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Every activity offers beginner through advanced instruction. The division director checks in with each camper in the division on a daily basis. and arts, sports and adventure activities every day. We have 38 years of elective programming experience so "we know our stuff". Everyone wins a ribbon! Items for sale include camp t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, souvenirs, and similar items. Senior campers are scheduled activities with other seniors except for activities that work well with a variety of ages, e.g., drama productions, circus shows, etc. Our success rate with new campers is extremely high. They return to their cabin with their counselors at 10:00pm. Most of the daily program activities for junior campers are scheduled by gender. Britneys Hip Hop Street Funk Dance Show. All activity equipment is the very best available and designed to assure the maximum safety of our campers. A sample menu is posted on our website and can be viewed by clicking here. Each phase of the staff members training is documented, and upon the successful completion of all training sessions, staff members are qualified as camp counselors. Spy Camp #4 begins. Program specialists, division directors, and counselors are on hand when these activity choices are made to help and advise the campers. Dance Contest. Spy Camp & and Survival Camp programs begin second session.

We realize that family plans may necessitate a shorter enrollment so we have designed our program to accommodate eight, six, four, and two week enrollments. Sunday Sundaes!

Parents, siblings and family members are all invited to join us for a beautiful day in the country! Click here. Culinary Arts Clinic begins. Certain clinics are an outgrowth of programs already operating on a daily basis. Culinary Arts Clinic begins. Double-decked bunk beds are kept to a minimum. Second Half Session: Saturday, July 23rd - ends Thursday, August 18th. Lastly, Lohikans lake is private and surrounded by camp property.

