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It's not so arrogant, it's tasteful, the appearance is average, and the inside is very tasteful.

On arrival to Koh Rong Sanloem the boat stopped at the pier just 100 meter from the Resort but still the staff collected our bags with a tractor which we could sit on the trailer too. The 3rd floor restaurant looks at the sunset fried chicken. Each speed card has its own characteristics. There is a seafood restaurant next to the hotel that becomes our canteen for dinner every day, which is more suitable for Chinese people. Copyright 2022 Travel Singapore Pte. The room of this hotel is made of bamboo and thatched grass. There was a good double bed, bathroom, wardrobe, a table for laptop, TV with channels, Netflix, YouTube and free WiFi all over the Resort. You get two small bottles of water at breakfast and will need more to survive.

There is an outdoor swimming pool in the middle of the hotel (looks like 153 meters), the room space and environment are also very good, with balcony, safe, refrigerator, clothes rack, air conditioning, TV, slippers, rest seats and so on. The menu is not too big but be sure that all dishes are really delicious and reasonably priced. Our lovely staff is waiting for you ! In the night we went swimming right in front of the hotel and were able to see the glowing plankton.

Our company provide spaces for rent to business in our shopping mall. Next time I'm in Sihanoukville I would love to stay here again! The downside of the hotel is that the Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals are not good. Excellent and romantic experience with Eden Beach Resort and their wonderful staff from mainland to island and even the pre-reservation and booking went smooth and hassle free. We have Starbucks, KFC, KOI, Cafe Amezon, MINISO, LEVI'S, The Pizza Company, DAKASI. many big brands are stationed! The hotel contracted a part of the beach and only the guests were available, and the breakfast was good. It is much better than originally thought. The hotel environment is very good, there is a swimming pool and it is clean and quiet. Both business travelers and tourists can enjoy the hotel's facilities and services. This is the second speed card. The hotel does not have breakfast, but there is a restaurant next to it. Comfortable and hygienic, satisfactory service, have lived several times, the price is more affordable, in Xigang this place, this is a mid-range hotel, suitable for business trips the best choice hotel! Recommend staying. Although it is far from the port, it is not very convenient to travel, but it is very quiet. Confirm the time with the hotel. After repairing for more than an hour, it was almost eleven oclock in the evening. Our delicious inhouse steakhouse restaurant will serve you the best meats and wines in Sihanoukville. Everything was readymade for us with a FREE safety car indoor parking on mainland and the ferry-booking with Buva Sea pier located on Sihanoukville Port. Some towels had a moldy smell, but not a big deal. Everything else is fine. The rooftop bar and restaurant is super large and very well designed. It is also expensive to eat. If you need a nice place to stay on Koh Rong with some comfort and service, this hotel is a good choice! On this Island theres Waterfall, Plankton Swimming, Monkeys, Lazy Beach with waves, Sunset Beach, Bay Beach and a Lighthouse. It should be fairly clean. Also I enjoyed the very high quality Fitness. Seeing Sihanoukville's sights from this hotel is easy with Ochheuteal Beach, Serendipity Beach and Stray Dog Adventures all close by. We are a family of 3 including a 3 years old toddler!

Rainy muddy, sunny loess. .. The hotel is located at the end of the 4k beach, so it is really quiet.

Food, room hygiene is not bad, much better than other hotels in Koh Rong Island. The pier from Sihanoukville is the same one, walking 4 minutes from the hotel, but it is very specific to drag the luggage and walk on the beach. But in a few minutes walk there are a few hostels/bars for food and also a small minimart (prices are double to mainland).

Basically, they can't sleep at night. There are several bungalows and a building with four smaller units. The rooms in the hotel are not so stunning. It is better than natural simplicity and comfort. There's another restaurant next store, but head to Sok San Village for better offerings. 100m meter from the main pier, Serendipity beach and 300m from the city center (Golden Lions), it is ideally located. In the New Year, some people drink alcohol until 5 in the morning. Typical Cambodian guesthouse with simple but comfortable rooms with all the necessary appliances. He walks with a glass of wine and a book every day. This Sihanoukville hotel offers parking on site. The lower berth is close to the tires and the engine.

