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Plus, Im sure theres also a number of veteran players that are trying out new builds and are just as stumped. BTW, spears haveawesome range compared what the barbarian and especially the paladinuse. You avoid Holy freeze aura of Duriel many times like this. My lvl 16 pladin with a seven in Zeal is MUCH more powerful than my|spear amazon was with Jab. Outside help is allowed however, everyone loves low level item perks. I guess it seems more "right" to use two javs rather than a jav + an axe, but it doesn't make any difference as long as I'm throwing them, right? Weapons won't be of much use anyways since you'll be focusing on throwables. Now I think Javelin weapons are superior to winged axe, winged knife. At higher levels yourpaladin will get stuck in the same place for a second or two untilhe's delivered all his Zeal strikes. There's one nasty problem with Zeal, though. Only throwable weapons: javelin and large shield are most honorable. That's not the problem. I'm looking at Barbarians(If my DM interprets/allows rage damage on thrown javelins) or possibly Fighters for action surge with extra attack and dueling(again if my dm interpets dueling to work with Javelins). When I equipped it, I was doing amax of 269 points of damage per attack!! However as was pointed out earlier. Jab has a super cheap mana cost,which allows more stat points in things other than mana. Plus sheis SLOW with spears, nearly always getting hit by enemies before she cantouch them with a spear (mainly because the animation pulls the spear backfirst, then pokes with it). I sold my bow and have been using thepike ever since.

I chose the spear/javelin path as well, focusing on Jab. Life/Mana leech: if you can get a throwbarb with these equipment buffs, well then you're going to do well. If you want a shield, you're going to be limited to, 2 throws max a turn. Also great isthat her main attack is a first level skill. Power Strike is *okay*, but I only relied on it for a full halfof an Act. So, it can be anybody like Charsi, Fara, Hratli, etc. Since Leap attack is 75% faster. Best fighter would probably be Battle Master, you could use Sup' Dice to augment your damage/hit chance. Press J to jump to the feed. Every blue/rare throwing weapon dropped from monster will be a possibility! Lower quantity doesnt matter anymore. And of the Bow vs Javelin choices> for Amazons, which do you like better and why? My question is what isthe> > > attraction of having a melee Amazon using Javelins as opposed toregular> > > fighter types using swords and stuff? WotC needs to give you a feat like this: Thrown Weapon Master You are able to rapidly hurl weapons with surprising power and accuracy. all fun. I haven't played a barbarian enough to>comment on his melee skills, but I would say that she beats the Paladin. You need Str since that's the attack stat. Doubleswing synergy would be better for Travincal farming. If I could do it all over again I'd definately explore other paths, but I've already made the mistake of spreading the points too thinly with another character. Compared to javelins and bows, has the toughest time at facinghordes and the lightning enchanted. As ranged barb you dont need to be so tanky with lot of Vitality invested in. The Amazon is one of the most flexible classes and it's a good idea to take advantage of that fact. I am so hyped to progress with my throwbie. Eliot, "Gus, the Theatre Cat, "Allen" wrote in message. And 55% critical chance means 55% chance to replenish Quantity. I killed Duriel, Mephisto and Diablo by getting next to them with a goodBoss Killin' Stick (Brutal Trident of Alacrity, Spetum of Pestilence, Pike ofReadiness) and holding down Jab. In the swirling mists of history, on Thu, 20 Jul 2000 13:28:36 +0700, > Sure, you can raise your dodge skill sky-high to make you as untouchable, 626BC3EDCAF7D357.36709498@lp.airnews.net. -- Artificial Intelligence stands no chance against Natural Stupidity. In damage and javelins got double the range! You get the idea. Iuse the spear almost exclusively, and as an example, I took out Blood Ravenin literally 5 seconds using Jab. Before you make a melee attack with a light or finesse thrown weapon that you are proficient with, you can choose to throw two weapons at the same time. It is the first Thursday since the release, If youre planning to catch a shiny Dialga. Love the spearazon for the quick damage with jab. If you hunt hard enough though, you can find much better rare throwing weapons. THE QUICK ANSWER is there isn't a good build for this. Required fields are marked *. By default, the game will give you the option to use them as a regular hand-to-hand melee weapon, which is a viable way to use them, but they (usually) do way less damage that way. Normally I'd just sell it, butwhen I ID'd it and saw what it was I decided to use it - it wasclassified as a spear weapon, and though it was slow, it's base damagewas a max of 139! If the attack hits, you roll damage for both thrown weapons. I have been playing a throw barb for 20 years and its finally good to see some growth with this patch. Home Guides How to Throw Javelin in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Is it a unique or a rare? My Throwbarb in currently in A4 Hell using 2*Lacerators on one weapon set and 2*Demon's Arch (1 eth) on the other. Now I farmed Countess in Nightmare to get