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I think when a group like Rutland Forward pushes their candidate, theyre usually successful, siad Davis. There were a lot of people in Rutland for a March election, but it was not considered a big turnout for the city. Martha Cornwell, Shaftsbury Select Board To register? Speaking Wednesday, Lennox-Levins said she was looking forward to serving on the board. Sunday was the earliest a recount could have taken place. Karen Bossi secured a spot on the board by five votes in the recount, besting Marisa Kiefaber, 1295-1290. Design, Inc. PEGTVs partner in Academic,Cultural & Athletic Programming. After Kiefaber requested a recount on Thursday, March 3, the city had two days to prepare. Promotional Rates were found for your code. Marybeth Lennox-Levins ~ Three Year TermB.

Yesterdays 2022 Vermont Town Meeting Day elections brought exciting results, with18 RAD-endorsed candidates winning their races! Tom Haley, Bennington Select Board Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. Many of them have advocated for the Ravens mascot. If you are registering for the first time in Jefferson County you must register 25 days before any election to be eligible to vote in that election. Monday Friday: 10 a.m. 3 p.m. Voter turnout was high Tuesday in Rutland, with more than 2,900 ballots being turned in, exceeding the amount the city had ordered. Will Rutlands mascot controversy fade with time? As a matter of fact, most people commented (that) it's a good thing to run out of ballots because people are coming out to vote.. Despite these circumstances, Heck said voters were understanding. Regularly Scheduled School Board Meetings Tentative Topics:1. Building Committee Meeting ~ April 5, 2022 at 5:00 PM2. Were sending the message to our elected officials that we want policies that lead to happy, healthy, and just communities for all Vermonters. Election of Officers1. You have permission to edit this article.

Rutland 4 Parents group raised about $2,000 for this election, Heck said. People were very thankful that we were stepping up and wanting to improve things and wanting to get involved and wanting to help the kids out and help the teachers out, she said. And spend tax money to do so? To provide a directory of elected officials in Jefferson County. On Tuesday, July 19th, RAD's Executive Director Kiah Morris joined, JOIN Rights & Democracy as we rally with our endorsed champions and hit the streets to help them WIN! Thank you for reading! Our education reporter is Tiffany Pache. document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Public policy.

She seemed very comfortable with those who were supportive of her, Whitcomb said. click here. Chair of the Board2. - Camera Quick Reference Guide We are revitalized by the knowledge that so many local movement leaders who are committed to the fights for equity in our schools and just communities for all Vermonters will be taking seats this year on school boards and select boards around the state. Whitcomb also attributed the large voter presence to the school board race as well as candidates encouraging people to go to the polls. Michael Talbott, Rutland City Board of Aldermen Atkins Doenges said she was encouraged by voter turnout. The final tally showed Kiefaber was the only candidate not elected who was part of the Rutland Forward group, a progressive political group supporting both Board of Aldermen candidates and School Board candidates. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. All three women campaigning to reverse the decision to retire the Raiders name were voted in. The large turnout was likely caused by the Rutland City School Boards ongoing mascot debate, which has caused division in the city. Bossi, who was at the City Hall for the recount, said she took issue with the fact that some Board of Civil Authority members are part of the Rutland Forward. High 87F. We have a minimum length of 400 words. Marybeth Lennox-Levins was the top vote-getter with 1,456 votes, followed by Courtney Collins with 1,442 votes. Recognize Outgoing and Welcome New Student Representativesb. Did you receive my absentee ballot/application. Did you receive my absentee ballot/application? Cities | Its really humbling to have Rutland City speak so loudly and to come out so strongly in favor of the Rutland Forward candidates, including myself, she said. PLEASE NOTE: Rutland City Clerk Henry Heck believes the school board race caused the higher-than-usual turnout at Town Meeting Day on Tuesday. How to run for office | To provide assistance to candidates and potential candidates. Allen Street Report3. Acceptance of FY 23 IDEA-B and IDEA Pre-K Grantsc. Gene Bergman, Burlington City Council, Ward 2 See more at:Here, Phone & Fax: Board Committee Assignment Discussion7:00 pm 3. Board of Aldermen members Paul Clifford, Sharon Davis, Carrie Savage and Michael Talbott participated in Sundays recount, according to Heck. Winners included RAD Board member Tom Haley; members of our sister organization Rights & Democracy Institutes (RDI) Board, Jamie McCallum and Natasha Eckart Baning; former RAD staff organizer Liz Filskov; and two members of the first RDI Catalyst Leadership cohort, Reier Erickson and Martha Cornwell. Summer Buildings \u0026 Grounds Work Planb. Live Local Election Coverage on PEGTV Channel 1085. They shouldn't have to worry about their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, their gender overall or their gender identity.. | I heard that they wanted people on the board who were absolutely going to put the students all the students and the hard work that teachers do first, she said. I think that our role on the board is really to ensure that every student can walk into the building every day and just learn and not think about any other distraction, she said. Channel 1075: (PSA/Public Channel Bulletin Board), Channel 1095:(PSA/Educational Channel Bulletin Board), Marketing & Communications: Sarah Nadler - [emailprotected], Channel 1085: Rich Elnicki - [emailprotected], (PSA/Governmental Channel Bulletin Board), Production Support Coordinator: Jim Boughton - [emailprotected]. Statistical data on registration, enrollment and voting. Davis, a longtime Board of Aldermen member, said the new onslaught of candidates from Rutland Forward will make the city more progressive. Sunshine. asch journalism Sara Atkins-Doenges ~ Three Year Term2. He can be reached at, VTDigger covers criminal justice issues including Vermont legal issues, Vermont courts and the Vermont Department of Corrections.