6 / Check-out can start at 6.45 in the morning. The breakfast is very rich and there is a buffet and a little meal is free. Health: Very good Basically three days on the island, eating, drinking, sleeping, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, is quite fulfilling. Feeling cordial, like coming home; even the local security guard's eyes are so gentle and sincere, although he can't understand Chinese and can't communicate, but every time a guest comes in and out, he will take the initiative to open and close the door for you. Great to just hang out on the patio. The hotel is located on the seashore near Xigang China Town, similar to a fishing village. We will definitely come back and stay here. It is recommended to live a little higher, do not live at the foot of the mountain. It's just that the rooms are not too big and the facilities are relatively old, but they do not affect the use. Don't care if you only want to see white sand beaches and clean sea water in the accommodation environment. The boss is a Frenchman. Very pleasant stay, the hotel is very unique, the whole hotel style gives a very comfortable feeling, the design style is simple and stylish, next time I will recommend friends to stay in the hotel. There is a feeling of wanting to live again after returning to China. The natural scenery of Gaolong Island is so beautiful that it is almost catching up with Semporna. We saw a family of monkeys. Appartement le Lavandou, 2 pices, 6 Personnes - FR-1-251-57 Photo, Primavera Residences Unit 310 Tower B Photo. The price is affordable and cost-effective, the hotel has complete fitness equipment and swimming pools, and the loft-style restaurant with a view on the roof is also very comfortable; the most important thing is that the hotel provides Chinese service. With Phsar Leu, The two golden lions statue and Pich Nil all within a short distance, there is no shortage of things to do in the area. The Friends Guesthouse is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Sihanoukville. Conspicuously marked Furi Times Square Mall is an international standard shopping center with finest design and luxurious facilities located in the central of Sihanoukville. I heard it was managed by the Singapore team. If you want to go to Gaolong Salang and Gaolong Island, you can also give advice, but it is still worth going. We arrived at Westport at 7:30, went directly to Tutu to the bus station, bought a VIP CMB starting at 10.30, arrived in Phnom Penh at 14.15 pm, and US $ 10.5. Waiters will line up at the pier to see off the guests. Wifi really only worked for us in the restaurant area. I have never seen such a messy city, and it is difficult to get off the bus. Terms The solar water heater of the townhouse booked this time is broken. Friends came out to travel together and chose this hotel. The Tom Yum Kung seafood soup tastes very good, the seafood fried noodles tastes very good, and the fried fish is also good. I have not seen the water change after four days. Facilities like free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping, photocopying, taxi service are readily available for you to enjoy. Located in the city center, convenient transportation, next to the casino, only 5 minutes from the sea pier, good location, the hotel is very user-friendly, pick-up at the airport, the reception is available in Chinese, Cambodian and English, the room is very comfortable, dream latex mattress ; 3 Chinese Gree air conditioners, very powerful; large amount of shower water, central cold and hot water, 24 hours supply; and use the high-end "Xianjian" brand shampoo and shower gel of Lifeng Hotel in China; very intimate; bay window uses hollow UV protection Glass, let me rest assured to drink tea in the bay window and enjoy sunbathing; Yongsheng International Hotel is the best hotel I live in Westport, the price is also very close to the people.

The Friends Guesthouse provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day.

Departure on time at 4/9, about 50-60 minutes Some luggage will be delivered later

