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The political party or winning the elections is not the goal. The editor of The Bhutanese, Tenzing Lamsang said Its the importance of rightness but not the balance. He said that political parties expect to be treated equally but it cannot be substantiated with false equivalences. We do not serve government; we serve the state. The party says major decisions will be made at the party convention slated to take place next month. Multi-Party System: Boon or Bane? His successful five-year term in the office, in fact, indicates that the power continues to lie with the monarchy. As of now, I find all media houses are fair and not politically biased., Former editor of Kuensel, Ugyen Penjor said media plays an important role in elections and are answerable to the public for their action. Druk Thuendrel Tshogpa anxiously waiting to be registered, The PEMA Center to take role of nodal agency to promote mental health and wellbeing, NC members expresses concern over session procedures. lunana photographs I cannot say how many we have finished selecting, but we have completed about 60% of the selection works..

We would probably replace some of our older candidates. We are also revisiting our manifesto to see of it is still relevant for the 2018 elections and beyond.. DCT is finalizing its candidates. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bhutan in 2013 is different from the time of the first general elections. Identifying new candidates have finished and the party is now working towards strengthening its manifesto. Compared to the 2008 elections, the peoples participation is overwhelming this time around. Perhaps it will be a while before concepts of pro-incumbency and anti-incumbency will genuinely take root in Bhutanese Democracy. The fourth pillar ensures that all people even living in far off areas of the country are informed whats happening in the country. Many critics believe that Bhutan has a long way to go in its democratisation process, with many hurdles in its way. DNT says they are coming in stronger than before. It seems that some political party uses media house as their platform to promote their agenda. He said, Media should take responsibility to promote institution of democracy and understand that its independent institution. He also added that in case if there is issue of political biasness in media houses, Election Commission of Bhutan have mechanism to deal with it. She added while winning is important, what is even more important is strengthening democracy. The election commission of Bhutan had refused to register the political parties in exile during the first general elections, and the same is the case again in 2013. The countrys third parliamentary elections are expected to start with the National Council elections in February next year. For the Peoples Democratic Party, their role as the governing party remains the top priority. While Bhutan Kuen-nyam Party did not respond to our call. Media ensure transparency in the working of all the other systems. It should support all equally as its is the most important ethics of media.. Numerous private newspapers and magazines flood the Bhutanese market today, but with strict rules and regulations laid down by the government; which thus leads to the big question mark on the independence of media in Bhutan. Beside Bhutan Broadcasting Service and Kuensel Corporation Ltd, being the national news providers, there are few other print media and private radios. Additionally, with people getting more aware of the affairs of the state, it will bring about a huge difference in shaping up democracy in the country. Bhutan Elections 2013: A Difficult Road Ahead? The 2013 elections will see many new faces and ideas, which will determine the future of not only where Bhutan is heading in its domestic politics, but also in matters related to international affairs. I feel some newspapers are aligned to political parties. Over the years, Media in Bhutan have become more active. Thimphu City defends title in style Thimphu City FC: [] Source:Bhutan Today [] His Majesty The King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. Among the five major political parties, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa has a woman as its President. If we write a story bringing out corruption case of a party; we are termed as supporter of other parties. Kunkhen Dorji analyses whether the process is genuine and if it will be able to provide a platform for multiple stakeholders. Some critics are of the opinion that the Prime Minister, Jigme Thinley, is the brainchild of monarchy. However, the Leader of Opposition, Tshering Tobgay, fears that such predictions would demoralise the workers of other political parties, and urges the political pundits, To support the other parties so that they can offer credible alternatives and healthy competition. But it is, at the same time, preparing for the elections. Bhutan Broadcasting Services Managing Director, Tshering Wangchuk said that different people will have different views. Today, the people of Bhutan are more aware of their rights. The Opposition are quite critical about the first elected government of Bhutan, but are not able to provide a good alternative model as a solution to the many domestic and foreign policy related matters affecting the country today. Are the media aligned to political parties? They are being vocal and expressing their opinions on issues concerned with their day-to-day life, and also of national and international importance. It is because of the news that we cover. 'The website up-gradation is part of Bhutan Media Foundation's project supported by Canada Fund for Local Initiatives'. She would also take up the mantle of the prime minister-ship, if her party wins the upcoming elections. Owing to many parties fighting the elections this mid-April, some political pundits indicate that the 2013 elections would be more about who will become the Opposition, and that somehow points towards the reality that the ruling party is unbeatable in the coming general elections and could smoothly form the next government too. Ms Lily Wangchuck is a well-known career diplomat, writer, and a social activist. These political parties are still banned in Bhutan, and to promote or propagate their ideology is seen as an anti-national activity. President of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa, (Dr.) Pema Gyamtsho said, Apart from one or two main stream medias, most of the media houses are balanced.. Prime Minister upholds his surgeons duty while in Bumthang, Bhutan Premier League will be a spectacle to witness, Playing a part in ending plastic pollution- Satsaloos Menchu Phendey Tshogpa, Man in custody for alleged statutory rape- Wangdue, Million ngultrum water project fails to serve its purpose- Gozhi in Dagana, At least four people come in conflict with law everyday in core Thimphu, Bumthang Dzongkhag issues an 18-month notice to relocate Chamkhar town. Weve a few civil servants who are continuing to serve, but we hope they will resign in due time and have time to carry out their familiarization tours.. We are in need of 16 new candidates, so we are busy identifying and selecting them. More than 67 candidates are contesting for the 20 seats in the National Council, as against 52 candidates contesting the 20 Council seats in the previous elections. However, it seems there is broad consensus that media houses in Bhutan are politically biased. We need to look beyond 2018 to really establish the political party, and I think that will also apply to all the parties, as a very strong means to strengthen democracy.. This you can judge from the coverage, he said. Head of the Election Department, Sonam Tobgyal said that till now there wasnt any case of political biased media, though there was a case during the National Council election. President of Peoples Democratic Party, Dasho Tshering Tobgay said, As per the law, media houses are not allowed to be biased. Editor of The Journalist Rinchen Dorji said, We dont know about others but we are not. These media houses have been allowed to work independently. The political parties in exile are still banned from contesting the 2013 general elections. Elections: An Eyewash? Rigden Wangmo from Samtse said, It seems that some media houses are politically biased. Lhatu (name changed) said that some mainstream media do favour some political parties. The Road Ahead Mathew Joseph C, in his book, Ethnic Conflict in Bhutan, believes that the elections were to hoodwink the international community into a make believe scenario that Bhutan was a democracy and that it was, Completely controlled by the monarchy and the Ngalong ruling beyond any sort of questioning. It is like mirror which shows the bare truth and harsh realities of life. Finally, will it be able to silence its critics who see the election as eyewash and a controlled one? The DPT government headed by Jigme Thinley, who has matrimonial relations with the royal family, is very much their favourite to lead the next government. Meanwhile, readers or audience have different views. With 2018 elections fast approaching, the political parties are busy finalizing candidates and strategizing ways to rope in voters. But one party has nothing to write about, and if there is another where we find a lot to write about, people say we support. Horses and cattle, the latest victims of supposedly contaminated feeds? The action of some media could lead to losing credibility of all media.. The upcoming general elections in Bhutan will see many new faces at the grass root level, but the same cannot be said about their partys leadership who have served Bhutan in many distinguished fields. Everything looks just about perfect in a country where Gross National Happiness is more important than the Gross National Product, but there are large sections of people who still have doubts about Bhutanese democracy and elections. We are working at strengthening the dzongkhag offices identifying our gewog coordinators, said Sonam Jatso, the Secretary General of PDP. Copyright 2022 Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies - All Rights Reserved, CENTER FOR INTERNAL AND REGIONAL SECURITY, Prosecuting the Islamic State: The Case for a Hybrid Tribunal, Pulwama, Balakot, and the Future: How the Chips Stack Up, Korea-India Relations and the Situation on Korean Peninsula. Of the identified candidates, majority are in their constituencies undertaking their familiarization tours with approval from the Election Commission of Bhutan. They are preparing for the upcoming elections, while carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the opposition. DeSuup Skilling Programme gives hope to youth, Zero tolerance against sexual harassment: Paro College of Education. All journalists should follow code of ethics and maintain ABCD (Accuracy, Balance, Credibility and Depth) of journalism. Media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy.

