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and then do day trip to either of the city 1 day in HCMC How to go HO CHI MINH City to PHU QUOC? I can only advise you what I know. Youll have to go back! How to get there: Train, bus or minivan from Hanoi Buy your tickets online here through Bookaway.Where to stay: SOJO Hotel Check prices here on 10 luxury trains from Hanoi to Lao Cai (Sapa). I am really surprised when looking at the list of destinations in your article. Because of its remote location, Mu Cang Chai District receives relatively few tourists. Thank you thank you for this amazing guide!! Ha Long 7.

Pu Luong is probably the most pristine patch of land I saw during my time in Vietnam. Why this website is only about the north of Vietnam? Thank you so much for this very different post about Vietnam. Everything You Need to Know Before You Go, Kazbegi to Gergeti Trinity Church Hike: A Comprehensive Guide, Cambodian Weaving Village & Meas Family Homestay, Canyons, Cathedrals & Cable Cars: A 3-Day Itinerary for Kutaisi, Georgia, Three Reasons You Should Alight the Train at Pyin Oo Lwin. I was living in Hanoi 2017/18 (had to check my calendar, feels so long ago now!). Protected since 1999, the 17-odd hectare reserve is valued for its flora and fauna. More information and conditions for entry here: How to get a visa to Vietnam? All but isolated from the rest of the country until the 1970s, you often hear Ha Giang described as Vietnams final frontier. A visit to Diem Dien and the other salt villages in Thai Binh provides some unique photo opportunities. Or you could copy me and steep yourself in a wooden tub filled with steaming water and herbs. What do you recommend exploring from Hanoi close by? Another advantage Lan Ha has over Halong is the multitude of white-sand beaches that crest several of the larger rocky islands. 10 luxury trains from Hanoi to Lao Cai (Sapa) All Rights Reserved. 2. When leaving, I knew I had to go back as there was so much more to see and understand about the country. Awesome. Im Emily, an Australian journalist and photographer living in beautiful Kutaisi, Georgia. How to travel from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay? I am travelling to Vietnam, starting from HCMC and flying out of hanoi. I have to come back to HCMC, since I have flight to Da nang. The landscape of karst rock formations is almost identical, yet junk boats are far and few between, which means the area is much quieter and less polluted. The bathing ritual is an ancient Red Dao herbal remedy said to improve circulation and general health. Da Bac is visited by some group tours, but its still very much considered to be off the beaten track. It is a country in a state of constant evolution and is now easier to access than ever before. See also described map of northern and southern Vietnam with points of interest. Visit during the harvest season to watch workers busy in the bushes. Should we cut off time in Tavan to stop to Mu Cang Chai ? We got to go to Da Bac which was incredible, we hiked with locals and celebrated Tet with them (their new year). I have been volunteering for 2 months in Northern Thailand with Warm Heart, a non-profit that provides homes and education for HillTribe children. appreciate your thoughts. Thai Nguyen is also home to theMuseum of the Cultures of Vietnams Ethnic Groups and the intriguingThai Hai Tay Ethnic Village. Happy travels!

The waterfalls appear vastly different depending on what time of year you go: In the dry season, there are two distinct waterfalls but in the wet season, the deluge gives the appearance of one giant cascade. If i get and have some new informations and updates a actualize it (follow Facebook). Not sure if its feasible or go straight way to Hanoi. Its been 40 years since the end of the Vietnamese War , a war which was proof of the durability and resilience of the Vietnamese people. The Vietnamese people have said a quick goodbye to their bitter past, and now focus on the future and the overall prosperity of their country. Ive only been in the north during Summer , Ha noi is possibly the most hot, humid, still place Ive been in Summer, but thats the big school break. 16 Most Interesting Places Official language: Vietnamese (+ languages of ethnic minorities) How does it sound to you? When we visited in 2018, we only saw a few other tourists. From underrated cities to lesser-known mountain regions and rising ecotourism stars from the best outdoor activities to living history lessons and hands-on cultural encounters here are 15 of my favourite underrated destinations in Northern Vietnam. I want to have mix of city and nearby spots to explore. Train or Bus? But if its sublime hiking in complete solitude that youre after, its worth the trek. What I am unsure of is if all these places are easily accessible by train or if we need to organise a vehicle. How to get there: Bus or VIP minivan from Hanoi (5-6 hours travel time) Buy your tickets online here through Bookaway.Where to stay: Hillside House Check prices here on option: Three-day Moc Chau and Mai Chau tour from Hanoi, including private transfers, meals and bungalow accommodation Book here through GetYourGuide. Ninh Binh 3. Follow my adventures through the Caucasus, the Balkans, Southeast Asia and beyond as I inspire you to fill your own travels with colour, culture and creativity.

