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Douglas fir scores around a 700 on the Janka hardness scale, and pine often scores around 800. We have a limited quantity available at this price, so call soon to reserve your flooring. Check back for more updates or Subscribe to our RSS Feed. Douglas fir is one of those subtle-but-amazing types of wood flooring that you dont hear about too often. Limited to quantity on hand. Our most popular Douglas Fir Flooring is our 3 1/8 and 3 1/4. 3 1/4" CVG Fir Flooring (Standard 3'-6' Lengths), 5 1/8" CVG Fir Flooring (3' - 10'+ Lengths), 3 1/8" FSC CVG Fir Flooring (3' - 12' Lengths), Reclaimed 6 1/2" Fir Flooring Mixed Grain (2'-10' Lengths), 5/4x12 CVG DF Stair Tread - 6'-12' Lengths, 10 1/8" Wide Plank Douglas Fir Flooring - AltruWood Appearance - CALL FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY, Reclaimed 8 1/2" Fir Flooring Mixed Grain (2'-10'+ Lengths, 8 1/2" face), Reclaimed Fir Flooring Mixed Grain Random Widths 4 1/2",6 1/2", 8 1/2" (2'-10' Lengths), 5 1/8" CVG Fir Flooring - Fine Grain - (3' - 12' Lengths), 3 1/8" CVG Fir Flooring (Looser grain than our Standard tight grain, 3'-12' Lengths, ), 3 " CVG Douglas Fir Flooring - AltruWood Select, 3 " CVG Douglas Fir Flooring - AltruWood Select, 2 1/4" CVG Douglas Fir Flooring - AltruWood Select, 3 Steps for Removing Bubbles in your Wood Finish, The Lowdown on Responsibly Harvested Douglas Fir, 3 Benefits of Choosing Douglas Fir Flooring over Carpet, Eliminate the Squeak in your Floors with 3 Simple Tips, Increase Your Home's Resale Value with Doug Fir Flooring. Feel free to call us at 1-877-661-6109 and we are happy to help you.

Jatoba Flooring Milled from 85/15 clear stock Doug Fir. $3.95/ Square Foot. This post may contain references or links to products from one or more partners of our parent company and/or subsidiaries of our parent company. Serving customers in Canada, and United States: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Washington, New York, Colorado, and California. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. AltruFir's Reclaimed Douglas Fir Flooring is perfect for the project where you want the old look made from the old stuff. Our selection of reclaimed stone is salvaged from locations across America. Fir flooring is an amazing looking wood flooring aka Douglas Fir. Tarkett laminate flooring probably isnt the first choice that pops up when you look for the best laminate flooring brands. Does this make Douglas fir a good choice for mudroom flooring?

Our premiere Douglas fir flooring with an unparalleled look and appeal. While not inherently waterproof in the way some other wood flooring options are, fir has a hidden talent: a high modulus of elasticity. Join Stonewood Product's email newsletter for exclusive sales, events, tips & trends, new products and more! Shop our wide selection of Douglas Fir Flooring in clear vertical grain (CVG), wide plank and character options. Whew! COMPLETE YOUR Fir FLOORwith custom stair treads and more. A complete packageis available including all necessary wood components that accompany a fabulous floor. If youre looking for a floor thats going to last generation after generation, Douglas fir is a great pick. Designed for easy assembly so you can save time and money, assemble your outdoor shower with just a screw gun, a few screws, a level, and a string you can have your own outdoor shower in a matter of hours. Jim Robbins

Oh goodness yes! A lot of Douglas Fir floors are quite old, worn, and beat up. Give us a call. Or Use Our Flooring Quote Form

Random lengths from 2 to 12 (longer lengths available upon request). Click below to for more information. It depends on whether you want to buy new or reclaimed floors, but many of the best hardwood floor brands sell Douglas fir flooring. Different from our other fir products mainly because it is produced from second growth lumber; harvested from young forests. For more information,visit this page. * ---MagazineArchitectInterior DesignerBuilderInternetExhibitFriendSearch EngineOther So youre probably wondering: is it any good? If you want a truly stunning floor, you cant do much better than Douglas fir. $5.50/ Square Foot, 100SF minimum order For orders less than 100SF please call 1-877-372-9663, 200SF minimum order For orders less than 200SF please call 1-877-372-9663, Starting at: Thats exactly what were here to find out! The tree has a long, straight trunk with very little taper, and in heavy stands is free of branches for two-thirds or more of its height, yielding a high percentage of clear and near-clear wood in long lengths and large sizes.

So if you want your Douglas fir floors to last a lifetime, you may want to go for solid planks. Specs Our Douglas Fir Flooring ChoicesA Look For Every Lifestyle and Space.Classic Fir It has stood the test of time and our Douglas Fir flooring is no exception. Whether working on a LEED project, or simply reducing your environmental footprint, we can help you. And for more helpful resources, read up on: Best known for being not that kind of doctor and never knowing which fork to use, Sara is a learning designer and writer, former real estate agent, and builder with a penchant for home design and remodeling.

