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Unlike the other semi-final match, ENCEs and NAVI were pretty straightforward. The German machine took down the starstudded FaZe roster in the Grand Final, Roobet Cup 2022 ends today with either BIG or FaZe as the champions. He dabbles in Esports, checking out what's new and hip with the industry. And what kind of role do they have? These numbers include the main English streams on Twitch and YouTube, as well as co-streams and streams in other languages. S1mple alone scored the most kills, the most damage, and the most AWP kills in this round. The grand final of the PGL Antwerp Major between Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan today became the second most-viewed CS:GO match of all time, according to data collected by Esports Charts. The high stakes grand final between the two top ranked teams in the world with their own set of interesting storylines attracted more than two million viewers, making the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 the second most viewed CS:GO Major in history. Another great performance from "karrigan" and his troops at FaZe. The Russian team was the plucky underdog as they went against the bigger team from North America. Several big teams will compete in the online tournament Roobet Cup 2022. s1mple and company were too much to handle for FaZe as the Russians comfortably won 2-0. 'Twistzz' saw to it that FaZe won their opening game. While FaZe Clan had its own motivation spurring them on for the final clash, NAVI was ready for the challenge as well, eyeing its second consecutive Major title after having lifted the trophy in Stockholm last year. Two dramatic three-mappers kicked off the day at Roobet Cup! The PGL Antwerp Major 2022, after weeks of high octane action, reached its conclusion yesterday with FaZe Clan being crowned as the champions and Karrigan at 32 years of age becoming the oldest CS:GO player to achieve this feat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, PGL Major Antwerp 2022 - Information, Schedule, & Discussion, For spoiler-free CS:GO VoDs check out EventVoDs, M1 | Twistzz - quick 1vs2 clutch (T - post-plant situation) to maintain FaZe's clean sheet after 8 rounds played, M1 | rain - ACE with 1vs2 clutch (second half pistol round) - Part 1 - observer, M1 | rain - ACE with 1vs2 clutch (second half pistol round) - Part 2 - REPLAY, M1 | b1t - 1vs2 clutch (T - bomb planted after 1 clutch kill), M1 | Perfecto (T) self denies his 1vs4 clutch attempt after 2 frags by running into the flames of his own Molotov Grenade, M1 | karrigan - 3 M4A1-S kills (2 HS) on the bombsite A defense (2vs4 situation) to keep FaZe in the running for Inferno, M1 OT | electroNic's 1vs3 clutch attempt is denied by the final CT (broky) in the post-plant situation, M1 OT | broky - 1vs2 clutch (T - post-plant situation) to secure the map victory for FaZe, M2 | rain - 4 M4A1-S kills (2 HS) on the Yard defense (initial frags), M2 | Twistzz - 1vs2 clutch (CT - post-plant situation) to set FaZe on double digits (after 12 rounds played), M2 | b1t - 1vs2 Deagle clutch (CT - pre-plant situation) to secure an upgraded pistols buy round win for Natus Vincere. Especially karrigan. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game created by Valve Corporation and released on August 21st, 2012 as a successor to previous games in the series dating back to 1999. After a two-year Major hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the two most recently held PGL Majors are the two most watched in nearly a decade of CS:GO, after the first-ever Major was held at the end of 2013. ESL has delivered another fantastic clip. The CS:GO match between FaZe and Natus Vincere is a part of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 and was played May 22, 2022 02:00PM. By hitting the 1.5 million mark, it passed the previous second place holder, which was the Gambit vs. NaVi semifinal from PGL Stockholm 2021. It became the second most viewed CS:GO match ever, trailing the grand final match between G2 Esports and NAVI at the PGL Stockholm Major 2021. Here it is. The number one spot still belongs to the Stockholm grand final that saw NaVi best G2 Esports to win their first-ever Major, topping off at a staggering 2.748 million peak viewers. The entire team played lights out CS. FaZe Clan won the next three-round extension. This went on a couple more times with each team gaining another win before the last extension saw FaZe Clan win three rounds back-to-back to finally trump Team Spirit 25-23. The PGL Antwerp Major also owns the second place spot for total hours watched at over 62 million, surpassing the FACEIT London 2018 Major, which generated 61 million total hours watched. The first Major of the year was perfect. Even after the switch, where ENCE played a little bit more aggressively, it was not enough to keep NAVI from winning the first map after 23 rounds. G2s 10-map win streak on Inferno ended but they still took the W. About Pley - Archive - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy, We have a huge match on our hands in Portugal, where the two Grand Finalists from PGL Antwerp go head to head. Stay up to date with the latest news from the world of NA CS:GO. The peak reached two million between the first two maps. Two of the best teams go head to head at Roobet Cup. While the FaZe-NAVI bout was the most viewed series of the tournament, NAVI was hands down the most famous team during the Champions Stage (Playoffs) of the tournament and the following viewer stats reflect the same.