We have approximately 60 senior staff members living on the campgrounds. Siblings can see each other as often as they like. Get ready for the most amazing summer of your life! The canteen fund covers: (1) the campers snack bar allowance (2 items: 5+ days a week), (2) a camp t-shirt, (3) admission and travel to to amusement parks, and (4) the optional visting day trip. Supporting Mark is the camps management team that has a total of more than 200 years of combined camp experience. Please contact the camp office. Golf Trip. August Water War! Bonzo's Big Bash with the Dunk Tank for Seniors. Based upon phone call surveys and written questionnaires, 99% of our campers had the summer of their lives and want to return. Sibling Ice Cream Party! After the first week, the campers original Activity Selection Form is returned and used to make choices for the next week. Paint Party #4 for seniors. Friends who want to travel together are always accommodated! Fun games and food! Rock Band Camp-a-Palooza Clinic begins. SUMMER: 343 WALLERVILLE ROAD, LAKE COMO, PA 18437, TEL: 570-798-2707, WINTER: PO BOX 189, GLADSTONE, NJ 07934, TEL: 908-470-9317. Beethoven Breakfast. Parent's Visting Day: Saturday, July 9th. They learn about themselves and how to manage lifes challenges. Camp Lohikan provides transportation to and from the Newark, New Jersey Airport and JFK and LaGuardia Airports in New York. Clinics are specially staffed, concentrated instructional programs designed to focus the campers attention and time on improving a specific set of skills. Sundae Sundays! Inter-camp games are not limited to the traditional sports programs. Campers attend activities because they want to! These include the camp's linen rental (blankets, sheets, pillow, pillowcase). Bus & Baggage Service is available 5 days during the camp season: (1) June 25th, (2) July 22nd, (3) July 23rd, (4) August 18th, (5) August 5th (only Manhasset, NY and Union County, NJ). Lohikan Idol Event! The Gold Rush for Junior and Inter Campers. Most staff members are education or child care majors recruited from colleges and universities from across America. We guarantee that campers can schedule a minimum of 14 periods (approximately 14 hours) a week of instruction in any activity. Everyone from our general counselors to our tennis pro understands that an important goal of the summer is the campers growth as a person. Canada Day! Middle Half Session: Sunday, July 10th - ends Friday, August 5th. The Big Olympic Closing Ceremonies and Celebration. Camp uniforms are expensive and are typically only worn at camp. Our director, Mark Buynak, has been an ACA Certified Director since 1984. Click here for Camp Lohikans Events Calendar. We have an indoor riding ring, an indoor flying trapeze facility, indoor creative arts center, gymnastics center, large sports center, indoor facilities for theater, dance, music, rock band, woodworking, and a huge rec hall, culinary arts building, and circus building to accommodate large group activities. Big Brother/Big Sister Awards. Recreational play is scheduled as deemed appropriate. French Friday! 2022 Regular Camp Season: Saturday, June 25th - ends Thursday, August 18th. These clinics are offered to provide campers with strong interest an opportunity to become immersed in the activity (2-4 hours per day) with the purpose of producing more advanced skills in a relatively short period of time. The camp absorbs the loss for the days the camper leaves early and you lose nothing! We also have a dentist on call during the summer for our campers. July 26 - Cabin Capers Night. Depending upon the ages of the siblings and the activity, siblings can even schedule activities together! For literature describing the preparations parents should make to ensure that the first-time camp adjustment is a smooth and easy process, contact our winter office at 908-470-9317. The division director is the senior staff member who works most closely with the campers assigned to the division. At Camp Lohikan, kids are more inclined to try new activities because there is no stress or worry about "looking bad". Our staff to camper ratio is better than 1:3. If you have any other questions, please call us! Hawaiian Pool Party for Juniors and Inters. We feature more than 65 activities on a daily basis. Jet skiing, quad riding, and dirt bike riding are available at the rate of $20 per period. July 14 - Summer Olympics Festival! We are often asked "How can you do it?" The view is one of outstanding natural beauty. AQUATICS: Swimming Instruction, Free Swim, Lifeguard Class, Sailing, Jet Skiing, Canoeing, Fishing, Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, Boogie Boarding, Windsurfing, Paddle Boating, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Boating, Rowing, Water Polo, Scuba August Afternoon Rockband concert at the Skate Park. Sunscreen stations are located throughout camp. Parents are notified by a member of the medical staff if their child has been in the health center overnight, their child has been placed on prescription medicine, or their child has been taken to an out-of-camp doctor, emergency room or hospital. SPORTS: ennis, Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football, Softball, Riflery, Soccer, Lacrosse, Golf, Gymnastics, Roller Hockey, Street Hockey, Field Hockey, Fencing, Cheerleading, Archery, Volleyball, Track & Field, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Tetherball, Weight Training, Fitness, Ultimate Frisbee, Ping Pong, Frolf, Ga-Ga, Dodge Ball Senior Camper Super Movie Night with popcorn and refreshments. Gymnastics & Cheerleading Exhibition. These manuals establish required supervision levels, equipment checks, and operating guidelines to ensure the safe participation of all campers. Books, games and supplies are always fine. We have found that cell phones interfere with a camper's acclimation to camp life and impedes the development of independence, which is a camp goal. We operate FREE Clinics like Spy Camp, Survival Camp, Advanced Tennis Clinic, Paintball Inter Camp Games Clinic, Golf Clinic, and more. X-Games Competition and Rock Band Concert in the Skate Park! Clothing is collected by cabin on a weekly basis. We encourage campers to challenge themselves and try lots of new activities at camp. Survival Camp & Spy Camp #1 begin. New campers can pre-register for the clinic of their choice in the Spring at no charge. Every three to six cabins are combined into a unit that is supervised by a division director. Campers traveling by air are met by Lohikan staff members at Newark Airport in New Jersey and JFK Airport in New York and escorted to camp.