Stayed 3 days for more than 900 yuan gong, this price is relatively worthy, the waiter does not speak Chinese, many Chinese people live in the restaurant. Beach and ocean were great (with caveats noted below). Everything else is ok! Breakfast is available in both Chinese and Western style, and the sea is good. Other hotels look better than this one, but due to direct sewage, the seaside at the door of the room is a bit difficult to go straight. The boat-ferry (3x250 motors) was a comfortable cozy tour even there was rain and big sea waves it wasnt a problem at all. While having dinner and having some beers there, it really gave me a warm holiday feeling. This is not a fancy resort, just a nice small place that is well-run. The food you order is authentic Chinese, which kills the Chinese food in Xigang. It is too noisy. There is no attraction in the yellow gambling poison on the street. Perhaps because of the epidemic, we have not met a Chinese person there for four days. The place is very good, the bar is good, but the check-in in the afternoon is very hot, the TV signal is not good for maintenance recently, the beach is very positive at night, the sound is very positive next to it, it is worth staying. We extended our stay at the hotel twice! Check-in went super fast with chilled sofas, cold wet towels and a fresh welcome drink. At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city. There is drinks and a sushi restaurant up there, so be prepared. 5 STARS!!!! The growing number of Chinese arrivals in Sihanoukville is attributed mainly to the 71 casinos currently operating in the province, and more than half of them by Chinese. this is higher up off the beach in a garden setting so let him know you are arriving so they can meet you at the dock with your luggage. Selling products and ordering services free delivery in Sihanoukville. Super good hotel, when you arrive at the hotel, you need to take a boat to Galong Island and then transfer to the wooden boat of Long set Island. The front desk of the hotel is a bar. In the year, it was mandatory to charge a meal of 75 knives per person, including a pool reception, dinner, and a lantern fireworks. There are many hotels nearby, the price and environment are good (all near the seaside), the beach, the waves, and the sunset, the natural environment is good. The place where there was no lights in the evening was still a bit infiltrating. The room is very clean. Also we booked thru and they did not let us pay, so we had to use CASH ONLY at the site. There are not so many tourists, not too much. Very nice hotel, absolutely recommended. Even there was very busy with Chinese and Khmer customers the staff and Mr Sarath still took themselves time to treat us as VIP with conversations and they even played and looked after my son. We have a open-top TaXi all the way to the Westport City. Really the only downside to our experience is that we were bitten by sand flies and are still itching, five days after leaving. The resort La passion the best resort in kohrong samloem Im enjoy in here her have good service 24hours Her also have sports activities like jet ski, dive , snorkeling and kayak You can chose which one good for you The poolside its big and you can enjoy with your family or you love. Its only like 5-10 min walk for other food but you have to plan. We had a few issues he helped us with regarding booking ect. The most comfortable ones are the pillows and bedding. The service was very considerate, because the corners of the eyes were inflamed, the doctor at the hotel was there and checked and gave the medicine immediately. Everything will show, tell, advise. It is cheaper to stay at the sea price. The room was clean and the air con worked well. Three meals a day can be settled next to the restaurant, the price is not expensive on the island, it is very convenient. They are big, clean, and both of the ones we occupied had incredible ocean views. There is no zebra crossing. The only dissatisfaction is that the breakfast is very bad, there is basically nothing to eat, lunch and dinner are all ordered in the hotel restaurant, the dishes ordered are good, and there are fast food fries, burgers and pizza in the park. Just be careful not to leave any food at the balcony or the monkeys are gonna steal it ;) The breakfast changed between buffet and a-la-carte, I believe this is decided due to how many guests they host at the moment. After returning to the hotel, I feel that it is the best and isolated feeling to stay here. Near several beaches. The Westport City Center advises everyone not to go, it is a dirty road and there is no good way to go. There is also no air conditioning in the breakfast room, although the breakfast is delicious, but it is really hot inside. Spent 2 nights at Eden Beach Resort. Walking all the hotels on the island, the white sand beach and the shore at this door are the cleanest. It is suitable for children's holiday and couples. Generally speaking, it is satisfactory. Traffic: Very convenient There is no need to edit pictures at all. The pool water is very dirty when we first checked in. Rooms are very high class, swimming pool is superb and staff is speaking a bit broken but ok English. The first one, to be called Furi Times Square Mall, will be located near the Independence Monument, covering 12,000sqm, half of which will be up for lease. There is a village entrance Chinese supermarket and the price is reasonable. You can only negotiate the price yourself. I directly changed to a single-family villa. The bar gives mosquito coils. The location of the hotel is very close to the city center and the seaside, on the side of the main road; the room is very clean, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, the room layout is simple and comfortable, and the key bed is very comfortable! Just returned from a pleasant and relaxing stay at Long Beach Resort. This home has no hot water, and it is acceptable to swim directly from the sea. There are no holes in the walls, so the small animals did not crawl. FURI times square Mall is the