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The distance between the drive dog and strut/stinger should be the thickness of the cable. Downloadthe diagram for help. Flex shafts come in 3 Main diameters. Be certain the flex cable is still tinned on the end after the cut. Wipe it dry with a rag.

Use a screwdriver to remove both front and rear coupler set screws on the drive shaft. 7/32 tube for Octura .150 Flex Cable. I was able to melow it down some, but could never get it to go away completely. Low = 1 1/2 turns, Walbro WT-257 big bore carb One of the most commonly over-looked, but important maintenance points on a RC boat is its stuffing tube/prop shaft area; so, keeping these parts properly serviced will help you avoid driveline problems when you run your boat. It is flexible, hence the name, to allow power transfer in tighter spaces and mainly to allow the prop shaft to be close to parallel with the bottom of the hull. How to make heating/cooling liners for armor & how to bend steel mounting stay for rack installation, How to apply sealant on skoolie sheet metal seams. I wouldn't suggest removing the liner, 1st it helps with the smooth operation of the shaft. I opted for regular old brass hobby tubing from K&S Engineering. Also try to avoid grease that is too thick as it will pose drag on the motor. RC LiPo Battery Power & Configuration Calculator, RC Drone Max Distance and Maximum Flight time Calculator, Brushless Motor Kv Measure a Motors Kv, Understanding Electricity For RC vehicles, Measuring Electricity Voltage, Current, Power, RC Electric Boats Guide for Successful Electric Boating, RC Sailboat Controls Radio Layout, Radio Setup, LEGO Passenger Train Converted to RC using RC Hobby Grade Components ( Full Proportional control ). Zenoah RC Engine Modifications | Bonzi Sports, Zenoah R/C Engine Modifications | Bonzi Sports. Set the RC boat on a workbench, cushioned underneath by some foam or rags. ENJOY!! This is pretty piddly stuff, so it shouldn't be that difficult to heat up. Clean the drive shaft with steel wool and carburetor cleaner. Sealing the drive shaft against leaks requires a few tools and products to perform the procedure correctly. In order to cut the flex cable it is most beneficial to solder the cable first. Refer to their location in your owner's manual. Wednesday:8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. The shaft was later permanently attached with CA glue. The man said he was new to boats so I just wanted to clarify that. It appears they have managed to capture a large part of the world market of hobby metals. Clean the inside of the stuffing box with carburetor solvent and a pipe cleaner. Your little engine is sooooo cute! High= 1 1/2 turns How much space do I need between the end of the cable collet and the end of the stuffing tube? 3/16 tube for Octura .130 Flex Cable. I found the shaft material at Amazon Industrial & Scientific. More than likely, the other brands will work too. this is if you have the old boat (the yellow one)the rudder is a thin one and it is right behind the prop every time i went to turn it would turn on a dime.i fix that by bending the rudder bracket to the right side of the boat bending about 1 1/2 away from the prop and now i could make a slow turn and a wide turn.the shaft , make shur you have the liner there and it is not broke replace it if nessery.the stuffing tube on that boat is 3/8 steel tube and it is a sub surface drive(prop below the bottom of the boat)i also found out that the boat is a bit faster with a 265 prop and that boat comes stock with a 270 prop.if you do get a 265 prop you will need a sleve for the prop for the hole is 3/16in dia. With strides made in lightweight RC gear and increased power density in modern batteries, it is not as challenging as it used to be. I just happen to have a large spool of the old stuff I'm getting through. Now you can repeat the installation process and press the zero drag into the rubber seal until it is seated flush. His automotive vocation has spanned more than 35 years and he authored the auto repair manual "Auto Repair Shams and Scams" in 1990. 0.187 Mid to High Power Setups This set distance will allow the flex cable to shorten and not wreck havoc on the motor, strut or create extra drag from binding. It's really an appendix-motor that can turn a toy boat or plastic model into a simple motorized toy for the bathtub or pool. On v-bottom boats, the balance point is 27-30% of the total length of the hull, measured from the transom (back of the boat). High = 1 1/2 turns Additional machining may be needed if youre using a brass square tube product instead of a round one. He warned, however, that such a setup is only applicable to RC ships or workboats. (Source: Making Drive Shafts!, Old River Bills RC Towboats). Either a locking-clamp or grub-screw coupler are used on your hull and our test FE boat required a 2mm Allen head driver to loosen the cable-retaining screw. With the two strut screws removed the shaft assembly is slightly angled downward and then the unit came away from the hull stuffing tube.