ShaelThulAmn and OrtSol. Not too shabby.. with Jab, Ican attack 6 times in the time it takes me to make 2 normal attacks, andit doesn't take very much mana. No, thrown weapons always get boosted by Throwing Mastery and nothing else, when they are thrown. h++ f+g+ w+++ y*. Grim ward synergy - Find potion - gives you more damage by reducing monster physical resistance than putting points in Doubleswing as direct damage synergy. Progress is most fun part I think. Three or four points in each passiveskill I get the chance for, simply because, as you say, past 30-40%,you see SHARPLY diminishing returns, and it's not worth wasting pointsin such a fashion, unless you've got absolutely nothing else to buy. Within the Javelin/Spear skill tree, most of her skillsare suited to using the javelins (almost 50%), rather than spears. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by GNUB D.O.O. Throwbarbs have low damage, its their main weakness. "Robert Spelman" wrote in messagenews:397325BB@my-deja.com ||I started playing an Amazon character for the first time, and I'm planning|on putting all of her skill points into Bow and Passive skills, nothing on|the Javelin/Spear side. Once you get to act 5 nightmare shop for fools mod throwing weapons glaive, balanced knife or balanced axe. Personally, Ilike Strafe more. Actually other new strategy you can do is with Duriel - Leap attacking on other side and Doublethrowing, then when he gets close to you Leap attacking to other side, rinse and repeat. Jab (high attackspeed + rating + extra damage on higher levels), critical strike, penetrate(even higher attack rating) plus a good pike make for a deadly combo. Always check for blue throw weapons with +Warcry on it as buffing set and better damage weapons from vendors. Monster #1 dies on Swing 3, You will continue toswing since there are still monsters around, but there is a bug or featurewhich basically prevents you from hitting Monster #2 until the next round. Once you get 3 piece ik you are rocking and rolling. I guess I should have clarified my situation a bit. The upside of all this is that I've got a pretty mean melee fighter, but that's all I've got. The problem is that it most likelyrequires insane amount of skill points to raise the dang skill pass 50.From what I know, lots of amazon players, myself included, opt for ageneralistapproach regarding passive skills -- a handful skill points in most skillsbut no more. First skill priority is 20 points in Throw mastery. So I started Throwbarb on singleplayer few days ago. Which is a thing I like they did in the end and kept it. I managed all the way up to Meph on /p8 for everything but bosses, but he really had started to bog down and I wanted to get him finished. Bows don't work so well on the Act bosses, so build up Jab a bit. I also like the ability to use a pike at "fast attack speeds." HOWEVER, if a monster walks up during your zeal barrage he can betargeted by your swing and you appear to have a VERY small chance ofhitting him. Next, click on the left skill at the bottom of the screen and change it from Normal Attack to Throw. >Sure, you can raise your dodge skill sky-high to make you as untouchable>as a Barb in ancient armor, but that comes at the cost of not having>any points into any offensive skills. Best is when she's equipped with a cold attack bow. I've found Poison Javelin to be of moderate use, as well as LightningJavelin. You just cant use a fire potion to stab someone, try as you might. love messing around with slow missileslook, i'm Neo. Claw Viper Temple Location Diablo 2 Resurrected, When Will You Get FIFA 22 Points, OTW Player & Pre-Order Content. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Plus she> is SLOW with spears, nearly always getting hit by enemies before she can> touch them with a spear (mainly because the animation pulls the spear back> first, then pokes with it). Christopher M wrote:> > IMO, an amazon is meant to be played from a distance, no matter what skill> trees you choose. Then, just throw them by left-clicking. The javazon is a good mix between melee and thrown. -Quatoria-- In this unpredictable, oftentimes contentious world, sometimes you just have to sit back, take a moment toreflect, and say "Well, I'll be a greased Jesus!". At least,that's what Jab simulates. FWOW, also, with jab I find that I can get a hit or three in before amonster an attak. Speed is also key; equipment that gives bonuses to attack speed and attack rating are emphasized for this build. You can draw or stow two thrown weapons when you would normally be able to draw or stow only one. Maybe. I even have a high lightning resistence. The problem is that it most likely>requires insane amount of skill points to raise the dang skill pass 50.>From what I know, lots of amazon players, myself included, opt for a>generalist>approach regarding passive skills -- a handful skill points in most skills>but no more. A language teacher and video game enthusiast turned rogue, Joe is on a quest to become the ultimate gaming journalist. Craft blood throwing axes kill baal. Replenish quantity mod and increased stack mods are useless now, but I think its better this way. But with throwing having possible Rare weapons that are better than Uniques its kinda endless progress stage now. Because AFAIK Gimmershreds do more elemental damage than Demon's Arch and only barely less physical. Ive beaten Normal difficulty.

