gambit vs copenhagen flames

It's hard to explain in words, but because of this, my communication with the team suffers." I don't think VP was the issue Didnt like this idea from the start. You didnt deserve main stage anyway, SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, :C Will be surprised if cph wont even win 1 map, Heroic 2-0 vita, mouz 2-0 og, why flames wouldn't 2-0 gambots now. Gambit ranks second in the world ranking. Visit localized livescore version of SofaScore: Copenhagen Flames live score, schedule and results, , Current Copenhagen Flames and Gambit standings.

Its never a good idea. The guys didn't give away any fnatic and NIP cards. Minimum 20 characters, maximum 2000 characters, We use cookies.

Prior to joining U-TV and funding your account in order to view Copenhagen Flames Gambit, or any other particular event via the U-TV live stream, you are strongly advised to check with U-TV if, depending on your place of residence, it is possible to view the live streamed event in question. 2.52 odd on gambit map 1 already at 11-9 haha. 1st ovp 5v2, 4v2s and now from 7-0 -> 8-7 And after that kind of play of course you lose a map, shame on you Gambot, wtf, shy is sh1ro so bad? Best of 3 (LAN)

CS:GO math has never been wrong, gg free x4 odds, Rules of CS:MATH stats:

Follow your favourite teams right here live! jesus christ, It reminds me of lootbet match. Big brain nafunny, Unironically, Inferno has been one of the least CT sided maps recently. I'll eat my pisspants if CPH won't win with +1.5 maps, 4 odds on CPH against Gambot If gambit plays like yesterday then they will lose 100%, I have CPH +1.5 and VP win left on my 18 odds parlay, do i hedge with gambit 2-0? you do relise scout doesnt kill in 1 shot, its not an awp where you can just hit the body, he was trying to catch the head. HAHAHAAMALKAKMLASDFMLASKMASDFML

Its good one of them will be eliminated. tell me, what is cringe about a dark horse team? On SofaScore you can find Copenhagen Flames vs Gambit results from all of their previous H2H matches.

Luck? and there's literally 0% chance nip make it to the upper final so I think some revenge is in bound, if they lose to cph flames again and on lan imma cry fr, the 2 times they lost were irrelevant, probably didn't even prepare well

* Group A lower bracket round 1, M1 | interz - 1vs2 clutch (CT - post-plant situation - pistol round), M1 | HooXi - 1vs3 clutch (CT - bomb planted after 1 clutch kill) to keep Copenhagen Flames in the running for Overpass, M2 | nicoodoz's 1vs4 clutch attempt is denied by the final CT (interz) in the post-plant situation, M2 | sh1ro - 1vs3 clutch (CT - pre-plant situation) to tie the map at 13 rounds each, M3 | sh1ro - 4 Glock kills (3 HS) on the bombsite A offensive (pistol round), M3 | nicoodoz - 3 AWP kills on the bombsite A defense (including 2 kills with 1 shot), Bye NiP

LUL. Copenhagen Flames has 2 wins, Gambit has 1 wins. It's not even close to their lvl that they showed on iem winter. Login or register to add your comment to the discussion. Why the fuck is the scout flanking? roeJ killednafany with ak47 (headshot) gambit have played every situation perfect kinda mind blowing, wow that 2v4 ax1le and interz beautiful chemistry, flames you cant be so braindeads , give me a reason to push on 5v2 give me again a reason to run like b0ts on 4v2 jesus christ this map ruined by stupid decisions on 5v2, Both matches same score, same map and same script.

so fucking sad, choke so hard asdzrf5yhuj, Losing both pistols was just to much ;( sad, yeah, they should have pushed gambit more on ct side (sarcasm), no, losing both pistols wasnt too much. cope more gambit 2-0. Gambit won the second card, but that was all - 13:16, 16:11, 8:16. In the main stage , the first opponent was .

no chance for Chokingahen Flukes here, quick 2-0, lmao, and that round has turned the game around, Round over - Winner: T (1 - 3) - Enemy eliminated

1vs4 and they all went a and player at a killed all 4 xd, lootbet at least playing by semi-pro with out HUGE paychecks so allowed to throw for food but when you GET huge PAYCHECKS AND DO THAT YOU ARE JUST TRASH NOT FIXER. 1xbet mafia strikes again, if I bet gambit there I would be pissed. The only luck for them here is Gambots low iq. some times this " pros " overthinking and do this shits, Stop dry peeking sh1ro and you take away probably 70% of his kills, Ok I won my bet but this tournament makes no sense I don't understand this.. Im in this shit from csgolounge time and first time I see tournament and more than that LAN like that, +1 almost all games with map trades or reverse sweep 1-0 to 1-2, This is some shit happening fuck this tournament, csgo betting is a lottery so bets4pro better for me control my addict with betting only 30$ in LIVE cuz its limit 30$ max there in live. Any matchup that fits one or more of the criteria set in the filter will feature in the today's matches column. roeJ killedHObbit with deagle (headshot)