Low = 1 1/2 turns, Walbro WT-813 big bore carb The motor supplied is a very low voltage Mabuchi motor, as it needs to be able to run on a single AA battery. Once the section to be cut has been soldered, use a dremel or any other sufficient device to cut the cable. Perfect for use in shaft and stuffing boxes. I couldn't find 2mm ID, so I settled for 1/16 inch and drilled it out. This component couplesthe flex shaft to the motor shaft to transfer the power. Wipe clean with a rag. Friday:8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. The solder iron or station doesn't have to anything fancy. To help ennsure that it is reinstalled and aligned correctly, I always mark the strut/bracket location with a felt-tip marker and then simply match the lines as I tighten the strut bolts.

By submitting this form, you are granting: Harbor Models Inc., 507 E Ada Ave, Glendora, California, 91741, United States, www.harbormodels.com permission to email you. Doing a little research online, it seems quite a few enthusiasts have converted plastic kits to RC. You may unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of every email. The propeller is pressed on directly onto the motor shaft. Just like full-sized boats, RC boats can take on water through the drive shaft. What are the differences between your drive cables/shaft systems? What do I need? I wasn't too thrilled with any of the other solutions either, so I decided to focus on solving the prop issue and work the whole model boat propeller shaft issue from that end. To install the recoil side, remove the recoil, motor plate and flywheel. The trick with this is to get the drive shaft diameter and add two more sizes; the bigger one will be the shaft housing.

The best greasing technique Ive found for the flexible cable shafts is to run a good bead of the lube down the entire shaft and then use my fingers to work the thick grease into the cables wire strands and the solid stub shaft where the prop is mounted to the shaft. The submarine Motor is a bit of a misnomer, it has nothing to do with submarines. Start typing to see products you are looking for. The shaft exits the hull and connects to a propeller. Tony Phalen A company like Rotax Metals has this and more in stock. 0.125 For lower Power Setups There must be a link, though, between the main shaft and the housing. 2017 Modelgasboats.com. there r some changes you can do to help this boat but remember its not a race boat,its a fun boat.hope this helps ya (boatking). I'm not sure exactly what the final length was, but probably at the higher end of the "rule-of-thumb". Copy and paste it, adding a note of your own, into your blog, a Web page, forums, a blog comment,

A place to share anything related to radio control (RC), whether it's drones, quads, airplanes, cars, helicopters, boats, sails, trucks, submarines, cats, etc. Any way you put it, hobbyists who have the skill to customize and upgrade will be able to turn simple crafts into serious pieces of workmanship. They house the prop shaft completely from the transom to nearly the prop. Once that happened, I applied another glob, just to make sure the joint wasn't starved. The hull is only 17 inches (about 430mm) long and the propeller is barely an inch in diameter. I found mine on ebay.

The easiest way to get the grease into the stuffing tube is to use a syringe and inject the grease into the tube from the propeller end. One such grease is automotive wheel bearing grease. Stevenson holds a P.D.S Toyota certificate, ASE brake certification, Clean Air Act certification and a California smog license. Copyright 2015-22 Rotax Metals, All Right Reserved, How to Clean Brass with Vinegar and Other Products Found in Your Home, Colors that Go with Bronze and How to Use Bronze in Interior Design. Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. They will be one size smaller than the housing so they can telescope inside it to be soldered. The housing itself should be jammed full of grease at first, but drill a small hole just behind one of the sleeves. If you choose to go with a setup where soldering is necessary, here is what we recommend: Stay-Brite Silver Solder (which comes with its own flux) is the only brand we use or recommend. It is relatively simple. The wire needed has to be straightened and to the correct diameter, which turned out to be a challenge to find. All tubing were cut to size with an X-acto razor saw.

