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Using store-bought puff pastry makes them extremely easy to pull together for a party! Use a cookie scoop to get even servings and roll them into a ball. Try our Big Mac egg rolls!Get the Reuben Egg Rolls recipe. We added some sriracha to give it a bit of a kick that we found so addicting.Get the Slow-Cooker Grape Jelly Meatballs recipe. And theyre surprisingly easy to make! They're hot, crunchy, and oozing with molten cheesewhat's not to love?! Bread is always a crowd-pleaser, but all that dough does weigh you down. Then turn the pound of ground beef into 20 mini patties to grill to medium for about 2 to 3 minutes. (via Brit + Co), The tiny version of this classic dip is an excellent finger food, appetizer, or snack. Dress with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes for optimal flavor. Try scallions, mushrooms, and peppers for a vegetarian version. }, Master Bathroom Floorplan Ideas You Need to Know BEFORE You Start, Best Tips and Outfit Ideas for a Stunning Fall Family Photoshoot, 31 Scripture-Based Back-to-School Prayers {Free Printable}, Easy & Adorable DIY Paper Fan Pinwheels for 4th of July. Our favorite combo is blackberries, brie, and salami, but feel free to play with *all* the meat and cheese combos. Paige is a blogger, food writer and culinary master from Louisville, Ky. She's a newlywed who's obsessed with dogs and renovating her 117 year old home. (via Tabitha Talks Food), Heres another way to use some fragrant rosemary sprigs.

These tiny sandwiches are both very tasty and totally adorable. They're great for game day, your next picnic, or will even satisfy the fam once the holiday season comes back around. (via Garnish With Lemon), SocietySocial and QueenBrieCLT/Photography Demi Mabry, Grab your charcuterie must-haves and cut them into bite sized pieces. Soft, chewy, and very addictive, these are great for backyard BBQs or potlucks. Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Try drizzling with honey after assembling for an added sweet touch. You may not be serving Caesar, but you can still make an impression with this delicious recipe. Topped with a spicy, buttery maple glaze, these shrimp give shrimp cocktail a run for its money. Umami-rich oyster mushrooms are lightly battered and fried for this squid-free take on fried calamari. Here youll find simple and delicious recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less. Skewer juicy prime rib, roasted mushrooms, and red pepper, so each bite is infused with that woodsy rosemary aroma. Mackenzie Filson is a food writer and contributing digital food producer at Delish. Whether you want fancy, little puff pastry bites or something comforting like pigs in a blanket and slow-cooker grape jelly meatballs, we have tons of bite-sized finger food recipes that are going to be perfect for your next dinner party. Brush with your favorite BBQ sauce and add a chunk of SPAM for an authentic flavor. Garlic, white wine, green onions, and fresh parsley round out the flavorful filling. If youve an air fryer, nows the time to put it to good use. herbed potatoes anna courtney For the spread, go for something creamy, smooth and tangy like Japanese mayo. ), If you can boil water, you can make these skewers faster than you can say tortellini. Add a crispy wrapping of salty prosciutto, and these once-humble green beans are now totally picnic worthy. Find more delicious finger food ideas and appetizer recipes for your next get together on Brit + Co's Food page and follow us on Pinterest for more recipes! The Italian dish is prepared by forming cooled risotto into balls, filling them with some sort of filling (typically cheesy! These are the perfect crunchy foil to all your grilled meats.Get the Oven-Fried Pickles recipe. Assemble your appetizer and drizzle with a honey balsamic vinaigrette for an added burst of flavor. Get the Baked Feta Bites recipe. If you love baked spinach dip, you'll love these baked puff pastry puffs. Allow your diced chicken to marinate in it for 15 minutes, then thread your veggies onto skewers for a quick and healthy appetizer idea. If you've never prepped beets before, here's how to do it: start by roasting your beets at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 50 to 60 minutes. This cheesy finger food features the flavors you know and love, all nestled into bite-sized cups of golden crescent dough. (via Baker by Nature), Succulent salmon is even tastier when it's coated in brown sugar. First, create an easy marinade with fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, garlic, and Sriracha. (via Cook. Loaded potato skins are the ultimate game-day food. Get the Ginger Pork Potstickers recipe. We'll be making this all summer long.