CPH-Gambit - i think gambit wins but no reason to bet because 1.2 odds, Skip for sure to avoid upset. Then the Danes were stronger on two cards with the same score of 16:13. flames are incredible like wtf. However, she unexpectedly easily passed the play-in stage at IEM Katowice 2022. Live score on livescore is automatically updated and you don't need to refresh it manually. anyway, good desicion to control addiction. Being ecoed isn't fine. i always win like 70k rubles then lose 50k in next day Haha you fucking insecure slutkid. Even if they win these map, it doesnt feel like it, what a wasted invite, fixing on iem?

You can find us in all stores on different languages as "SofaScore". You had this map wrong, so 0 in a row atm, if 1-1 gambit should win vertigo what do u guys think, Both blacklisted u should not touch the mouse and keybord for the next 2 months atleast. The team got off to a triumphant start in the new season by winning Funspark ULTI 2021 Finals. Hasn't looked good what so ever 5 rounds in, only round that got close was the pistol and that was thanks to interz doing some work. However, please note that the intellectual property rights to stream such events are usually owned at a country level and therefore, depending on your location, there may be certain events that you may be unable to view due to such restrictions. see you after the match. the last 2 matches were completely irrelevant Touch Point revamp roster with two additions, Americas' representatives at EPL Season 16 revealed, paiN eye skullz and zevy to complete roster, Bad News Bears lose two heading into player break, Take Flyte win Fragadelphia 17: Philadelphia over LGG, sjokz: "For this event, I did eight days of intense prep, so eight hours a day", Twistzz: "As long as NA want me as a representative I'll proudly represent the North American scene", FaZe overcome Natus Vincere in grueling IEM Cologne final, Twistzz is on the cusp of becoming the winningest player in NA CS history, oSee: "I'm going to do whatever I can to get back on the stage", Movistar Riders crush American dreams in Cologne, EG.PA qualify for ESL Challenger Melbourne. More details:Copenhagen Flames live score, schedule and resultsGambit live score, schedule and results. Copenhagen Flames was ranked 18 in the world at the time going up against Gambit who was ranked 2 in the world. Ez CPH, Cph 2-0 nip i love that dude great player way too much hype, gambit wanted another map to farm stats lul, Underdogs fast submarine in dicider maps xD, CPH could easily win this if not stupid veto and now betting only 30$ live on bets4. Could be one of those T sides where nafany gets tilted (happens very often) and they don't achieve anything.

Nafany is so shite just like yesterday peeking always without flash.. he thinks that his dry peeks and contact plays will be working all the time, Sickening.

VP can lose, his bets are like $1000 i've seen screenshot. Show your support for HLTV with our HLTV t-shirt, Optimized to keep you up to date on the go, FaZe - NIP - Astralis - Fnatic - SK - NAVI- Liquid.

sure, they did fail against them in IEM Winter but they were in really bad form, they even almost got beaten by faze and fnatic i think i will try live when i see maps. yesterday gambit cant win any pistols, today first map they get both lucky 0.01 sec defuse to lead them to victory LMAO, again these stupid long ass rounds from nafany, when you dont have any info and just go on site with 25 secs remaining. i said that vitality will smash gambit 16-0 on gambit's pick and second map 16-12 max. 3.8 odds oh i see. hobbit choking multiple times, can't frag, But he is always fragging. NIP 2 - 1 Gambit The following maps were played: Inferno, Overpass and Vertigo, Perfect World Arena Premier League Season 2. I think it's all in my head. tell that to your mom that she shouldnt get fukd by black boys its never a good idea it can make ur pum pum bleed. Has to be the worst veto decision of the tournament, just realized it was open. Imagine losing vs this bot. Install SofaScore app on and follow Copenhagen Flames Gambit live on your mobile! mafia never loses, maybe map max, GAMBOT STILL NEVER BEAT COPENHAGEN FALMES. Why was interz so open there.. if they lose the map after giving up 1v2 i will mald so hard, gold nova team If gambit will loose that, then stay in t2 events, he has performed well on lan jabbi planted the bomb on B (2on1) if u lose in such situation, u r a moron then.

gambit are 100% goona have a lower bracket breeze. The opponents will meet in the first round of the lower bracket of Group A. Imagine picking a big big ct sided map while the CT-Side meta is too strong, while your t-side has been dogshite for a while

Just a reminder to NOT bet on CS, lullorz. Hooxi has to not make it so obvious every time where theyre ensling. Inferno should be their but you never know, gambit should still be able to take inf, 5-0 ct lead is nothing. this is so depressing, hooxi got 2 kills in pistol and got only 1 kill in 14 rounds. Not good enough the way they win the rounds.

