, finalist in the Active Training Awards Small Training Provider 2014, winner of the International Fitness Showcase Best Brand Presence 2015, finalist for Supplier in The Community Fitness Awards 2021. Q: Can I do just Levels 1 and 2? Our online self-learning courses can be completed online in your own time; we have no timeline to complete so you can learn at your own pace. XPERT Fitness is one of the largest Pole & Aerial Training providers in the world. Alternatively, you can take the courses in person at a pole studio or training center. Look through the different schools mentioned below. The tactics, strategy, and steps outlined apply to pole fitness instructors as well. Start sending your CVs to studios all over the country, especially in large cities. Now accepting applicants - CALL TODAY! We are a preferred provider for NASM and AFAA, and our Chair Dance Instructors Certification and Pole Dance Instructors Certification Level 1 will earn you CEUs, Fawnia is known globally as the worlds first pole dancing instructor and has been teaching since 1994, Fawnia was the first person to create an instructional dance video on how to pole dance in 1998, Previously to producing the instructional video Pole Work, Fawnia taught in clubs to real exotic dancers and she too was also an exotic dancer, from 1994 - 96, and in 2008, Fawnia's name is highly respected in the pole dancing industry as she continues to teach in Las Vegas, promote/judge pole dance competitions worldwide including World Pole Dance Championship, National Aerial Pole Art Championships, World Pole Sports Championships, International Pole Championships (IPC) and Vertical Pole Challenge reality TV show to name a few, Fawnia is a current certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor through AFAA, Fawnia is a five time National level figure competitor, placing 1st in Canada in 2007, and 2nd at Fitness America in 2009, and won the overall title in both the Bikini Masters and Sports Model devision at the 2019 AAU Universe Bodybuilding & Fitness, Fawnia is on the board of directors for the Pole Fitness Association (PFA), and on the Executive Committee for International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), The Pole Dance Community (PDC) awarded Fawnia with the PDC Pioneer Award in 2012, In 2013 during the International Pole Championships Fawnia was awarded the IPDFA Industry Leader of the Year 2014, Fawnia created Pole Expo (2012-2019); the worlds largest gathering of pole fitness enthusiasts enjoying workshops, seminars, contests, showcases and venders featuring the best pole dancing products and their creators, Fawnia was the emcee for the Pole Championship Series at the Arnold Sports Festival 2014, Fawnia makes the connection between pole dancing and fitness, Fawnia is a name you can trust in the pole fitness industry and your credentials will reflect that. POLE 1

The PFA provides many instructional tools to make pole movement safe, accessible, and fun for everyone. Our Floor training program covers Flexibility, Core and Liquid Motion. Their sole specialty is pole teacher training, and they provide comprehensive step-by-step guides for beginner teachers to become certified. Their first pole instructor program was opened 13 years ago and successfully graduated thousands of pole instructors. Your studio and or your name will be known as a trusted source for pole fitness lessons. You want to know what youll teach students before you walk into the studio.

Our Pole classes break down various spins, dance movement, floor work and conditioning exercises for levels 1, 2, and 3. If a teacher has taught pole fitness for a few years, they may have hundreds of potential clients. We also have class packages for frequent flyers that can save you money. We work as a team; our manuals are a collective of information brought together by our international presenters. B/D Train to 34th Street/Herald Sq Levels 1, 2, 3, 4Suggested donation - $2495 in personSuggested donation - $1795 via Zoom* $700 savings. HAVE A QUESTION? The list below is for general, not studio-specific certifications mostly for pole but also for other modalities that are often taught at pole studios such as lyra or twerk. Each pole dancing certification level consists of 20 - 25 pole, dance and floor moves, and transitions. Beginner course will include the basics of teaching, such as leading pole classes with warm-ups, choreography, cool-downs, and handling emergencies. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you along your pole fitness adventure! These DVDs are suggested donation - $20 ea (plus shipping) When you enroll for the certification I will deduct the cost of the DVDs, so you get them for free! The material can get repetitive unless you diversify your classes by inventing new dance sequences and routines which you practice during class. Once youre certified, youll be eligible to work as a full-time pole fitness instructor at a studio. Copyright 2019 XPERT POLE FITNESS | All rights reserved | Website design by Fluid Studios Ltd. Coming soon, Chair Dance Certification: Suggested donation -$695, Booty Camp Certification: Suggested donation -$495. You will learn how to progress them through levels to advanced classes. Plus we offer LIVE Classes with our Instructors and Guests from around the world. Future instructors can consume these courses from the comfort of their own homes and on mobile devices. It includes things such as basic anatomy, stability exercises, mobility exercises, and music counting. Get started today and see how StudioGrowth can accelerate the growth of your studio business. Pole fitness classes are challenging and constantly push your boundaries. You should take them once youve practiced pole for a few months, and you want to advance your understanding. Extended Stay (with kitchen) | (702) 221-7600 three blocks away, Orleans Hotel | (702) 365-7111 five blocks away $, Gold Coast Hotel | (702) 367-7111 two blocks away $, Tuscany Hotel | 702-893-8933 - five minute taxi $, Tropicana Hotel | (702) 739-2222 five minute taxi $$, Palms Hotel | 866-942-7770 across the street $$$, Palms Place | (702) 942-7777 across the street $$$. The classes you see represent the new content for the training program you have selected. We had an awesome weekend with this bunch! This certification will cover pole fitness techniques for beginners and intermediates while also teaching you about student safety and preparing you to be a teacher. You rocked it! How to Start A Pole Fitness Studio | [Profit Calculator Included]. Thank you for being such awesome groups of strong, bada$$, women!! Body & Pole Online is designed to give you the best of our in-studio expertise, for everyday use wherever you are. The theory presented in the course needs demonstration, and teachers are judged based on their performance. Core classes will help you build strength and coordination to compliment your pole and aerial practice. However, for teachers, one muscle strain could cause them to lose their entire livelihood. So, how to become a pole fitness instructor? Intermediate courses will also teach you the material you need to teach intermediate classes. A min of six months previous pole dancing experience is required to ensure you are prepared for the certification. For students, this is not a problem because they dont derive their income from teaching dance. We will be meeting for approximately four hours each day. Learn a 3 - 4 min dance routine. Our best deal, with this you get two months free. Their courses are relatively affordable, and beginner teachers can gain access immediately because the courses are online. Many instructors underestimate the effects of music in the studio. You will learn how to spin, climb, and move smoothly up, down, and around the pole. These tools include teacher training courses, standardized curriculum, structured progressions, and techniques. Our Hoop classes will teach you how to create beautiful shapes below, inside and above the apparatus. Certified pole instructors have an easy path to a well-paying job at a pole fitness studio. Making sure they are all COVID checked and secure. NOTE:After you get your pole fitness certification, you will need to look for jobs in the pole fitness industry. Were a team of experienced entrepreneurs and developers.