Don't see flag emojis but want to? Major Championship PGL Antwerp 2022, Champions Stage. This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience, Sharil The world's #1 secure a playoffs spot in the season finale! Prior to the start of the Antwerp grand final, PGL Stockholm held all four of the top matches in terms of peak viewership. Looking at odds from the bookmakers, NAVI is favourites to take the win despite FaZe having won both IEM Katowice and ESL Pro League Season 15 this year, which also has placed them at the very top of the world ranking - one spot above the CIS giants from NAVI.

The two teams are some of the best teams in the world, but one team proved that they are better. FaZe Clan | Liquipedia | HLTV | Official Site | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Natus Vincere | Liquipedia | HLTV | Official Site | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube. The PGL Major Antwerp Grand Final between the two best teams in the world right now in NAVI versus FaZe. Because of that, ENCE was left frustrated in many instances throughout the map. The two teams played to a tie by the end of round 30, with both sides not backing down from a fight. The following maps were played: Inferno, Nuke and Ancient, Perfect World Arena Premier League Season 2, PGL (Team Arena Presentations and Pre-match Interviews). About fucking time. The time has come for this years biggest and most important match in CS:GO! CS:GO Premier championship. Team Spirit showed some spirit before losing while ENCE was steamrolled in their bid to the grand finals. S1mple, b1t, electronic, boombl4 and perfecto have become a collective machine at this point. There are many different world rankings to keep track of! The Danish mastermind "karrigan" talks about their recent victory, securing them a ticket to the Semi-finals, FaZe continue their strong form with a victory against Astralis. We feature matches, results and much more Visit us today for your daily dose of CS:GO! Outside of Esports and gaming, he likes Japan. Especially for Karrigan, holy shit. The crown jewel of the CS:GO community, this Major has delivered, in spades, entertainment for the fans both online and at the venue, Antwerps Sportpaleis. Copyright 2002 - 2022 GosuGamers. The latter did start strong with a few rounds under their belt, but the prowess of NAVI cant be denied. 14:01, 22.05.2022, on Sunday. RELATED: FaZe Clan Defeats NAVI to Win PGL Antwerp Major 2022. Does Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunovi have a point? r/GlobalOffensive is a home for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community and a hub for the discussion and sharing of content relevant to CS:GO. The title decider will be played in the massive Sportpaleis arena in Antwerp, Belgium in front of thousands of CS:GO fans from all over the globe. While his understanding of the esports space is not restricted by geographical borders, his current focus lies in the Asian region. The FaZe-NAVI faceoff ended up becoming the second-most viewed CS:GO match ever as it reached a peak of 2,048,282 concurrent viewers during the series, according to the data obtained from Esports Charts. Press J to jump to the feed. I'm so happy for them, they've come so close before. We can look forward to the Grand Final of Roobet Cup today. FaZe dominated immediately out of the gate on the map Mirage as, by the end of the first half, the team easily led with 10 wins over 5 on the Russian side. Abdul Rahman. Ijou. When using, you agree with our. AFK Gaming is your go-to destination for quality esports content. The Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi will be the setting for the last tournament of the year. This required the game to be extended several times. Some of the most deserving uncrowned major champions (before today). The second map, Dust2, is where things got interesting. The brawl between Oleksandr s1mple Kostylievs NAVI and Finn karrigan Andersen and his troops will begin at 20:00 (CET). He was finally able to get his hands on the coveted trophy alongside rain, following the duo's unfortunate grand final loss against Cloud9 more than four years ago during ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018. With two of the top-ranked teams in the world