In addition, it was approx. Being able to stack masteries on top of each other would be pretty wicked, but it can't be done. The first creatures I encountered that time around were mages and thosepuking flesh creatures. In a skill: Jab. Well, a bit more onthrown compared to a barb with throw mastery (wonder if anyone actuallyplays like that with him). If a mob or boss is too strong, leveling is the only answer. thunderstroke Will you incorporate Peace rw in your build? "Max Sterling" wrote in messagenews:3973@news.avenew.com |What about the paladin with Zeal? I also get the impression myexperiences are not unique. :-) Three attacks at full damage with a significant chance (three times)to double that damage is a nice bonus. Any of the EU javalins would be good enough to get you through hell. > What's the name of that item? Peace is good armor for this build now until you get treachery, then from treachery its either fortitude or engima. The autoaiming is especially useful when shootingthings that are off screen (fetishes!). The ONLY problem with>Jab is that the durability of your weapon goes donw QUICK. This point is repeatable through Nightmare, Hell. > the Javelin/Spear side. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Baal takes bit longer to kill. GosuNoob.com Copyright 2012-2022 All Rights Reserved. Eth Demon's Arch or eth Gargoyles Bite are better IMO than Wraith Flight, but all are pretty good. She's got a pretty narrow focus, so much so that whenever I level up now my options are either to develop the dodging a bit more, or the Jab/Penetrate/CH a bit more. Sorry for the wall of text was in a rush. wrote in message> news:3973@news.avenew.com >It depends on your combat strategy. Dispite it's description inthe skill tree, zeal will hit the same mob multiple times if you don'thave a crowd around you. Get Peace armor and Lore helm from Nightmare Countess. Without Dual Wielder you can't carry multiple and attack with both in 1 turn so you would have to throw the and 'draw' the next one. I haven't played a barbarian enough to, What about the paladin with Zeal? diablo resurrected Theres a bunch of people that are brand new to the game and are unfamiliar with how the game works. I started putting points into javelin-spear skills, then later (Act 3. I think this game is very well balanced. A ring with mana tap 5assures he's always full of mana. There's been a lot times I'd wish I'd had a good bow and the skills to use it, or even some decent javelin ones, but I chose to put everything into the melee skills (and the dodge skills, which are great). +117 to attack, +8 tominimum damage, did 12-38 poison damage over 4 seconds and about anequivalent amount of lightning damage. I'm on the fence for this feat, RAW only 1 of the 3 bullets work with javelins as the others say "ranged weapon attacks" where the javelins are technically melee? Is pretty cool yeah. Lastly my playthrough tips (will be updated): Please share your toughts on what you think about Throwbarbs. Without house rules, what you want is a class that doesn't get extra attack, and either go one and a shield, or two weapon fighting with the feat. JavaScript is disabled. Yeah I also juke mephisto with throwbarb. All of them work pretty much the same way as javelins do, aside from the fact that not all of them give you the option to use them as regular melee weapons. Would it be gamebreaking to houserule? So you can potentially do more than two via that. It's a rare one (yellow) and it's sounds like a good, but not an exceptionalone. Since this build is not meant to be rushed, "lower levels" will probably range between 28 and 40. Once mastery is maxed max out double throw since 2.4 before you would obviously go double swing since it was the only damage upgrade for the double throw skill. I've definately noticed the decreased effectiveness of the passive skills as you spend more skill points, which is why I've been thinking about developing some of the javelin skills (the bow skills seem like they'd need a major investment). Within the Javelin/Spear skill tree, most of her skills> are suited to using the javelins (almost 50%), rather than spears. Heh, strafe or immolation on them is a _bad_ idea. I suppose this is why, with a few notable exceptions, I've done about10x with the Amazon in melee than at range. The real reason I commented, though, was to let you know about the peltast, which is the exact term for the kind of fighter you're describing. Now that is a lot of damage increase and I noticed how great it farms even pre 2.4 without piercing!!! Why? If you haven't been stacking your points into zeal, your paladin isn'tdoing anywhere near what he's capable of. You will take your 9 swings every "round" and if he does on swing 3,you will stop right there. I think they're balanced, and I'm tempted to start a bow Amazon to seehow that plays out. Once you throw them all, that doesnt mean that theyre gone forever; you can refill them, which brings us to out next point. Plus in 2.4 patch critical strikes replenish quantity. I'll second this. Sadly this means they will be much weaker than most others. I was kinda unaware that + to all skills raise the +2 Critical strike from