Joe Magee, Burlington City Council, Ward 3 Telephone: (802) 422-2399 Reier Erickson, Maple Run School Board Commentary policy publishes 12 to 18 commentaries a week from a broad range of community sources. In the citys Board of Aldermen contest, board President Matt Whitcomb was elected to his third term. Should Brattleboro town government support abortion rights? If you are a Rutland City resident, you may come into our officeand register to vote or online (see our Voter Registration Section). Approval of Agenda6:35 pm 2. The last presidential election saw an 80% voter turnout about 8,000 voters, Heck said. Liz Filskov, Mill River Union School Board Your party affiliation switch will now take effect immediately, with the exception every year of the time between Feb. 15 and seven days after the June primary. Heck took responsibility for the confusion. Missing out on the latest scoop? May 10, 2022a. This is quite a statement with as many voters showing up and with such a decisive margin. Ballot measures, Who represents me? If you would like to help our coverage scope grow, consider donating to Ballotpedia. Our environmental reporter is Mike Polhamus. person will not be tolerated. Don't Threaten.

Commentaries are voices from the community and do not represent VTDigger in any way. Theyre excited to see people that are motivated to be a part of that change, she said. womans death ruled homicide; police appeal to public for information, First polio case detected in U.S. in nearly a decade, Severe weather plays role in serious crash in I89 in New Hampshire, Vermont NAACP and officials host "Hate Free Vermont". While campaigning, Lennox-Levins said she consistently heard that voters were looking for a return to civility and professionalism on the School Board. The candidates have until Friday, March 11 to appeal the vote, but that seemed unlikely. After you cast your vote, don't forget to watch the results live on PEGTV! Thanks for reporting an error with the story, Brattleboro Town Meeting rejects tax-funded lunch as it eats up 12 hours online, Brattleboro Town Meeting to debate feeding itself a $2,500 tax-funded lunch, Stith appeals Diengs win in tight Burlington Ward 7 council race, As dust of election settles, Burlington leaders interpret message sent by voters, VTDigger launches printable, multilingual primary voting resources (July 20, 11:24 am), Elizabeth Warren, who backed Grays LG bid in 2020, endorses Balint for Vermonts House seat (July 19, 7:03 pm), Marcelle Leahy endorses Grays congressional bid (July 18, 5:31 pm), Texas woman denies killing Vermont cycling star as her attorneys, After failing to comply with court orders, Slate Ridge owner, Woman found dead in Brattleboro was shot to death, autopsy, A technocrat, an activist and a lawmaker: Those are the, Vermont Arts Council executive director to leave in October as, Canadian firm acquires major Vermont maple syrup equipment producer, After 8-day stay in Old North End parking lot, inhabited school bus moves along, Police: Officers killed ex-boyfriend of woman found dead in Brattleboro after he lunged at them with a knife, The rise and fall of the biggest tree in Burlington, Police name person of interest in Burlington homicide, Latest state police misconduct report reveals 5 troopers resigned amid probes, 1 fired, Maureen G.D. Schillinger, educator, psychologist, mother, Parker Huber, circle dancer, naturalist, writer, Celebration of life to be held for Mariot Huessy, Sean D. Kelley, biker, trucker, grandfather, Texas woman denies killing Vermont cycling star as her attorneys push for quick murder trial, After failing to comply with court orders, Slate Ridge owner may face heavy fines and jail time, Woman found dead in Brattleboro was shot to death, autopsy shows, Jared Duval to hold listening tour and visit all 23 towns and cities in Washington Senate District, First responder unions endorse Ted Kenney for Chittenden State's Attorney, Vermont Blue Advantage strengthens access to mental health care, Howard Centers Zoes Race returns August 28, Allison Hooper named Chair of the Sterling College Board of Trustees, AllEarth Renewables announces DIY Solar Kits, Vermonts new MagicStone launches with a breakthrough cannabis instrument, Freeman French Freeman announces key leadership changes, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont announces Vermont Blue Dental for group customers, Erica Marks, Age Well Volunteer Services Director, presents at National Aging Conference, Rabbi Ellie Shemtov: Supreme Court took away my religious freedom, Elijah Hawkes: In polarized times, 3 recommendations for schools in our region, Annette Smith: Public process short-circuited by Green Mountain National Forest, A technocrat, an activist and a lawmaker: Those are the choices for voters in Vermonts Democratic primary for secretary of. Training of election inspectors in procedures used in elections and machine custodians in procedures of voting machines. Also reelected to the Board of Aldermen were incumbent members Michael Talbott and Sharon Davis. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. We provide some copyediting support, but we do not have the staff to fact-check commentaries.