taking on each other in the finals of a Major, the match was bound to attract a lot of viewers. The grand finals of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 between FaZe Clan and Natus Vincere (NAVI) was a satisfying watch from start to finish. Right? So well deserved. You can watch the Bo3 series right here on Pley. Antwerp still sits behind PGL Stockholm in that category as well, however, with the latter reaching 71.2 million total hours watched. On the final day of the tournament, an average of 1,095,675 viewers were witnessed during FaZe vs NAVI with the top three languages being English, Russian, and Portuguese. The first map played was Nuke, where NAVI instantly took charge of the play, not letting their defences down too much throughout. Team Spirit tried to rose to the challenge but by the end of round 29, Faze Picked up the remaining wins as Counter Terrorist to win 16-13. The first map peaked at over 1.8 million viewers, with the main PGL stream alone surpassing 500,000 viewers. It had lots of interesting storylines to offer, was a nightmare for the community Pick'Em predictions due to how stacked it was, and it crowned a new champion. FaZe Clan finally win the PG Tactical Recap of NaVi vs ENCE - Semifinal of PGL Major Antw Desert Eagle | Directive (Field-Tested) | CS:GO, SG 553 | Fallout Warning (Field-Tested) | CS:GO, Desert Eagle | Code Red (Field-Tested) | CS:GO, We use cookie files to provide users personalized content, additional functions, and to perform the website traffic analysis. Our mission at GosuGamers The Latvian superstar shows just how scary he can be, The Candian headshot machine and his crazy ACE from yesterdays matches. And they finally got the Fucking Major Championship, RAIN AND ROPZ LITERALLY LOOKED AT KARRIGAN AND SAID 'you should lift it first'. Online Match: Belgium. RELATED: G2 m0NESY Apologizes for Using the One Way Smoke Bug on Mirage. Rain brought the fucking thunder today holy shit. The match eclipsed 1.5 million concurrent viewers across all streams and platforms before the first half of map one on Inferno even ended. IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM, ANE WITNESSING THEIR JOURNEY FROM RAIN AND FOX TO RAIN AND KARRIGAN. In the end, NAVI won 16-12 after 28 rounds of play. Check out who has been the top performers so far this year. Finally crowned. This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.Message /u/Undercover-Cactus if you want to join the Post-Match Team. All rights reserved. This time it is from IEM Katowice 2022. So Twistzz is the most succesful NA player now. FaZe Clan beat Natus Vincere with score 2 : 0. The world's biggest source of competitive gaming information. karrigan and rain have done it! 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Stevie is still close to it, being both a Grand Slam and a major winner, Rain and karrigan really wanted it. memeranglaut Congratulations to FaZe Clan for winning PGL Major Antwerp 2022!

Try Twemoji. They deserved it. must has been suck to come so close with faze and then see your ex astralis teamate won 4 of them (3 in a row). Boombl4, electroNic, Perfecto, s1mple and b1t, A fond look back at Liquid's Grand Slam run, Touch Point revamp roster with two additions, Americas' representatives at EPL Season 16 revealed, paiN eye skullz and zevy to complete roster, Bad News Bears lose two heading into player break, Take Flyte win Fragadelphia 17: Philadelphia over LGG, sjokz: "For this event, I did eight days of intense prep, so eight hours a day", Twistzz: "As long as NA want me as a representative I'll proudly represent the North American scene", FaZe overcome Natus Vincere in grueling IEM Cologne final, Twistzz is on the cusp of becoming the winningest player in NA CS history, oSee: "I'm going to do whatever I can to get back on the stage", Movistar Riders crush American dreams in Cologne. In the first extension, Team Spirit won the three rounds. In Dust2, NAVI continued their dominance over ENCE. Check him out at @SharilGosu. The two semi-final matches showed what high-level CS:GO can offer to the spectators. "karrigan" and FaZe have secured a spot in the Grand Final of IEM Cologne 2022. Our writers strive to provide accurate, trustworthy and timely esports news, gaming guides, player