We are traveling to Hanoi for the second time in November. The 1943-built St. Maria Madalena was originally constructed inland, but because of coastal erosion, is now perched precariously on the shoreline. Your email address will not be published. A number of ethnic Thai and Muong communities dwell inside the parks boundaries, following a largely traditional lifestyle. Most people associate Vietnam with coffee. I love Ha Giang too! 3. There is a largest offer of train, bus, ferry tickets and flights for Vietnam. 2. An up-to-date guide for visiting David Gareja (Davit Gareji) Cave Monastery: News about the border situation, whats open and whats, Read More Is David Gareja Cave Monastery Open? There are plenty of residential areas and historic suburbs where you can escape the chaos of the Old Quarter. Copyright 2015-2022 Emily Margaret Naughton Lush. How to get there: Sleeper bus or VIP minivan from Hanoi to Lao Cai (5.5-6 hours travel time) + transfer Buy your bus tickets online here through Bookaway. Ha Giang the most beautiful place in the north The Ha Giang Motorbike Loop was definitely one of the highlights from my trip around South East Asia, if not the best part. Searching for the authentic Vietnam? I loved Phong Nha too! Located less than 100km up the road in Son La Province (but admittedly a little harder to reach by public transport), Moc Chau is a great alternative to the tourist-heavy Mai Chau Valley. If you do decide to visit, make sure you choose a responsible tourism provider. Located roughly halfway between Hanoi and Sapa, Thac Ba Lake is a man-made lake that was created in the 1970s by way of a hydroelectric dam.

Based on your trips, I need lot more days to explore but cant afford that. i am travelling with a friend, who is less of an adventure on hiking side but definitely more interested in food exploration being a chef. 10. 1. My initial impression is that your itinerary is a bit rushed. I enjoyed Haiphong very much, Im not sure what it would be like to live there but as a tourist, it was wonderful. I have been to Hoi An and really want to see more of the country. The photo of the bridge in Ha Noi I decided to cross at the tail end of a 10 km city walk, at noon, I was drenched, possibly limping getting crazy looks from locals. Capital: Hanoi (about 8 million inhabitants) How to travel from Hanoi to Sapa? These magnificent structures harvest water from low-lying streams, filtering it into the rice fields via a series of bamboo pipes. There are plenty of opportunities to get off the beaten track in Northern Vietnams biggest metropolis. My ass has never really been the same again! Other varietals paint the hills different shades at other times of year. Let me know if youre interested and we can chat more over email. What happens out here dictates the fortunes of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese farmers. I recommend you take your own transport so youre free to explore Ba Vis winding paths and abandoned buildings at your own pace. Transportation (trains, buses, ferries, taxi) Though, I did do a hike to Hang En Cave in Phong Nha and it was one of the best experiences Ive ever had. Hi Ronald, cool! If you like the website and you are satisfied with the information, you can contribute a small amount ($3) to its further maintenance and updates. Especially as a contract to Hanoi. Popular with Vietnamese families, especially on weekends and holidays, Ba Vi is something of a local icon. Your email address will not be published.

