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Dr. Connors is an empathetic villain. Its hard to argue against anyone thinking he has been the best live-action version of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. With four powerful bionic arms, Doctor Octopus can put Peters Spider-sense to the test while throwing cars in the heros direction and crushing concrete bridges with his claws. When Norman is killed at the end after accidentally impaling himself with his own glider, his defeat feels more tragic than it does triumphant. Flint Marko (Church) got his powers after falling into an experimental particle accelerator while escaping prison. So while every No Way Home villain is a threat on their own, Electro is the only bad guy to get an upgrade, and that makes him soar over the competition for the title of most powerful villain in the film. His origin story was tragic as you liked him as a civilian before his accident but he also proves to be so intimidating when he becomes a villain. Now the film is out, it is time to separate the Spider-men from the Spider-boys. The biggest crime is that Goblin was forced to share screentime with a crowded field, thus not allowing audiences to get more screen time with the murderous psycho. Without his smear campaign, after all, Peter would not need to get Doctor Strange to cast the spell in the first place. Even so, two villains are more impressive. It was honestly hard to tell if CGI was used for de-aging effects. He was more angry and loud compared to his cool and reserved personality in Spider-Man 2. Strange. Its not like hes sorry or anything either.

Id say that of all the villains from the Spider-Man movies including the Garfield and Holland films, Dafoes Green Goblin made the biggest impact. Like Connors, he doesnt get any sort of plot or development, though we do understand his mindset and motivation more than the lizard. This band of Spider-Man Villains poses menacing threats in a few different ways. The weight of the universe rests on his shoulders. The two start out with something almost akin to a friendship as the former is the villain who is willing to cooperate with Peter the most and almost treats him like a son, just like the Peter Parker from his universe. Its cool that he got back to being human by the end of the film, but his time during the Tom Holland vehicle was easily the most forgettable due to the fact that he has no plot or character development. Has Tom Hollands Peter Parker Finally Broke The Iron Man Jr Nickname After No Way Home? July 21, 2022, 3:22 pm, by Doctor Curt Connors (Ifans) probably wont be too happy to know hes at the bottom of the food chain. That leader would be Electro. He was a bit too selfish. He even breaks his mask as a show of defiance to his evil alternate personality. MORE: Marvel's Midnight Suns: Comic Characters Who Should Be Playable. osborn I also really like his resolution. RELATED: 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Review - Tom Holland Shines In a Too-Crowded MCU Multiverse. This list will rank the Spider-Man: No Way Home villains from worst to best. When he attacked people in Spider-Man 3, it was really only because they were in his way. On top of that, he wasnt actually the main villain. Dr. However, it feels like a lot of the sympathetic qualities that he had in Spider-Man 3 have been removed or just forgotten about. Max Dillon/Electro: Up until this movie, Electro was probably the worst villain to appear in any Spider-Man movie. And of the returning actors, Rhys Ifans was clearly the one who could spare the least time on screen (fair enough, seeing as he is currently filming the Game of Thrones prequel). His softer moments are fun too like when he is stealing donuts. Ariane Cruz When he is returned to his universe (hopefully to have a fresh start), you can clearly see a sense of peace within him, having done the right thing and finally being free from the AI of his robotic arms. Electro doesnt have a redeeming moment in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and he doesnt have one in No Way Home. Strange is the only one thinking logically in No Way Home. Sandman is another criminal that got caught up in something bigger than himself. From the most terrifying and maniacal to the tamest and manageable, Lets see who is placed where: Alfred MolinaAndrew GarfieldDoc OckGreen GoblinSpider-ManSpider-Man No Way HomeTobey MaguireTom HollandWilliam Dafoe, by He wasnt a perfect villain but he was fascinating to watch as Curt Connors. Hes not a bad guy. Green Goblin is not just the bets main villain from the Holland Spider-Man movies. He has played the character in five Spider-Man movies. It is also that Dafoe is an actor who can play unhinged villains like Bobby Peru (in David Lynch's Wild at Heart) but also Jesus (in The Last Temptation of Christ). We may not be the first to release news, but you can bet it's accurate. This brilliant biologist wanted to cure every human illness, and in order to pursue his ambitious goal, he turned his gaze to genetic hybridization.