interviews, tournament coverage and original stories from around the world. The grand final clash between FaZe Clan and NAVI at the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 attracted more than two million viewers. M1 | Twistzz - quick 1vs2 clutch (T - post-plant situation) to maintain FaZe's clean sheet after 8 rounds playedM1 | rain - ACE with 1vs2 clutch (second half pistol round) - Part 1 - observerM1 | rain - ACE with 1vs2 clutch (second half pistol round) - Part 2 - REPLAYM1 | b1t - 1vs2 clutch (T - bomb planted after 1 clutch kill)M1 | Perfecto (T) self denies his 1vs4 clutch attempt after 2 frags by running into the flames of his own Molotov GrenadeM1 | karrigan - 3 M4A1-S kills (2 HS) on the bombsite A defense (2vs4 situation) to keep FaZe in the running for InfernoM1 OT | electroNic's 1vs3 clutch attempt is denied by the final CT (broky) in the post-plant situationM1 OT | broky - 1vs2 clutch (T - post-plant situation) to secure the map victory for FaZeM2 | rain - 4 M4A1-S kills (2 HS) on the Yard defense (initial frags)M2 | Twistzz - 1vs2 clutch (CT - post-plant situation) to set FaZe on double digits (after 12 rounds played)M2 | b1t - 1vs2 Deagle clutch (CT - pre-plant situation) to secure an upgraded pistols buy round win for Natus Vincere. The first semi-final match was between Team Spirit and FaZe Clan. FaZe Clan Defeats NAVI to Win PGL Antwerp Major 2022, G2 m0NESY Apologizes for Using the One Way Smoke Bug on Mirage. FaZe was ranked 1 in the world at the time going up against Natus Vincere who was ranked 2 in the world. The IEM Cologne 2022 Grand final between NAVI and FaZe broke a record with a peak of nearly 1.25 million viewers. FaZe are ready to take on BIG in the Grand Final of Roobet Cup! NAVI was hands down the most popular team in the Champions Stage, attracting more than a million viewers in each of its matches against Heroic, ENCE, and FaZe. Sources: TSM, The Guard, Cloud9, other orgs shortlisted for VALORANT partnership, Zeri has been buffed or nerfed 12 times in just 9 patches since her January release, Royal Knight Mercy skin available to purchase in Overwatch to commemorate 2022 OWL Midseason Madness, Org that banned teabagging player responds, seemingly tries to get Jake Lucky banned from Apex Legends, Apex Legends team banned from tournament after player teabags their own teammate. The latest installment to the Counter-Strike franchise maintains a healthy, ever-intensifying competitive scene alongside a growing casual playerbase. NAVI put on quite the fight but FaZe was simply a step ahead in all aspects this time around and went on to lift the trophy and become the first international CS:GO lineup ever to win a Major. is to deliver the highest quality esports content and coverage. Do teams still use a support player on their team? The grand final will see FaZe Clan meeting up with NAVI, set to play at 6 pm local Antwerp time. I'm very happy for them. Understands and follows almost all major esport titles. PGL Major Antwerp 2022 - Information, Schedule, & DiscussionFor spoiler-free CS:GO VoDs check out EventVoDs or r/CSEventVodsJoin the subreddit Discord server by clicking the link in the sidebar! No surprises here, as the #1 team takes the first win! Perfect World Arena Premier League Season 2 2022, guessing the match winner you'll be closer to prize. rain played out of his mind this major, easily the best outside nuke player in the world rn. Who are the top performers among the Grand Finalists? With this, the Antwerp Major became the second most successful Major in terms of viewership, right behind the PGL Stockholm Major 2021 which had garnered a staggering peak of 2,748,434 concurrent viewers during the grand final clash between G2 Esports and NAVI. Not to mention Twistzz as well he finally won one probably the same level as stewie when it comes to accolades. Aditya is the in-house CS:GO writer at AFK Gaming. This battle between the worlds number one and number two teams will see the winner walk away with a $500,000 in cash prize, along with 1800 ESL Pro Tour points and 4000 BLAST Premier points plus a berth at the BLAST World Final in December.

We are just one match away from the final match of the PGL Major Antwerp.

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