Hughey? Zero Drag Seals reduce drag on the crankshaft, creating a smoother surface while retaining the crankcase seal. Next I needed a suitable pieces of tubing for the stuffing box. If you're looking for alternatives, be aware there are types of grease that don't work well in contact with water. There are now lead-free products that work quite well. If you have the round collet you shouldnt be doing it up on to a square flex. Awwwww! This holds the prop shaft usually a set distance away from the transom. In this case it's more a question of how short a bushing you can handle. According to Zumwalt, you need half-inch-long sleeves or spacers at both ends of the housing to hold back the shaft as they expand from the heat and friction. The coupler can easily be seen in the photo above. My son, son-in-law and I just want to have some fun.

It is wise to place a thing coating of solder on to the flex shaft in the area the flex coupler will hold it. We use a propane torch with Mapp gas (it burns hotter). Use the screwdriver to remove the rear universal joint set set screw in front of the strut location. STRUT DETACHMENT 2017 Icon RC Media PO Box 843 Pocono Rd, Brookfield, CT 06804. A boat that is too nose-heavy may never get up on plane and will not handle correctly. Thanks to all who've responded to my thread. Brass heat-absorption capabilities and versatility should not be discounted. Copyright 2009-2018 Building-Model-Boats.com, Trademarks belong to their respective owners. The thrust bearing takes the thrust from prop and directs it to the motor mount as seen in the photo. i have a shockwave 55 (well kinda its in pieces now)the collect (square drive)should be tight (about as tight as a spark plug) so that it done spin in the collect.when i set mine up i left a little bit of room for every thing to spin free.as for soddering i never did have much luck doing it i could only get about 2hrs of run time on mine but a friend did tell me to drill 2 small holes in the farrel to let the sodder go in the holes.my segestion would be to get another strut so you can use a 1/4 shaft with the stub shaft welded on it and go to a round collect.i belive you have a 3/16 stub shaft now.your turnning is probley the rudder (it is behind the prop)what i did to help was i bent the rudder bracket to the port side so the rudder is about 1 1/2in away from the prop. To remove the old grease from the prop shaft, regular denatured alcohol and a paper towel works well and I recommend wearing rubber gloves to keep your hands and everything around you free of gunk. There are two types of outdrives that are commonly found on RC boats.

your Facebook account, or anywhere that someone would find this page valuable. Wait for the adhesive to dry.

The stuffing tube can be swabbed-out with an alcohol-soaked flexible pipe cleaner sold at most craft stores. How Tos.

I was just concerned that after about 45 minutes engine run time that the flex shaft bit the dust at mid shaft. Take the time and do some research on this site, (and others) there is a ton of good info scattered throughout this site!!! Balance is very important. The drive dog is used on the prop shaft to transfer power from the prop shaft to the prop. The outdrives are the most important part of the drive hardware. The new drive shaft requires assembling three tubes of different sizes. 11/32 tube for Octura .250 Teflon tubing. Bill Zumwalt of the RC boat portal Old River Bills RC Towboats said that a round brass tube works for drive shafts but only after an extensive amount of work done. and the 270 prop is 1/4dia.if you would like more help just let me know (i dont know much but i do know a little about a shockwave). Clean the inside of the stuffing box tube guide hole that goes through the hull, with acetone and a pipe cleaner. Cut about 3 pieces of silver solder (approx 1/8 inch long each), and drop those into the ferrule the pieces will rest on the exposed cable. That may be possible if you source a modest part of your materials from companies such as Rotax Metals Inc. For the assembly of a custom drive shaft with brass tubing, Zumwalt suggests to look over the hole of the propeller and measure the diameter of the drive shaft. In other cases the thrust bearing can direct the power to the motor can itself. There are different sizes for each shaft size. It shaves the solder very easily. Chris Stevenson has been writing since 1988.