This guy needs a psychologist, choosing a map based on the fact that this or that map is the weakest in your opponent's map pool, when it is not your top 3 best map is very stupid. just afk until 15s left and rush without checking corners? SofaScore livescore is available as iPhone and iPad app, Android app on Google Play and Windows phone app. 5v3 lost and on top of that nicodoz with the biggest fail of 2022.

lose 2 vs 1 postplant to bot and now lose in OT

sh1ro killedZyphon with awp. Give me one good reason. "I'm a bit disappointed with my performance and I think we lost because of my mental problems. However, that day Copenhagen Flames showed far from the best game, losing with a score of 9:16, 10:16. GGWP ez for gambit from 0-7. gift for any smart bettors who watched cph on inf at PGL major pog. No way they should be losing that from 8-7, guess u have to counter-bet on this fiesta just to be safe ez 2-1 Gambit Ax1Le killednicoodoz with m4a1_silencer (headshot) Live scores service at SofaScore livescore offers sports live scores, results and tables.

Copenhagen Flames also performs great at LAN tournaments, although the defeat of worsens the picture. because i tired of win, slava bogu dva animeshnih druga zareshali v konce, kracavi, another round that should've been easy for cph lol i think if they play like yesterday T side cophe gonna roll them on CT, I agree, if cph win and convert the pistol, it will be over for Gambit here I guess. very smart from gambit to throw vs nip so they get to eliminate CPH. jabbi killedinterz with deagle (headshot) like ulti or v4 for example, v4 is the only lan tournament gambit can win ppl think that why cph beat nip they'll win xdddd they were losing against tier 2 teams and unranked teams like 2-3 weeks ago, why u think that gambit will lose today? this one has katowice at the stakes. Maybe you should fix your oracle ball, Lol. he does seem to choke a bit tho in the finals and is slightly worse on lan but I don't believe lan in an issue after ovber half a year he said after loosing to Navi in Blast world finals.

ty mate, gl, Flames surprise here gambit in LAN sucks. So overrated wouldn't it be better to choose vertigo if my team lose a 4v2 against an eco, i immediately disconnect the players from the server, and ask them to leave asap or i will kick thoses moron .

Gamb0t gonna be destroyed by any tier1 team, Cph bots lost like 10+ rounds in crucial advantage, they pick Overpass against Gambit lol, already done for them, One of their best maps, also lost both pistols and couple crucial rounds one after one 5v2 and 4v2 and still 16-12 not bad, now this is the Gambit i'm used to seeing maybe he struggled on lan after the break, but now he won't, Flames 2 - 0 NIP LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, He is mad because all NA teams shit out yourself, Onliners vs Offliners, should be easy for CPH, 2 unlikable teams *Important notice in partnership with U-TV offers over 140,000 live streaming events per year. Empty B side and 5v2. Quite lucky to win it like that. USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Field-Tested) | CS:GO, We use cookie files to provide users personalized content, additional functions, and to perform the website traffic analysis. Copenhagen Flames vs Gambit prediction. roeJ killedsh1ro with ak47

Is it Vitality - Heroic script one more time? When using, you agree with our. When will nafany realize walking up short / dropping apps won't work? We're not responsible for any video content, please contact video file owners or hosters for any legal complaints. Copenhagen Flames vs Gambit. Let's evaluate the current form of the teams and select the optimal odds for this confrontation. Scamming people in every single online tournament and now even on a lan But being ecoed 2v5 is next lvl shit, Gambots. Links to Copenhagen Flames against Gambit live stream are collected in the Media section where you can watch the match without leaving SofaScore website.

Also Gambit have beat NaVi plenty of times mens))) thats cherry-picking, previous 2 were completely irrelevant Ax1le is bulletproof and not taking proper damage by hits. Again everyone expect they win they own map pick ? The CS:GO match between Copenhagen Flames and Gambit is a part of IEM Katowice 2022 and was played February 18, 2022 01:30PM. One of the worst rounds Ive witnessed considering the oordning. they are tier 5 if they play good teams like vp/gamgods, u trying to emply roej style in twitter?

Nevertheless, the Danes are able to take at least one map.