Peace. This will also give you a handy little counter, so you know how many you have left. What will your build look like? Is there any way to get around the drawing 1 javelin per turn limitation? Grimwards work in Chaos, Cows, Baal waves, and other areas with lot of white monsters. That's misleading. To do this effectively, the barbarians must be throwbarbs. What I did in Hell is getting cruel throwing weapons from vendor, they r pretty cool like 40-200 dmg, more than lacerator, but without other stats. Also, never max double throw, 1 point is all you need, you won't need the AR I imagine. But you'd be able to use Duelist to boost the damage some. I assume it wouldn't be gamebreaking since javelins/hand crossbows are both d6. Very few monsters can survive a high-level Jab attack with a good pike, and it rips through the bosses in very short order. -- T.S. If you kill the last monster in the middle of zeal barrage, you willstop. Pikes really do an awful lot of damage. > IMO, an amazon is meant to be played from a distance, no matter what skill. I tried the bow-amazon, and found her lacking (and I had a good bow too). To make the easiest type of Spartan build, focus on throwing axes. She gets it early, plusdoesn't need to spend points for frivolous skills down the tree. I>have a level 18 paladin, and even with thorns, he can't take out monsters>and especially bosses as fast as the amazon with Jab. Edit: of course, then you'd have to use a dart instead of a javelin, because hork thrown weapons, apparently. I believe that both throwing Axes and throwing Javelins use the same mastery, so there is no real penalty in switching or combining the two. Choose one of the following to specialize in (put 10 into): Place your points based on the table below. My thought being that if I wanted to carry a> big> > > stick, I'da played a Barbarian or Paladin.. As an archer person, Iwant> > > to stand back and pluck away at the baddies. Fighter EK can bonded weapon the thrown weapon back to his hand with a bonus action. A place to discuss the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, the fifth edition, known during the playtest as D&D Next. Once I had killed them all and gotten my items back, I wentthrough the loot and found a yellow pike. Your normal range with a thrown weapons increases to by 10 feet and your maximum range increases by 30 feet. The bowazononly one of the three styles to have cold, which is a mustfor her. I probably died about 6 times because they'd getme on the stairs - they'd curse me so I'd take 5x damage or something,not fun. I'm doing Nightmare now, and the biggest problem I'm having is being surrounded by a group of monsters. Dennis F. Heffernan EQ: Venture Fletcher(E'ci) dfra@email.comMontclair State U #include ICQ:9154048 CompSci/Philosophy"And I say now these kittens, they do not get trained/As we did in the dayswhen Victoria reigned!" I'm with Christoph on this one - my Zeal is at 5 right now with a +1paladin skills war scepter, and I'm not raising it any higher. I've thought a little bit about this (although I really wanted to use a sling+shield), and my plan was to go Battlemaster 5/Rogue X with the Archery fighting style and the Sharpshooter feat. Either farm a little for experience or proceed to nightmare. Battle Master Fighter is probably the best choice, Maneuvers are pretty versatile. My paladin is like a cuisinart with his>vicious longsword of quickness and 8 zeal. Is it a unique or a rare? Sharpshooter is excellent for all thrown weapons. Attacking a solo monster (Say Duriel the Boss on Act II) with a Level 8Zeal. I was impatient for patch 2.4 launch, so until then I will enjoy quantity issues and 0 piercing. My paladin is like a cuisinart with hisvicious longsword of quickness and 8 zeal. My question is what is the: attraction of having a melee Amazon using Javelins as opposed to regular: fighter types using swords and stuff? I tried crafting blood throw axes with but its kinda meh since you cant get good amount of Winged axes from gambling, so its innefective. Bonus action: CRACK! There are no stoppers really. Other interests are D'n'D, dad rock, complaining about movies, and being the self-appointed office funny man, which nobody else agrees with. Hit level 12 1 point double throw then continue to max mastery. : I started playing an Amazon character for the first time, and I'm planning: on putting all of her skill points into Bow and Passive skills, nothing on: the Javelin/Spear side. Dispite it's description in>the skill tree, zeal will hit the same mob multiple times if you don't>have a crowd around you. Mana is key, however life leech with mana leech will pretty much make you invincible at lower levels. You don't need more than 1 extra attack since you can't draw more than 1 per turn. Rushing this group build takes away the challenge, you must fight your way to victory! True Spartans are those who use only javelins and shields; preferably large shields. Using the spear/javelin tree, you haveboth melee and ranged combat skills. This page was last edited on 6 January 2010, at 17:02. When you die, you died for a reason and must find a way around it. 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