Marathon Race #1. Lastly, it allows campers to schedule activities with campers who are not from their cabin but who share their activity interests. Senior activities are coed except for contact sports. August 10 - Sammy's Let's Make A Deal Game Show. Youll never get bored doing the same thing! Campers can email home as often as they like. August 1 - Campfire with the Sounds of Lohikan Event. We are located in a secluded area, which has seen little development in 65 years. A lot of time and attention is devoted to hiring qualified instructors and child-centered counselors. Lohikans health center is typically staffed with a medical doctor and 5-6 nurses who are all residents of the camp. French Friday with Fries! In the spring we schedule an Open House which is highly attended by first-time campers. Typically, our campers participated in more than 150 inter-camp games each summer. Campers interested in attending services are accompanied by a member of our senior staff (and counselors) to Catholic and Protestant services located in the village of Lake Como. After their first week those Super Juniors who have parental permission are given the option of joining the elective program. Every night features a different fun event designed specifically for each camper age group. Bingo Dinner. Cash is kept in the camp safe for the camper. Certain optional services are available at an extra charge. Progressive skill learning and beginner to advanced instruction are available in every activity offered. In no way does it reflect the content of the program or the quality of the camp experience. Campers are guaranteed to get as much as 14 hours of instruction a week in any of our 65+ activities. Everyone wins a ribbon! CIRCUS ARTS: Mini-Tramp, Rolla Bolla, Circus Bike, Rolling Globe, Acrobatics, Stilts, Hand Balancing, Single/Double/Triple Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Flying Trapeze, Silks, Teeterboard, Juggling, Unicycle, Spanish Web, Tight Wire, Diabolo, Devil Sticks, Lyra, Clowning, Circus Show We also search for individuals with counseling and camp experience. June Mini Camp: Saturday, June 18th - ends Friday, June 24th. Paintball Camp starts. All Star Lunch. It takes a lot of time and effort to find counselors who will meet the needs and expectations of our campers and parents. Meals, evening activities, special events and snack bar/game room times are coed.

Cheerleading Clinic #3 begins. Our program features every imaginable Arts, Sports, and Adventure Activity. August 6 - Hootenanny Campfire. Counselors are at least 19 years of age and college sophomores. Consequently, our costs of operation are amortized over a longer period. Daily medications are logged into a medical database from which daily medication lists are prepared. Welcome Campfire! There is also a bus that services six weekers from New York and New Jersey at the end of the six-week session. We also have a number of fun water park activities at the lake like the 14 tall Lake Iceberg, the 150' Lake Waterslide, the Tarzan Swing, the Water Trampoline and Blob, the Rolling Log and the Banana Boat! We have an exciting program, dedicated staff, and a huge bag of tools to ensure that homesickness will be cured. The staff members we select must be excellent role models and warm, nurturing caregivers. Senior Beach Party & Lake Barbeque Dinner. Parents can also drive their child to camp. Rappers' Lunch. The bus ride to camp is the first camp activity of the summer!

Youll never forget this evening activity! Lohikan attracts campers who are looking to make NEW FRIENDS, learn NEW SKILLS, and have FUN! August High-5 Circus Show and Flying Trapeze Extravaganza! We operated 100% Covid Free Summers 2020 & 2021! Cell phones are prohibited in camp. No one enters the campgrounds without clearance. For summer 2022 we have tentatively scheduled the following trips: (1) All-camp trip to Dorney Park on July 6th, (2) Senior camper trip to the Wayne County Fair on August 12th, (3) Visiting Day (July 9th) trip for campers without visitors, (4) Weekly Delaware Canoe Trips and other off -camp excursions, e.g., inter-camp games, inspection winner trips, Jericho ice cream trips, golf trips, etc. The cake and ice cream are really good!!! Siblings can always see each other at mealtimes, daily assemblies, many evening activities, free time, and especially during our Sibling Ice Cream Parties! Each cabin is assigned to the direct supervision of two to four college-aged counselors. Our campsite sits in a preserved natural environment, which has seen little development in 68 years.

First-time campers receive the ultimate in care and attention during MINI-CAMP that is possible with our 1 to 3 camper ratio!

Camp Lohikan has been owned and directed by the Buynak family for over 65 years. Lohikan is a non-sectarian camp. Campers entering 6th grade and older participate in our elective program where they can specialize in certain activities or schedule a varied daily program composed of our 65+ arts, sports and adventure activities. Staff members attend a pre-camp staff training session that extends seven to ten days depending upon the responsibilities assumed by the staff member. French Friday! Advanced Tennis Clinic #3 begins. MEDIA ARTS: Radio Broadcasting, Photography, Video Production, Email, Computers, Newspaper Before contracts are offered a thorough criminal background check is performed every year by a professional agency for every staff member. This greatly expands the friendships and relationships that develop at camp and ultimately results in more summer camp friends! As they travel from one activity site to another they are supervised by members of the senior staff and instructor staff members. A camp director with first-hand knowledge of camper life means a lot. Money not used by the camper is returned to the parents when the camper departs camp, or refunded in late September when refund processing is completed. (3) Campers with the choice of more than 65 daily arts, sports and adventure activities. As described earlier, they start their first week of camp in a cabin-structured program. The Hip Hop Show and Cheer Exhibition. This show's always a winner! There is a 1 duffel and 1 trunk limit. Campers are scheduled activities by division.