However, there are chances of seeming, that medias are biased by some reporters. He shared the view that because of some reporters like towards the manifesto of particular party, there could be chances of biasness as we are not enlightened but in over all, its good now. Druk Nyamrup Tshogpas President, (Dr.) Lotey Tshering said, Besides critical analysis and critical reporting is appreciated, some media reporters are biased but not as a whole. He added that some politicians may politicize and there is thin detection of biasness. Will this election see new faces, or the victory of the old guards? We have almost completed the identification and nomination of almost all the candidates, said Dr. Tandin Dorji, the President of DNT. DPT, meanwhile, shared they are taking on twin responsibilities. Currently, were finalising our candidates and identifying some new candidates as well, shared Lily Wangchuk, the DCT President. Media Arbitrator, Dr Chador Wangdi said that they monitor the media regularly and that so far there has been no issue of media houses being politically biased. After the introduction of the Internet and television in 1997, many private channels have arrived on the scene. The party shared that identifying new candidates have almost finished and that its manifesto is being strengthened. Politicians and people tag media houses for being politically biased. From our 14 parliamentarians, four of them will be retiring because of the age limit, shared Ugyen Dorji, the Secretary General of DPT. Unlike the 2008 elections, where only two political parties were allowed to participate, this time around, there will be 5 major political parties contesting the elections. If one paper dedicates six pages out of 12 to a particular party and the rest six divided among other parties, international and local news, where is the fairness, he said. So, we will have only ten, which means we have to identify 37 new members. As of now, there are five registered political parties- Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP), Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT), Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT), Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He said, Media are regularly checked and updated. Will it be able to provide a platform for people without an affluent background, or is it still the elite class calling the shots? BKP says it is ready for next years elections. We are also compiling documents and preparing our policies and plans.. These are: Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT), Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party (BKP), and Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT). As far as candidates are concerned, DPT says there is no dearth of choices but the party will only settle for the best ones. It is the thought process of people which is biased but not the media.. We are more or less prepared, but again we want to make the team stronger, but we are quite comfortable if youre talking about 2018, said Dasho Neten Zangmo, the BKP President. These media houses make the masses aware of various social, political and economical activities around us. You have entered an incorrect email address! Throughout its history, a woman has never been at the helm of the countrys political affairs; hence it would be interesting to see if the people of Bhutan accept a woman as the head of the government. Media being politically biased is not a good precedent as a watch-dog.

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