first Mall in Sihanoukville . Now SokSan has its own dock. The San Arn GuestHouse & Apartment was recently opened in 2021, making it a fantastic choice for those staying in Sihanoukville. Some of the well-appointed guestrooms feature clothes rack, linens, mirror, slippers, towels. Although the sea beach is not as clean and beautiful as the high dragon, it is very convenient to take the boat to the island, and the car is directly accessible to the hotel. The sound may not be able to sleep for some people. Its a little far to town. Breakfast is served at 7 o'clock. I felt very safe . Overall the stay is very satisfied. , But the hotel is the beach and the swimming pool (other hotels on the island are almost useless), if you want a quiet leisure vacation, it is definitely the first choice here. The machine was down. The hotel buffet restaurant is beautiful. The scenery of the whole island is beautiful and the layout is very private. Be on the lookout and use serious insect repellent. Don't expect how good the washing supplies are, it is recommended to bring your own. It is reported that the city now has a population of 300,000 and attracts up to 9000 local and international tourists daily. Prince Mall called Prince Golden Bay located in the heart of Sihanoukville,It is the first one-stop shopping mall in Sihanukville. Service: Very good. The weather doesn't need to be there anymore. They also provide taxi boats for free (one-way) to see other beaches or to get back to the main pier. Doors are lockable. Sihanouk International Airport is the closest option for those who prefer to fly, approximately 18km away. Good service, the hotel is located on the top of the hill overlooking Westport and has an excellent view. No matter what your reasons are for visiting Sihanoukville, Golden Star Inn will make you feel instantly at home. 1 / I depart from Siem Reap overnight 8.30 in the evening. Aeon Hong Kong looks to its Daiso network to restore profit, Coup stalls Aeon Yangon shopping mall construction, Aeon sales down due to Covid-19, but recovering quickly, Aeon Malaysia reports second-quarter loss due to Covid-19, Unlimited access to news,insights and opinions, Independent research reports and forecasts. The beds are good not great, but the air con is top notch :-). Lunch and dinner are more expensive, the transportation and eating nearby are not convenient, and the trip is basically based on sudden buses. Only minus was that the Bungalows didnt have seaview and that we didnt have more than two days at this awesome Resort We paid everything mentioned above at the Resort with ABA bankCard at checkout. Very close to the sea and the pier, there are many places to eat by the beach. The location of the hotel is great! If the traffic is not so troublesome, I will definitely go again. . So listen, Im basing my stars on whats available! (Exercise!) Singapore and Cambodia-based property developer Furi Corporation and investors from Macau and Hong Kong are said to have invested US$10 million into the four-storey shopping mall. Some garbage on other parts of the beach, but the beach area near the hotel is clean. There are always free deck chairs! One dollar is for one person, except for no hot water. There is a steep hill!!!! Recommend a side seafood restaurant menu. It's a new place, less than a year old, run by a gentleman who goes by Tintin. Cambodian city Sihanoukville is to get its first ever shopping malls this year, with two slated to open by the end of the year. The local service workers on the island are very simple, always smiling and greeting each other, and some are still trying to chat with you in Chinese. As a ** hotel, Jinbei has an unexpected experience. The swimming pool is dirty. Plenty of loungers right next to the water. The beach is super nice, the white natural sand, the room is the same as the official website photo, the hotel's activities are also very good, the price is expensive, everything in the Westport is expensive, be sure to count the price of the boat to and from the island as part of the journey. We also rented a boat and visited it for 10 dollars per person. Breakfast was generous, hygienic and full. The group said it is opening a 50,000sqm Prince Huan Yu Center shopping centre that will include department stores, retail shops, supermarkets and other services such as food, entertainment and recreation. The bus is divided into upper and lower berths, each with 2 beds. Can Japans Aeon become a global juggernaut? This hotel is more suitable for a family to play, and you can see the mink when boating, which is very interesting! My big surprise came when I saw the clean air conditioned bungalow room which I could live in for months without a doubt. I wouldn't hesitate to visit again. There are also peacocks in the park, which the children love very much, and there are rabbits in the hotel introduction, but they are all dead after asking. It is recommended to choose the upper berth. It's located near the middle of the eponymous beach, a 45 minute walk one way (along the beach) to Sok San Village and an hour to the other end, where there's nothing more than a big resort and a concrete pier. Only beer offered is Angkor and there is no fridge in room in case you want to store your own beverages. Restaurant worked fine for other meals. Staff distributed roses on Valentine's Day, which was a thoughtful touch. The room was clean and comfortable and the housekeeping somehow managed everyday to clean the room without us even noticing (we spend a lot of time in the hotel), that was a big plus. Cambodia s shopping malls market is still unsaturated, with Japans Aeon the only international retail mall operator present, says CBRE Cambodia in its Real Estate Market Outlook 2019. There is a significant opportunity for competitive international operators to enter the market, it says. I wanted to rent a motorcycle, but even that section of the road was not easy for people to walk. The key tourists are scarce. And, of course, the wonderful administrator Daria!

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