Bossi said she was also concerned that several School Board candidates and Board of Aldermen candidates are related and participate on the Board of Civil Authority. Marybeth Lennox-Levins, Courtney Collins, Karen Bossi and Sara Atkins Doenges were the top vote-getters out of 10 candidates vying to win a quartet of three-year seats on the board. 100 largest cities in America by population, Evaluation of Vermont school district websites,,_Vermont&oldid=8312442. Online absentee ballot application Couldn't be happier! She was the only candidate elected from the four-person group. The next election will beTuesday August 9, 2022, On the first Tuesday in March of EVEN numbered years, the legal voters of the city shall elect5 Aldermen at large and Ward Officers each for a 2 year term and 4 SchoolCommissioners fora three year term. Three women running for the School Board to bring back the Raiders name were all elected. Nearly 3,000 Rutland City residents showed up at the polls Tuesday, a higher-than-average turnout that some officials attributed to the local school board race. Heck said Kiefabers fiance, Devon Neary, who is on the Board of Aldermen, called him after noticing a discrepancy on PEG-TV. PaperAbsentee ballot application. If this is your first timeregistering to votein New York, you need to show identification or send a copy of your drivers license, or some form of ID with your name and address on it. Courtney Collins ~ Three Year Term4. @brookegeery #chippenhook #, Somewhere south of Ludlow. Atkins Doenges said she believes Rutland Forwards positive message resonated with the community. Anna Tadio, Rutland City Board of Aldermen Notice: The Rutland City Clerks Office encourages use of this site. Requests for party changes made during that time will take effect on the seventh day after the June primary.

Before joining VTDigger, she covered cops and courts for the Bennington Banner from 2018 to 2021. Its still my job and it still has to be done correctly, he said. She was elected alongside Courtney Collins and Sarah Atkins Doenges, all of whom were endorsed by the political group Rutland Forward, whose motto is Making a Rutland for Everyone.. Local elections are non-partisan, and the involvement of advocacy groups with collective messages is new to the city. It was a very close race, it shows everyones vote matters, Bossi said. Now that we have a clear vote count, Im comfortable accepting defeat, Kiefaber said in a text message. Allaire has been vocal about keeping the Raiders name. PO Box 183 (Postal address) This is one of those elections that was an anomaly, Heck said. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. VTDigger publishes Vermont business and economic news. Sign up below to receive the weekly newsletter, which also includes top trending stories and what all the locals are talking about! Low 62F. Share with Us. township rutland lasalle county Vermont Conversation: The human cost of America's forever wars, Rutland City saw big voter turnout as mascot debate loomed over school board race. I was happy to see more people than we anticipated come out in an off year, Whitcomb said. Watch channel 1085 for the latest unofficial election results from the pollling places on the four wards of Rutland City and the surrounding towns. I have not heard of one complaint of one person that was just thinking something was up, he said while the vote count was ongoing Wednesday morning. The recount happened after the city ran out of ballots for the first time in City Clerk Henry Hecks 14 years as clerk. She can be reached at, VTDigger publishes daily stories on health care. Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. Committee Meeting Tentative Dates:1. Whitcomb said he raised a total of $2,239 himself. But the recount didnt change the four top spots. A total of 2,933 residents voted, he said, which is about 20% more than the 2,500 who typically turn out in local elections when theres no mayor, treasurer or assessor on the ballot. * Be productive members of the school and community.Every Student, Every DayAdopted by the Board of School Commissioners on November 27, 2007~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~School Board Goals* Promote a district climate that open communication andcollaborative decision-making* Support and monitor district efforts to promote continuous learning growth forstudents and staff Board ReorganizationA. This school district is outside of that coverage scope and does not receive scheduled updates.