Esic and valve have their part in it, yeah, gambit just forgot how to play on inferno.. and these odds for them after losing to nip, i almost got a heartattack ffs, you know that nikodoz on site, why interz was rotating so long, If they survive this Vitality will wreck them, not because Vitality is super stabile itself, but how bad gambit actually plays, yeah i know. cph win 2 bo3 against gambit, will it be 3? Will never forget game against fnatic at IEM winter, first two maps were intense af and on the third one there was complete domination from Gambit, I went to bed at 7 or 6 in the morning that day, Same vs entropiq at v4 for instance and many more examples, but thats why I said mostly. Haha remember the scripts guys, How can you lose vs this shit inferno team, Ill tell you lose pistol, force and have slow ass predictable IGL like Nafany who suddenly lost his fragging ability aswell. Imagine not picking mirage btw. 15-15 loading, No, pls, i need gambit to win in regulation :((. I think it's just a bad start, If Gambit lose I'm gonna laugh my ass off, literally 50-50 game guys odds are fooling you, not anywhere near brother Why after 7-0 all teams start to give up the game? any thoughts about VP - NIP and CPH - Gambit? Place free tips, collect points, and win prize skins. biggest fail? SofaScore Esports also provides the best way to follow live score of this game with various additional features. rip 1.7 odds, man, cph woulda won this already if they didnt choke on that 5v2 and 4v2 rounds, sorry to tell you, but you really got a gambling problem )), i got gambling losing problems Head-to-head meetings have two matches, and Copenhagen Flames won each of them. you can not always play on timer when bomb planted. nice cph, 404Brain not found Poor CFlames IEM did them dirty. Because of this, we lost on the second map, and on the third one too. he doesnt know that opponent doest have a kit. flames have made every mistake possible to lose a round. After they had the chance to 2-0 them, Falmes no win they not forward but is fun , both teams just played bad in eding, like couldnt read rush b, and couldnt read apps push. With adding games you want to follow in "My games" following your matches livescores, results and statistics will be even more simple. cph are trash on inferno and mirage so it wouldnt have mattered, dont worry 7-0 lead = choke time, stop malding. Your english is broken, go to school. but ofc we should ask this gentleman if he is on profit or not, i withdrew all my money on ggbet because i lose everytime big amounts. Hahahahahahha what? cph not bad man, maybe they cant beat gambit but gg wp, Looks like its 1-1 and third map no chance on inferno for gambit, Havent you call a 19-16 for CPH on Overpass , when u get deleted by interz u know its LAN, Gambit didn't even look good on overpass. Ax1Le killedHooXi with m4a1_silencer (headshot)

Copenhagen Flames is ranked 18th in the world ranking.

Its the most famous script since live betting is available, gambit machines, Vitality wont win if zywoo plays like he did today. losing a 2v5 at 11-9 and a 2v4 at 11-10, ruining their economy and giving all momentum to gambit was "too much". bruh what is Gamb0ts doing here? Nope, let's rush A with 5 pistols on 3 guys on A. Holy shit that's some next-level strat.

they shouldn't be here but then again, they had a shitty start in kato 2021 too, this is absolutely normal, in Katowice 2021 Gambit also started their journey from the lower bracket and won the tournament, I hope this Katowice will be no exception, Flames vs nip 2-0 It was obvious a while ago - with the current OP CT side, a team that picks map and starts at T side is at disadvantage. The loser will leave the tournament, and the winner will face Vitality or Heroic.

Thats why you dont fucking flank with the scout lmfao. stop using logic, try to dig deeper - do clown bets and profit, People keep calling other matches clash of trash, but i think this is the first time i've seen a true trash game. Ax1le is easily the best tier 2 player damn, cmon gamgods crush them u cant lose map to tier 5, Keep thinking that those tournaments are legit, thanks GOD hobbit not clutch 1v3 and i won 3 odds cophe half winners now you can LOST b0ts, Wp matchfixing shitheads Last year lost to EG then won tournament. One example must be 2-0 Therefore, for each match, you can find: Generally, the best way to watch Copenhagen Flames v Gambit live stream is via or YouTube. cph crumbling on pivot rounds, hoping for miracle inferno win, ofc lose force 15-9 i didnt expect anything else Holy fuck what a disaster of a decision. Gambit L vs nip

sh1ro 15 2 We feature matches, results and much more Visit us today for your daily dose of CS:GO! Mostly. this time it's elimination from suchg a large tournament at stake Pfff

only reason they lose is if they dont care about Katowice and want to give Vitality free pass to lower bracket finals. i dont like that inferno pick tbh, despite the fact that the flames have low winrate on this map, Should be EZ for Gambit, looking forward to Danish tears, not really cph cant play inferno, vertigo if it goes to it will favour gambit.

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