The Individualized Elective Program has been in operation at Camp Lohikan for 38 years. Scuba Clinic today. Program heads are assisted by staff instructors who are primarily college-enrolled individuals or college graduates with college-level training and coaching or teaching experience. July 20 - July Drama Production at the Lakeview Amphitheatre. Session changes can be made as long as space is available in your childs age group in the desired session. PERFORMING ARTS: Theatre - Acting Techniques, Movement, Song Delivery, Music, Dancing, Costuming, Make-up, Set Design and Construction, Lighting Design, Sound Engineering. July 16 - Sadie Hawkins Night. In so far as the need to contact home while at camp, campers have access to email on a daily basis, so cell phones have no value in this regard. While we cant guarantee that youll see your child every day, we do our best to make sure everyones photo is taken and posted online consistently throughout the summer. Check out the fire eaters! Usually 80% of our counselors are American. Horse Care Clinic begins. In the past we have participated in many inter-camp games and we operated them without tryouts. Cheesy Lunch. Round-trip coach bus transportation is available from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Baltimore on the first day of camp, at the end and beginning of each four week session, and the end of the summer. We are not close to a city, main highway or thoroughfare. Counselors assist young campers with everything they need but campers must be able to handle the basics. Watch out for flying balloons! I love this social!

CCampers and counselors sit together by cabin in the dining hall and all meal servings are unlimited. The Open House is a perfect opportunity for first-time campers to meet, enjoy a barbecue, take a tour of the campgrounds, meet summer staff members and maybe even make a new camper friend! Fun rainy-day programs are a favorite for many campers, e.g., Sing Down, Hollywood Scrabble, Horse Racing, Dancin with the Staff, and more. August 14 - Chief Lohikan Ceremony. Instructor staff members are trained in the camps procedures related to their specialty. Children of many faiths attend Lohikan and all are welcomed. Our camp is also 50% winterized and we operate longer than the summer season.

Two thumbs up! We also vary the menu with weekly theme dinners, including Italian, Asian, Mexican, Western, and a Beach Party Luau! August 12 - August Dance Recital and Hip Hop Fest Show. The majority of the beds in most cabins are single beds. Campers who do not hold the prospect of living in harmony with the other kids in camp are dismissed. Mark is a very hands-on camp director. Tribal Survival begins. Parents are kept informed of their campers adjustment at camp by the division director. Before and after the eight-week summer program we operate a One-Week Mini-Camp Program designed to give hesitant first-timers an opportunity to find out what sleep-away camp is all about. These acts of kindness weigh heavily in our evaluation process. 7:15 - Reveille. CLINIC PROGRAMS: Spy Camp, Survival Camp, Rock Band Clinic, Circus Clinic, Equestrian Clinic, DJ Clinic, Cheerleading Clinic, Skate Camp (X-Games), Paintball Camp, Improv Clinic, High 5 Basketball Clinic, Sams Comedy Clinic, and more July 8 - Wild Water War. Spirited recreational games are part of the sports program, but our focus is teaching our campers that effort and giving it your best shot are reasons enough for satisfaction. Elvis Dinner Love Me Chicken Tenders. -Game Show Night for Juniors. July 18 - Bragging Rites Special Event. Senior Camper Let's Make a Deal night with green slime, water balloons, whipped cream, wacky challenges, and huge prizes! Sunday Sundaes! Our Great Camp Guarantee is described in detail and can be viewed byclicking here. July enrollments are also popular with campers who attend schools that start earlier in August. The personality, character, credentials and experience of our staff makes each of them unique. Its the ideal individualized program and is a huge success with our older campers. However, we generally run about an 80% return rate. Camp Lohikan is located in the Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania, just outside the village of Lake Como in Wayne County.