June 14, 2022a. Ballotpedia provides comprehensive coverage of the 100 largest cities in America by population as well as mayoral, city council, and district attorney election coverage in state capitals outside of the 100 largest cities. Bossi said she prefers the Raiders mascot and arrowhead logo. And now, meet the full list of 2022 Town Meeting Day RAD-endorsed winners: Joanna Doria, Addison Central School Board We reserve the right to reject opinions for matters of taste and accuracy. Karen Bossi ~ Three Year Term3. Please call the Board of Elections if you have any questions. Assistance to village clerks, school districts, and fire districts relative to their elections. We hope you find it helpful and convenient, however, please be aware that the information presented may not include all recent changes. The workers would like to be good and steady throughout the day.. Welcome! The Rutland Parents slate which grew out of the community that rallied around efforts to reinstate the Raider name and arrowhead logo ran on a platform of, among other issues, addressing bullying and violence in schools, and making the School Board more accessible and accountable to parents and guardians. She asked them to recuse themselves. Please purchase a subscription to continue reading. Global Issues Network 2022 Report2. He said he worked 17 hours on Town Meeting Day and was inundated with people wanting to know the results of the election. We'll meet, Grieving for the present; fighting to transform our future. - Courcelle Scholarship Application if(document.getElementsByClassName("reference").length==0) if(document.getElementById('Footnotes')!==null) document.getElementById('Footnotes') = 'none'; What's on my ballot? Sarah Atkins Doenges finished third with 1,297 votes. 2022 The Mountain Times, Outer Limits Publishing LLC | All rights reserved. Some have called the Raiders mascot racist, while others said the mascot is an important part of Rutlands history and identity. Pro-Raiders candidates win seats on Rutland School Board, Mass. School board approves Rutland Ravens name change, School board to make final decision on Rutland Ravens name change, Students vote Rutland Ravens as new mascot, Supporters of Raider name in Rutland rally to keep high school legacy. Michael Doenges is married to Atkins Doenges and Devon Neary is engaged to Kiefaber. He garnered 1,846 votes, the most among seven candidates battling for five seats. The ballots were recounted Sunday, March 6 after a very tight race. Early voting officially continues until Aug. 8 to request a mail-in ballot for the August primary, please vis, We Won't Back Down. Whitcomb said Bossi insisted anyone who didnt support her view abstain. Bossi expressed gratitude to her supporters, adding, Im ready to get to work on the School Board., Collins said she was still processing her victory, calling it exciting and surreal.. What are the deadlines to run for office? In additionto election of officers other itemsvoted on arethe budgets for Municipal GeneralFund &Rutland City School District, BondArticles (if any), Advisory Articles (if any) and Petitioned Articles(if any). Rutland Forward, a registered PAC with the state, raised $5,185, according to a campaign finance report. Join us! Checking back? * Address the social and emotional needs of all students.Students will:* Take responsibility for their education. Hiring of election inspectors, custodians, and all election personnel. A total of 2,993 ballots were counted. In additionto election of officers other itemsvoted on arethe budgets for Municipal GeneralFund &Rutland City School District, Social Service Agencies, BondArticles (if any), Advisory Articles (if any) and Petitioned Articles(if any), Click here for online voter registration & to check to see if you are registered, Godnick Adult Center-House Rep. District-4, Christ the King School-House Rep. District-5, Calvary Bible Church-House Rep. District-7, Ward 2 - Christ the King School (Killington Ave), Ward 3 - American Legion (Washington St.), Ward 4 - Calvary Bible Church (Meadow Lane), For visitor information also visit, Birth Certificate and Applicant Information, Death Certificate and Applicant Information, City Departments (hover over the department), Building & Zoning Dept (click here for information), Water New Connection/Relay/Disconnect/Sprinkler/Dig/Curb Cut, Northwest Neighborhood Sewer Separation Project, Killington Ave Sidewalk Extension Project, Moon Brook - Combination Pond Information, Notice under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Grievance Procedure under the Americans with Disability Act, Meeting Accomodations - Public Meeting Statement. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Our journalism is made possible by member donations. dublin ireland buckingham street rutland

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