He may have not had the strongest arc amongst the villains, but he still managed to leave an unforgettable impression. When he is transferred to the MCU, Norman is shown to be more unstable than ever, with his Green Goblin persona only becoming more sadistic and bloodthirsty. The lizard wasnt exactly the most memorable villain in the Spider-Man filmography, but he was far from the worst as his ideology regarding humans is pretty good. 4. Still, his plot is the glue that holds Spider-Man: No Way Home together on the villain side, and the sweet ending of him finally being cured was a great send-off for the character. Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin: Willem Dafoe was made for the Green Goblin. Thor: Love And Thunder Chris Hemsworth Will Return But At What Cost? A one-stop shop for all things video games. He doesnt have a story and Connors is given little to no attention. Check it out! Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently the biggest movie out on the market today. But whos Spider-Man: No Way Homes most powerful villain? While trying to make the world forget about Spider-Mans true identity, Peter and Doctor Strange accidentally open the Marvel Cinematic Universes doors for Alfred Molinas Doctor Octopus, Jamie Foxxs Electro, Willem Dafoes Green Goblin, Thomas Haden Church's Sandman, and Rhys Ifans' Lizard. However, Spider-Man: No Way Home has five powerful bad guys to face Peter Parker (Tom Holland), brought together by Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) from different corners of the Multiverse after a spell goes wrong. But, unfortunately, the process also turned him into the Lizard, a creature with super-strength, improved reflexes and agility, and that can even regenerate itself mid-combat. Rhys Ifans was very sympathetic compared to the other villains in the other Garfield Spider-Man movies.

RELATED: MCU: The Strongest Villains, Ranked. Convinced by the bionic tentacles that the ends justify the means, Otto turns to a life of crime while trying to complete his research. There is a whole sequel dedicated to him cleaning up the ripples of Peters mess. The eels tear Maxs flesh and contaminate his DNA, turning him into a blue figure that drains electricity. Nikhil Makwana The CGI on Electro is better than it was in 2014, but they still have not figured out how to make this character look good.

His daughter is especially important to him. He even cried tears of joy when Peter forgave him. Andrew Garfields Spider-Man got a little ripped off in his movie universe.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Making his live-action debut in The first Amazing Spider-Man, Dr. Curt Connors was a brilliant geneticist who worked for Oscorp, looking to perfect the right serum to provide regeneration for those who lost limbs, but the medicine actually transforms him into a monstrous human-reptile hybrid. Show him change and grow into a hero worthy of power.

It is a touching moment and a nice conclusion to the character. The character isnt awful in this but they could have given us way more. He presumably doesnt even remember why that is thanks to his forget-me-Peter spell. No Way Home does a great job showcasing the Sandmans impressive abilities, as the villain shapeshifts mid-combat, getting the upper hand against his enemies. And thats all thanks to a Stark upgrade. His hair color was wrong as were his clothes compared to how he actually looked in Spider-Man 2. I honestly dont think Ive ever seen an actor have so much fun as a comic book movie villain like him. His story was horrible, as were his motivations and design. Debdipta Bhattacharya It turns out that instinct was wrong in the original trilogy. We cover base on everything comic book related. Jon Watts managed to add layers to the Marvel villain that expanded on the character and made him such a fascinating watch. Including Tom Holland's Spider-Man, Doc Ock, and Dr. Foxx is fine (when is he anything less), but you cannot help but wish they had got Paul Giamatti to don the Rhino suit again. While he does show conflict within himself in No Way Home, his character doesnt seem to have a good footing on the overall plot. Some of these characters were used well and some were left in the dust. Hes only a sand creature for most of the movie and appears through archive footage that is even more obvious when he is cured.

Spider-Man 3 is pretty much the definition of a flawed film, but Thomas Haden Church gives a good performance as a conflicted man forced into petty crimes due to his daughter's illness. He dabbles in every genre, but hes particularly fond of RPGs and portable consoles. off the Statue of Liberty, but JK Simmons is still a villain in this film. He was even going to kill the villain before Maguires Peter stopped him in the nick of time. Was A Sequel To 21 Jump Street Necessary? Copyright 2022 Comic Universe. However, once Peter cures him, we get to see Octavius in a similar way to how he was actually portrayed in his first appearance. We see his capture off screen, he has a much goofier design and he barely interacts with Hollands Peter. One of the biggest reasons why fans were excited about Spider-Man: No Way Home was teased in the first trailer. Comic Universe is a news, reviews, and entertainment website. July 21, 2022, 3:57 pm, by Time to rank every No Way Home villain by how easily they can overpower the Web Crawler. However, Hollands Peter does do a lot of stupid things that hold him back in No Way Home. He looked like a far less impressive Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen. And he does. First, a shout-out to the effects team. Here's who comes out best and worst from the new movie. Surprisingly, Electro is given some depth within the film and the filmmakers thankfully got rid of the blue version of the villain. by In the climax, he just tries to kill him without any reservations. Electro can already drain energy from any electric source to increase his own powers without an upgrade.
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