Can you tell me a little more about soldering drive cables? It consists of an encapsulated battery, electric motor and an integrated rudder. This space allows the engine to move through vibration without damage to the end of the stuffing tube. As you probably know, polystyrene doesn't have very many good qualities as an engineering material. Depending on which motor mount is used will determine where the thrust from the prop will end up. Use a pipe cleaner to coat the inside of the guide hole with marine epoxy adhesive.

You should see some extra grease as the shaft exits the inner tube end as this will indicate that the entire tube/shaft lubrication has occurred and once you wipe off the excess grease from the shaft it can be secured back to the motor coupler. As you spin the drive shaft on a bench vise with a DC motor and battery, you will insert more grease into the hole to further lubricate it. Keeps nuts & bolts from coming loose wherever vibration is a problem. These include the Stinger outdrive and strut drive. For bushings in either end, I got some 2mm inner diameter, by 2.5mm outer diameter. Why Is Copper Used for Earthing and Other Applications. Directly behind the coupler is known as the thrust bearing. The kits by Lindberg are especially attractive because many of them are a pretty good size for a plastic kit and this Trawler is no exception. Wait for it to dry at least 24 hours and test the boat in the water. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the front drive shaft universal joint set screw. Sign up for our emailer for special offers and updates! Where should my boat balance? If you apply any heat directly to the cable, it removes the temper and causes failure. 2nd With the shaft rattling around in the tube it could very easily cause radio interference(NOT A GOOD THING) and lose control of your boat. Solderless? Like boatking said, this is a sport boat to play around with and have fun, it's not a racer!!!

A strut setups is more commonly found on all hull types. Stinger drives are usually only found on mono hulls. Connect the rear universal joint to the rear coupler and tighten the set screw. Installing Zero Drag Seals helps the engine work less reducing wear and tear while improving RPMs.

All Rights Reserved. I found a few conversions, and some of the materials used included plastic tubing for stuffing tubes, bike spokes for shafts and most reused the propeller supplied with the kit. Taking the short time required to service the stuffing tube/prop shaft just makes good sense and your reward will be a trouble-free power craft when you toss it in the lake! It may be tempting to just assemble the tube and bushings.

This provides a unique appearance to the hull. It acts as a stop on the inside so the shaft doesn't fall off. The length of the stuffing box was tricky to estimate, but ended up about 2 1/8 inches long (about 55mm). The rest of info you give him was excellent!!! 7/32 tube for Octura .187 Flex Cable. The improvements are incremental (relatively small), but are part of the process of achieving peak performance. Flex cables shorten when under load. LUBE POINTERS We know that its hard to know what cable is what. It is a good idea to place flux on the joint to be soldered. Copyright 2022 Harbor Models Inc. All rights reserved. Add to that, the appearance of this prop is not the best. Those are all good except one response. There are a number of tools you must have ready. Stock Walbro WT-644 carb Pull it out, but remember its depth position in the hull. Thursday:8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Not a big deal as I already have a couple of replacements in hand, but I hope I'm not spending more time fixing than using. 5/32 tube for Octura .098 Flex Cable. Also known as Flex Hex. The propeller is pressed directly onto the motor shaft, so I started hunting for suitable stainless steel wire. I understand that, but the way you put it, made it sound like you were saying remove the liner. Would you prefer to share this page with others by linking to it? I reckon 25W is sufficient, maybe even 15. How do I install the zero drag seals? Then take the torch and heat the outside of the ferrule, working the heat around the outside perimeter until the solder starts to melt and flow immediately pull the heat away. It is worth noting that the entire tube does not need to be filled. We highly recommend our solderless drive cable assembly.

After youre done, make sure to rough-sand the parts of the housing where it comes into the hull, where youll use heavy-set epoxy glue; it ensures that the main assembly will not vibrate under the strain. Alternatively, email us atSales@BonziSports.com. A 50 boat will balance at 13.5 15. For our purposes, a fast electric drive will be cleaned and greased; however these same techniques will also apply to any nitro/gas hull as well. This way the flex coupler can grab the cable without crushing the cable. This is clearly outside the standard sizes I normally would deal with, but I'm starting to like it because component and material cost is way down. Zumwalt rules out heavy oil or even petroleum jelly as they are unworkable in the scenario. Keep in mind this will never be seen on the bench, it only occurs when the boat is running in the water. Aquacraft, Pro Boat and others market suitable RC boat shaft grease and I used the Pro Boat grease gun unit on the FE hulls drive setup. Zero Drag Seals install on each side of the engine crankcase.