Win-win. Nothing screams summer quite like bruschetta. peach almond cake upside down recipe picnic desserts recipes summer packable garten ina easy alton brown network Theres a lot of variety among these 25 great recipes, but they all have one thing in common you wont have to share! Play around and find your favorite! So happy to have found these recipes. Pupusas are an easy flatbread made from masa harina that get stuffed with cheese or refried beansor both! Chicken Finger Food Recipes Everyone Will Love, Easy Vegetarian Appetizers To Make For Your Next Party, Seafood Hors D'oeuvres Recipe Ideas For Your Party-Goers, Delicious Finger Food Ideas For Meat Lovers, Upgrade your weeknight meals with some new flavors. Fun fact deviled eggs are one of the worlds oldest appetizers. shrimp cocktail shooters appetizers serve ways creative glasses check recipes shot valeventgal appetizer steam pleaser crowd always fun The hot honey, which gets its spice from red pepper flakes, is definitely a top-tier option. Pile the mix onto toasted baguette slices and top with crispy, smoky pork to complete this summery, shareable appetizer.Get the Black-Eyed Pea Bruschetta recipe. Serve with a spicy lemon aioli for dipping and ice-cold beer for sipping. (via Salty Canary), Using a rosemary stem as a skewer to hold your pineapple and mozzarella is both practical and delicious. Perfectly portioned and very portable, these veggie cups are a great option for picnics or BBQs. Get the Air-Fryer Mozzarella Sticks recipe. Colorful and fun, these mini-tacos are the best kind of messy eating. Tiny Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Recipe, Easy Grab and Go Fruit and Cheese Cup Recipe, 30 Amazing & Easy Single Serve Desserts for Parties, How to Throw An Epic Outdoor Graduation Party in Your Backyard, 10 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed {+ Pics & Pro Tips! (via Brit + Co), We love baked potatoes as much as the next person, but sometimes having a giant potato is too much for a side, especially if the rest of your meal is already heavy. Sausage meat is blended with Bisquick baking mix and cheese, then baked into golden, soft, meaty goodness. (via Brit + Co), Sometimes you can't get through an entire lobster dip, and seafood only stays good for so long. The tasty combo of goat cheese, sweet potatoes, and agave is a simple way to get a healthy dose of vitamin A and calcium while still getting a bit of sweetness. Bet you can't eat just one!Get the Spinach Puffs recipe. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these falafel are baked, not fried, for less mess. Make these mini potatoes instead! Get the Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp recipe.