Now I completely avoid the sun here after so many years . Its well worth stopping off in villages to indulge in some of the best trekking Vietnam (or anywhere else in Southeast Asia, for that matter) has to offer. Poor old Moc Chau District is almost completely overshadowed by neighbouring Mai Chau. Learn more about me here. A few years ago, three communities in Da Bac District, Hoa Binh Province formed an alliance to bring tourists to their villages. Read more: My guides to Ngoc Ha and Truc Bach, my favourite inner Hanoi neighbourhoods. My impression of Hai Phong is that it has all the charm of Hanois Old Quarter but with less traffic and no tourists. We have one month in Vietnam this December/January . It is also a good starting place for exploring northern Vietnam. Hi Emily, thanks for all the interesting and practical information on your blog. Vu Linh, a stilted village on the lake, is a nice place to base your stay. You will notice major changes mainly in tourist and visiting places that are changing and changing. Read more: My quick guide to Hai Phong city. Ive been wanting to make it to Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam, for years but the well-defined tourist trail has significantly deterred me. Excellent! Disclaimer, 14 Best Things to Do on the Big Island, Hawaii. Hanoi 2. Rendered in shades of bottle green or wattle yellow depending on the time of year, the towering terraces are a weather beacon for the changing seasons and different stages of the rice harvest. The most impressive cathedral of the bunch (by my measure) lies in Hai Ly commune. Read more: Waterwheels and rice fields in Pu Luong. And tourists and travelers from all the world are welcome, you can also visit Vietnam from March 15, 2022. The road that connects Hai Phong to Hanoi is the best highway in Northern Vietnam, making it a quick and convenient getaway from the capital. Spend the night in a beautiful Airbnb to experience Hanois heritage architecture and winding alleyways hands-on. International dialing code: +84 Kayaking, snorkelling and swimming are all available, either as part of a day excursion or a longer overnight stint. Either way,Ba Vi is a spiritual and auspicious place. Two of my favourites! Heres how you can, Read More Cambodian Weaving Village & Meas Family HomestayContinue, Touchdown in Timor-Leste People warned me not to expect too much from Timor-Leste, and now I know why , Read More Highlights from Timor-LesteContinue, Serviced by cheap Wizz Air flights from the UK and Europe but often skipped by tourists, Kutaisi is one of, Read More Canyons, Cathedrals & Cable Cars: A 3-Day Itinerary for Kutaisi, GeorgiaContinue, Pyin Oo Lwin (also called Maymyo, Pan Myo Daw or The City of Flowers) lies on the railway line between, Read More Three Reasons You Should Alight the Train at Pyin Oo LwinContinue. This post is so wonderful. How to get there: Taxi or minivan from Hanoi (1.5-2 hours travel time) Buy your tickets online here through Bookaway.Where to stay: Nam My Van Homestay Check prices here on

Learn more. We will also go to Ta Van, we have 3 days in Bai Tu Long Bay, hopefully a night or two in Haiphong, then a ricefield homestay near Ninh Bin, then Pu Luong. Highlights include mango-coloured colonial buildings (the French also settled Hai Phong and left their mark here, too), and a bustling marketplace. Cat Ba wasnt exactly my cup of tea (hence its absence from this list). The area boasts picturesque landscapes, idyllic hamlets, and because of the high altitude, opportunities to chase the clouds a popular pastime in Vietnam which involves snapping photos on misty mornings. Located close to Hanoi on the train line to Ninh Binh, the traditional industry along the coastline in villages such as Diem Dien is sea salt. In my opinion $3 for completely free content is nothing. All these places look and sound incredible and I hope to get to them all. Most places a read about are short stay visit spots. You can use buses, train, private car/minivans or plane. Access to Pu Luong is fairly limited, which of course is a bit part of its appeal. Just a stones throw from Hanoi, its a wonder why more tourists dont take the time to visit Ba Vi, one of Vietnams loveliest national parks. Overall, Ha Giang is yet to be touched by the heavy hand of tourism but things are changing fast, and Dong Van is poised to become the next Sapa. I like the sound of your plan! Transportation (trains, buses, ferries, taxi), 9. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The 1943-built St. Maria Madalena was originally constructed inland, but because of coastal erosion, is now perched precariously on the shoreline.