The junior program is designed to expose younger campers to a wide variety of arts, sports, and adventure activities, provide appropriate skill-level instruction, maintain bunk unity, and provide close supervision. 5:05 6:05 Activity Period for elective program participants (inters and seniors). Birthday celebrations at Camp Lohikan are special! Other clinics feature activities and instruction in skills not offered in the camps regular daily activity program. HORSEBACK RIDING: Horseback Riding (English), Horse Care, Horseback Overnights, Horseshows, Trail Rides, Stable Management Safety procedures are an integral part of every daily activity. Every activity is staffed by instructors who have their skills verified and have received the training required to safely operate the activity. Over the course of our 65+ year camp history, much has changed. Mel Nash is an acknowledged expert in the field of competitive swimming, and returns each summer to operate Lohikan's SwimFaster Program. They assume responsibilities for health care, camper counseling, staff management, food service, program operations, camp administration, year-round operations, transportation and maintenance. High-5 Basketball and Globetrotter Clinic starts. Our activity program, special events and evening programs are all designed to provide campers with numerous opportunities to experience success.

SUMMER: 343 WALLERVILLE ROAD, LAKE COMO, PA 18437, TEL: 570-798-2707, WINTER: PO BOX 189, GLADSTONE, NJ 07934, TEL: 908-470-9317. Advanced Tennis Clinic #4 begins. And everyone knows, "You dont have to be the best to have the most FUN!". Survival Camp #3 starts. Emergency procedures are practiced by way of drills held early in every session. Let's limbo! Lohikans elective program is computerized which allows for parental controls, attendance supervision, and guaranteed placement in the activities that you and your child choose! This close proximity puts our most mature adult staff members in locations convenient to supplement the supervision provided by cabin counselors. Thereafter, the entire camp joins in singing our special Lohikan birthday song. Marthaton #3. Rolling Log Competition at the lake. Cheer Clinic starts. Our lake is private and reserved for the exclusive use of our campers and staff. Extensive staff interviews test for core competencies necessary to be a successful camp counselor. Dicey Dinner. We train our staff in first aid and CPR during the staff orientation period. We know of no other camp that offers the same. Junior campers (4th grade and younger) travel together as a cabin group with their cabin counselor(s) according to a schedule of activities designed for the age and sex of the cabin. The data is entered into our computer scheduling program, which creates the campers schedule of activities for the first week. Email is part of the camp program and is available whenever the camper schedules the email activity, media arts or computers. They start their first week in a cabin-structured program where we think it's easier for a younger camper to adjust to camp. Call us at 908-470-9317 or email your request to While sick calls are held after every meal, campers who are ill are treated at the health center 24 hours a day. TV Game Show Night with prizes for seniors! Campers receive positive recognition for acts of kindness at weekly campfires with the presentation of the Chiefs Award. Trophies awarded! Horse Show #1. August 7 - Dee Jay EZ Ernests August Dance Party Night with refreshments. Special Events, Trips, Inter Camp Games and Clinics round out what we believe is the best program in camping! Its a game show with counselor challenges and great laughs! SUMMER: 343 WALLERVILLE ROAD, LAKE COMO, PA 18437, TEL: 570-798-2707, WINTER: PO BOX 189, GLADSTONE, NJ 07934, TEL: 908-470-9317. Super juniors return to their cabins at 9:15pm. June Mini Camp: Saturday, June 18th - ends Friday, June 24th. Enjoy a swim in the lake or pool, go boating, play tennis, shoot hoops, view the arts exhibit at creative arts, check out the circus show or watch an awesome horseshow at the stables. The camp health center includes an examination room, male and female dorm rooms, private isolation rooms and living quarters for all of our medical staff. Mustache for lunch. Middle Half Session: Sunday, July 10th - ends Friday, August 5th. The camp sits on a mountain top and occupies over 1200 acres, which includes its own spring-fed lake. Our campers do too! The canteen fee covers the campers daily canteen (snack bar) allowance, a Lohikan T-shirt, camp loyalty rewards program (6 year blanket, 5 year jacket, 4 year backpack, 3 year t-shirt), and a subscription to the camp newsletter.
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