Our Reclaimed Pine and Oak is some of the most sought after flooring on the market. Privacy Policy But these days, people are starting to realize just how lovely Douglas fir flooring can beand we think thats great! West Wind Hardwood is a full service manufacturer capable of turning almost any species into a finely crafted floor. This flooring offers a tighter grain than our "normal" 6" fir flooring and the tightest grain available over all. Because Douglas fir is a softwoodand well talk more about that laterits very easy to maintain and refinish. May 19, 2022 SPC flooring is marketed as an upgrade to ordinary luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring, but what is SPC flooring? Gas, Wood, and Smokeless - we've got the fire pit you're looking for. Sidney, Vancouver Island View our online collection of CVG Douglas Fir Flooring. Our new luxury vinyl plank flooring is ideal for high traffic commercial or residential projects. The floors look better than we could have imagined, no one believes they are the same ones! Different from our other fir products mainly because it is produced from second growth lumber; harvested from young forests. All Rights Reserved. Estimated Date Needed The Douglas FirFor strength, versatility and beauty, few woods match the magnificent Douglas-fir! It is selectively harvested from the coast of British Columbia. This flooring is a looser grain than our Standard tight grain CVG Doug Fir available in longer lengths. Cedar Shake Charm: How This Home Detail Recalls the Past. Our Warranty & Flooring FAQ's That said, Douglas fir and pine are both softwoods. $9.75/ Square Foot, ALERT: UP TO 50% OF YOUR SAMPLE PURCHASE CAN BE CREDITED TOWARD YOUR DOUGFIRFLOORING.COM ORDER. Above you can see various stages of Douglas Fir being sanded and stained. Whether working on a LEED project, or simply reducing your environmental footprint, we can help you. These are solid unfinished douglas fir. Comments A Guide to Peel-and-Stick Carpet Tiles (& 9 Reasons Theyre Amazing). We offer both CVG and mixed grain. We have many options for traditional and oil finishes like. We would definitely recommend them and use them again! An Eco-friendly flooring options; made from FSC Recycled Glue Laminated beams and Recycled Joists.

Look no further. We use sap restricted vertical grain fir flooringto ensure that your floor has uniform colour. Are you looking to purchase Douglas Fir Flooring online?

Solid wood almost always has to be nailed, glued, or stapled to a subfloor (and if youre wondering what subflooring is, its just the raw material under your finished floor).

When it comes to price, new Douglas fir flooring is often in the lower-to-mid-range compared to other types of wood flooring. If you want any more information or have questions about Douglas Fir floors, either installing, refinishing or repairing, please feel free to get in touch or book an in-home estimate. Indoor + Outdoor Living | Amazing Products, Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Collections. The wood offers a rich colour and a classic look: elegant or rustic depending upon the grade; have a look at our collections. Similar Products: Salvaged CVG Douglas Fir Flooring, FSC Certified CVG Doug Fir Flooring, Hand Hewn Beams Country It is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw, not because she is Canada but because shes something sublime that you were born into, some great rugged power that you are a part of. 400SF minimum order For orders less than 400SF please call 1-877-372-9663, Special Price:

The massive, fine-grained Douglas Fir(Pseudotsuga menziesii) grows in abundance along Canadas west coast. Please give us a call. Even second-growth Douglas-fir, the product of many years of reforestation, has achieved the mature characteristics and dimensions which cannot be matched by faster-growing plantation softwoods from other timber-producing regions of the world. Because of its physical working properties, as well as the moderate durability of its heartwood, and its excellent dimensional stability, all combine to provide the reasons why many builders worldwide prefer Douglas-fir for framing timbers. Douglas fir has a tight grain thats a bit more rugged. For more information,visit this page. It's hard to beat the price on this 5 1/8" CVG Fine Grain fir flooring. From Forest Fantastic, Traveler February 2005 document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); If forests are like wine, the second and third generations that come up after a native forest is cut are the young and inexperienced varieties.

Absolutely! We're the leading supplier of reclaimed stone products. Return Policy Contact Us, Douglas Fir Flooring (Pros and Cons & Design Guide), Hanging a TV Outside (Best Types of Outdoor TV Mounts), Plunge Pool Ideas (Different Types & Design Styles). But what exactly makes Douglas fir good for flooring? Douglas-fir is the only redwood-type material still available in substantial volumes of clear wood and is characterized by having the highest ratings of any western softwood for extreme fibre stress in bending; tension parallel-to-grain; horizontal sheer; exceptional strength, hardness and durability. It hasbetter weather resistance to withstandseasonal climates that havedry winters and humid summers orgeographical climates with dry deserts or humid coastal temperatures. Look no more. Naturally Dry Beams Very few other woods have this dimensional stability. Many old barns and granaries in the Western Rocky Mountains were built with Douglas fir, and theyre still standing strong over 200 years later. That being said, there are a few engineered wood disadvantages that you should know about. Snap-Together Tile Flooring: Is Floating Tile Right for You? It offers a sustainable, distinctive look with a coarse, wider grain pattern. Please fill out the following form and we'll get back to you asap. Now that weve gone through the major pros and cons of Douglas fir flooring, lets answer some common questions. This is a great price for Doug Fir flooring. If youre ready to purchase, good on you! To learn more about sanding and refinishing Douglas Fir floors in Fargo, head over to this article: Can Douglas Fir Floors Be Sanded? If you love the look of fir but have concerns about putting it in your home, remember that there are endless wood floor alternatives that can be made to look just like Douglas fir.

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