If you are using a .187 size flex shaft keep the distance between the drive dog and strut/stinger to .187 or 3/16 Lightly sand the cable to the length that will be inside the ferrule, clean with acetone, apply the flux to the cable, and slide the ferrule over the end of the cable so the flux transfers to the ferrule. In addition, there is no hole drilled in the hub of the propeller that comes with the kit and I can't see myself lucky enough to drill straight enough to get a propeller that doesn't wobble. A hardened-tip driver will provide the best fit on these coupler screws and once you can turn the propeller without any sign of movement from the motor, the boats transom strut must be separated to free the prop shaft. After passing the lubed prop shaft through the strut, I add a small dab of lithium grease to the end of the shaft and then insert the prop shaft into the hull via the stuffing tube. The motor is pretty much junk, so for our purposes we'll only use the propeller. Prop-side bushing can be removed to cut shaft and tube down to custom size.

Low = 1 5/8 turns, Walbro WT-488 big bore carb If you need more explanation, please feel free to contact us! 1/3 to half is perfectly adequate. Brass can be a fine material to use for a number of hobby projects, including drive shafts for remote-controlled boats. Examine the location of the drive shaft where it exits the bottom of the boat. Stop your prop shaft from pulling out of the motor coupling when running in reverse. Next came cleanup. The first step involved to service the hull drive will be to loosen the prop shaft from whatever type coupler is present on the motor/engine inside the hull. Always leave a small gap between your greased shafts drive dog/strut junction to allow for flex cable movement. In addition to the tubes, you will need a hobby syringe filled with lube grease, a solder gun with 60/20 rosin core electronic solder, a solder cleaning paste and brush set, rotary tool, and sponge. A stuck coupler grub screw (due to thread compound) can be loosened by appyling heat from a high-watt soldering iron for a couple of seconds. I used a small file that is part of my needle-file kit. Below are a couple of pictures of the propeller shaft fitted in the model boat. If your shaft passes through the strut, it too will need a good cleaning so that its bushings or bearings are free of any old grease/debris leftover from the lake. Connect the rear coupler to the drive shaft and tighten the set screw with a screwdriver. With an inline aluminum strut/rudder setup the driveshaft removal chore was completed by unbolting the strut from its separate support bracket on the boats transom plate. In order to achieve this the flex cable is bent with motor on an angle. This maintains a nice snug grip while not separating the winds from the flex shaft. Done on a regular basis, the cleaning and lubrication of the hulls stuffing tube, shaft and prop strut will allow them to function friction-free and the whole chore can be done with only a few hand tools. It's mostly used in plastic kits because it's cheap. I never intended it to be as I'm very non-competitive. There should be about 3/4 if your engine is soft-mounted (rubber dampened) & if the engine is solid-mounted. Put the cable assembly into a vise with the cable hanging straight down, and clamp so it supports the ferrule in the proper position. Click to viewthe diagram. Call Us 317-844-4695. The stainless shaft is best cut with pliers. The motor shaft is 2mm, and the wire I found is 0.0781 inches which is plenty close enough. Next I heated up the tube around each bushing and applied regular 60/40 tin/lead solder into the joint. It should be placed as close to the motor as possible and usually goes right inside the strut or stinger. 1/4 tube for Octura .150 Teflon tubing. Copyright 2022 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, Modelpowerboat.com: Using Your RC Boat on Salt Water, Glen-L.com: RC and Underwater Gear Used on Test Model. Suffering a broken/snapped prop shaft while your boats at speed can also translate into a bent stuffing tube or a lost propeller and all of these problems can stem from a non-cleaned/greased hull drive. if you can find a used set up (strut & rudder)you will be ahead of the game for it will handle a lot better.o and you may want to replace the stuffing tube and go with a 5/16 tube.you can do away with the liner.

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