Is David Gareja Cave Monastery Open? From the unification of North and South Vietnam in 1975 ,the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was born. Hi, Thank you for your wonderful blog. Good to read this. Wake up when the city rises to see Hanoi from a totally different perspective. How to travel from Hanoi to Sapa? I created this website/blog (independent travel guide) about northern Vietnam. Any ideas which companies offer this service. Make sure you eat pho cuon at one of the Truc Bach cafes and try State Run Foodshop. Loved the imagery too. I think we did 200k per day on average. Mountains, nature, ethnic minorities, authenticity it attracts me. Na Lua, the shack where Ho Chi Minh lived for a period in 1945 while plotting the French resistance, is preserved in Tuyen Quang, and is something of a pilgrimage site for Vietnamese nationalists. Cao Bang 8. Hi Roschelle, sorry for the delayed reply. Among their pursuits is building the incredible bamboo water wheels that Pu Luong is known for. So glad to hear that, Sandy! Vietnam completely opened to international tourism on March 15, 2022. Now might be your last opportunity to experience Ha Giangs ethnic minority markets (an alternative to Bac Ha) and family-run homestays. Here are the booking sites and services I personally use whenever I travel to Vietnam. Thanks again! Duong Lam can be seen in a day. There are swirling rumours that the independence leader is actually buried somewhere in Ba Vi and that its a wax model lying in the Mausoleum in Hanoi. I focused in northern Vietnam on this website, interesting places that you should not miss. Ha Giang is typically navigated by tracing the Dong Van Loop, a circuitous route that leads motorbike riders through some of Vietnams most majestic landscapes. I found this site as Im reviewing a contract to work in Haiphong, you give it 4 or 5 stars. Thanks Elisabeth! Wonderful to hear, Debbie! Its an excellent homestay and Sue is a great host. Even if youre trying to avoid Northern Vietnams hotspots, a few days in Hanoi is an absolute must for every first-time visitor. Use the map to start planning your Northern Vietnam off the beaten track adventure. 5. We are considering doing a loop including Duong Lam, Ba Vi, Mai Chau, Pu long and Nhim bin. Train or Bus? Some are accessible by bus, but youll need a driver for others. Moc Chau 5. Ha Giang the most beautiful place in the north. There are also homestays where you can base your stay and embark on shorter walks. Sorry I dont have more time to answer your questions in detail! Its also a window onto one of Vietnams most gruelling industries and the lives of those who toil on the salt fields to supply our pantry staples. what is recommended to be based at Hue or Hoi An ? How to get there: Sleeper bus or VIP minivan from Hanoi to Cao Bang (5.5-7 hours travel time) + transfer Buy your tickets online here through Bookaway.Where to stay: Yn Nhi Bn Gic Homestay Check prices here on option: Three-day tour to Ba Be Lake & Ban Gioc Waterfall, including private transfers from Hanoi, a boat trip on the Nang River and full accommodation/board Book here through GetYourGuide. Read more: Our terrific homestay experience in Da Bac. In my opinion, however, there is no universal simple answer. On your recommendation, I am staying at Indigo Snail. Hanoi is absolutely huge. Theres also a cluster of pretty temples and an impressive concrete monument, which has Communist chic written all over it.

Now I need to decide whether to go to Halong Bay or spend a day or two in Hanoi. I created this website because a lot of travelers go only to southern Vietnam, I personally think its a shame. Like most travelers, you may ask the most common questions. what camera and lenses do you use?? Youre most welcome, Caitlin! It may be one of the countrys poorest provinces, but Thai Binh is a real gem. Now theres a sight I bet you werent expecting in Northern Vietnam. Mineral springs and caves can be visited on Tuyen Quangs outskirts, along with nearby Thac Ba Lake. Thank you for this very beneficial blog! We wanted an idea of how many days we should allow and which direction to travel first. I hope you will enjoy your traveling in northern Vietnam. I am going to Hanoi for only 5 days before flying back to San Francisco. Mekong Delta or Ca Pho can we do day trip to Ca Pho. Northern Vietnam Off the Beaten Track: 15 Alternative & Underrated Destinations for Your Travel Itinerary. You can write to me: severni-vietnam[at]seznam[dot]cz. How to travel from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay? What do you recommend. Website is informative, I do not offer any guide services in Vietnam and you will not find here any e-shop or other products. Take a day trip to Duong Lam Ancient Village on a weekday to experience a slice of village life. Click here to open and save a copy via Google Drive. Theres SO MUCH to do in Vietnam! Thats awesome, Andy! We were there for New Years and spent the first day of the year cycling through the National Park. Im going to read this all properly later, enjoying it those photos!! I learned from my work colleagues that Hai Phong has a reputation among Vietnamese for being a bit rough probably because its a port city. Families here need support from tourists like you in order to keep their project afloat. You do not pay anything for the content on this website, the content is completely free for all visitors. Take overnight train to Sapa and spend 1 day there and next day train to Hanoi.
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