(Not the full $5495.) You want to make them feel like they belong in the studio and that theyre a part of your studio community. Liquid Motion utilizes basic dance theory and sensual movement to build a foundation in floor work. Skin burns, sprains, and even fractures do happen in the studio. You now need to start applying for jobs to find employment. Please note pricing in sterling and euro depend on the exchange rate so may vary slightly. POLE 2 * Earn0.5 CEUs with NASM and 5 CEUs with AFAA. If you believe that as a pole fitness instructor, you only have to teach, you are mistaken. I write abouT establishing and Growing your boutique Fitness/Wellness Business.

Try it at no cost for 14 days. Most courses are available online that can certify you without ever leaving your home. If you pass an advanced course, you can confidently apply for jobs at your desired pole fitness studios.

The mission of the Pole Fitness Alliance is to empower and inspire the worldwide pole community, propelling pole fitness to take its rightful place in the mainstream fitness arena. You will learn how to bring all the skills youve acquired together to execute both dynamic and fluid aerial combinations. I am 18 years old and have read and agree to the Terms Of Service. To pass the certification you must be able to perform a minimum of 70% of the moves taught. Train with us and receive continuing education credits for your fitness certification renewal. If theyre satisfied with your performance, they will hire you as a full-time instructor at the studio. Pole fitness classes are not large, like yoga classes, where you have 40-50 students at a time. Most pole studio owners are sole owners/teachers themselves. Learn important technicality tips and safety precautions and modifications for moves such as handsprings, flags, back drops and 15 other intermediate level moves that will prepare you for advanced levels 5 & 6. XPERTs courses provide a mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for aspiring pole fitness instructors.

Fawnia is known globally as the worlds first pole dancing instructor and has been teaching since 1994, Fawnia was the first person to create an instructional dance video on how to pole dance in 1998. What they do here is help you become your best. Flex classes teach you proper and safe technique to enhance your flexibility. In major cities, the salary could be double that of small towns. With over 10,000 square feet, Body & Pole is the largest Pole and Aerial Dance studio in New York City, offering the experience of intimate classes with our world-renowned instructors. A side-effect of being a pole fitness instructor is that you can become famous on the internet or semi-famous in your local community. The audition takes 1-2 hours on average, depending on the length of the classes. You will learn and practice various shapes and poses utilizing the hoop or silk, gradually progressing into fluid aerial sequences.

The pole fitness industry is not very kind to new instructors because it values established instructors who have a following. 702-205-1440, Levels 1 - 4 Certification: Suggested donation -$2495, Level Five Certification: Suggested donation -$1250, Level Six Certification: Suggested donation -$1250, Level Seven Certification: Suggested donation -$1250. Typically, pole fitness studios hire from their teacher training programs, so teaching at a top pole fitness studio involves first attending the studio as a student. Make sure you are learning safely by training with a certified pole instructor! Our facility features five studios, exclusive retail and merchandise, and weekly classes in Pole, Silk, Hoop, Flex & Core. Example: Instructors who get paid $30 per class in Spokane, WA, might get $60/class in San Francisco, CA. To read our current COVID-19 Policies, click here.

You also have the option to fly out to a different city/country and attend a certification course for a few days or a few weeks. Our Live Online training is very similar to our face to face, held over 2 days and with a similar structure. Pole fitness instructors earn an average salary of$52,000 a year. Upon paying your deposit, you will receive my instructional DVDs Pole Work and Dance Moves & Floor Work, at no charge, to help you prepare for the course. If youre starting out, expect low pay until you have sufficient experience. Youll need to provide proof you can teach pole fitness, and what better way than to showcase your videos to potential employers? We are committed to promoting the many benefits of pole dancing: developing strength, power, and fluidity of the body, enhancing the mind-body connection, increasing body image and self-confidence, and becoming part of a passionate, diverse and inclusive community. XPERT Fitness is one the largest Pole & Aerial training providers in the world, our teacher training programs are some of the most comprehensive courses in the market. Doing so has the key advantage that after a few years, you can leverage this following to start your own pole fitness studio. You might have to fly out to a different city to attend an ElevatED course. We offer classes in Flex to enhance your flexibility, Liquid Motion to explore sensual movement building a foundation in floor work, and Core to expand your movement vocabulary and body awareness. Practice in the mirror and teach a class to your friends as a form of practice. Accredited by multiple of fitness certifying organisations, XPERT is also recognised by many insurance companies worldwide. Such as 4 x $625, or 2 x $1250 Together we will work out a plan that suits your needs. Once youve sent out dozens of CVs and applied for jobs at studios personally, the final step is to prepare for the audition. The PFA has been conducting online certification trainings since 2016.
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