(via Rasa Malaysia), There's no shame in using frozen food to your advantage. (via Recipe Runner), Brussels sprouts are great for getting some extra antioxidants and fiber, and the bacon is great for flavor ;). If you want a little extra color on your bites, switch the oven to broil on medium and cook them a couple minutes more. Give the fish a quick sear, and each bite will be infused with smokey, caramelized flavor. Want to skip the macaroni altogether? I'm Kim. Cook the chicken according the the directions on the package and then dress 'em up by assembling on top of the heated mini waffles and sticking a toothpick through it. Traditionally they are served with a cabbage relish that brings a bit of an acidic punch, so you don't want to skip it.Get the Best-Ever Pupusas recipe. For this easy finger food recipe all you need is frozen chicken, mini toaster waffles, maple syrup, sea salt, and herbs de Provence. All seven layers of the traditional Mexican dip are loaded into single-serving cups so you can enjoy a feast of flavors without ruining your appetite. Then assemble, or let your guests pick their toppings with a DIY cheeseburger bar. They're filled with a mixture of sauted onion, garlic, spinach, and cream cheese and baked inside little puff pastry cups in a muffin tin. We got you covered. Baked Falafel Bites with Spicy Tahini Dip recipe, Mushroom Calamari with Spicy Marinara recipe. Avoid the curse (and mess!) The Best Things To Eat And Drink On Disney's Wish, This New Jersey Deli Uses Pickles Instead of Bread, Baked Falafel Bites with Spicy Tahini Dip, 26 Jell-O Shots Perfect For Your July Fourth Party, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. And when you can eat these apps in two bites, it means we're going to be eating lots of cheeseburger tot sliders, beef Wellington bites, mac and cheese pizza bites, and shrimp tostada bites. Youll get all the flavors of a classic BLT, but none of the carby grains. To turn it into a bite-sized nosh, go for slices of Roma tomatoes and use a cookie cutter to create like-sized circles of white bread. Crunchy crackers are piled high with cucumber slices, corn, salsa, and beans. I could eat these mini-quiches all day, every day. Try this easy recipe for a healthy alternative to deep-fried pizza rolls and enjoy all that crunchy flavor without losing your appetite for the mains! (via Brit + Co), Eat these tarts as a quick bite in the afternoon or have them for dinner if you end up eating a big lunch. Feel better, get smarter, and LOL a little every week. The high heat keeps the wrapper crispy and prevents the whole thing from exploding. Easy peasy! (via Give It Some Thyme), A platter of these savory Greek meatballs is a hearty appetizer or afternoon snack. Don't miss the photo guide of our folding technique, though you don't need to fuss too much over them. We love this fall-inspired dish for Halloween, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving or even Christmas entertaining. Love. This recipe features a basic quiche filling made with egg and cheese, but you can easily take things up a notch by adding other ingredients. Everything can be cut and prepped the day before, just wait to assemble on the actual party day. Check out all our best quick, last-minute appetizers. Not a fan of agave? (via Brit + Co), Rest assured, your herbivorous friends and fam will flip for this bite-sized combo of beet, goat cheese, arugula, and walnut. Please tag me on, 30 Single-Serving Desserts for Parties (Easy, Safe & Classy! We also participate in affiliate programs with Thrive Market, Shareasale, and other sites. You can enjoy that deliciousness right now in just a few easy steps. What's not to love? For a few other pro tips, did you know bread circles cut easier when it's partially frozen? SUCH good healthy and yummy ideas, can wait to make these. (via Sprinkles and Sprouts), Long live the BLT! (via Sprinkles and Sprouts), Wine lover? Bite-sized and delicious, theyre sure to tickle your tastebuds without spoiling your main course. They make a great addition to any school or work lunch, and all you need to make the sauce is mayo, honey, yellow mustard, barbecue sauce, and lemon juice. It's like a pizza stick! Check out delicious plant-based starters like cheese ball bites, garlic pretzels, veggie cups, and mini-quiches. Paired with a lime and garlic-spiked sour cream sauce, these crisp patties are guaranteed to disappear in a crowd in minutes.Get the Esquites Fritters recipe. Frying egg rolls can sound intimidating, but its definitely worth it here. Healthy and nourishing, this is a beautiful appetizer made from baked potato halves. (via A Spicy Perspective), When you're serving passable dishes, salads can be a bit too fussy for their own good. When she's not working on her blog . The sweet jelly mixed with smoky BBQ sauce is a match made in heaven. Be sure you have cream cheese, dill, horseradish and heavy cream on hand to complete the recipe. Cherry tomatoes, pesto, and burrata make the perfect trio for a summer day. Get the Scallion Pancakes recipe. Dipped in homemade marinara sauce, we think there's no better snack. Made with just 6 ingredients, these Mediterranean-style bites are a quick and easy appetizer. See, However, if you arent wanting your guests to be breathing over the casseroles or touching the spatulas and serving spoons themselves, you can, 25 Individual Snacks and Appetizers for Parties (During COVID), If you make any of these appetizers, desserts, or use any of these ideas, Id love to see! Serve with a peppery cream dipping sauce and watch them disappear! Get the Mac & Cheese Pizza Bites recipe. You'll want to add some egg to the mix before you bake to give them that fluffy donut finish, and don't forget to top with bacon bits! The key to getting even bites is roll the wraps tightly and then place five toothpicks, spaced evenly, on the roll so you know where to cut. (via Brit + Co), If you have to eat a salad, it might as well be on a stick. Theyre colorful, theyre tangy, theyre zesty, and theyre very, very good. We love their little pretzel handles, but feel free to leave them out or even make one huge cheeseball! Theres no messing around with pastry dough. This magical piece of kitchen equipment uses convection to get that crisp-fried taste, without all the grease of standard frying. We are compensated for referring traffic. (via My Kitchen Love), If you really want to make a statement, go all out and whip up mini cheeseburgers. With only five ingredients, you can make these in a snap, which is good because they'll be gone just as quick! Salty and savory, these meaty cones are the ultimate fun finger food. These tiny pretzels are the perfect solution. Theyre made by stuffing fresh tomato with bacon and lettuce, all wrapped up in a creamy sauce. But on top of how good this recipe tastes, it only takes an hour to make! Easy peasy! You can still load up on all your favorite toppings, including cheese and bacon bits. Prep an individual appetizer in 30 minutes or less. With all these appetizers working their way around the room, you're going to need some cocktails and mocktails to go with them. Thought to have been created in China about a century ago, shrimp toast combines traditional Chinese shrimp paste with Western white bread to create one of the earliest fusion foods. These recipes are designed for you and you only.

Mozzarella sticks are the quintessential party appetizer. This Mexican-themed appetizer is top of my list for my next party.

Change up the layers depending on food sensitivities or favorite toppings (we'd go with two layers of guac! The same is true for our recipes for black-eyed pea bruschetta, arancini, and Taiwanese popcorn chicken. I would suggest keeping this recipe for game day, but why wait? Topped with crispy fried shallots and fresh cilantro, it may stray pretty far from the original, but its just as delicious.Get the Harissa Deviled Eggs recipe. Crispy fried calamari (and even mushroom "calamari"!) Breaded and fried, it's so fun to eat ravioli with your hands and dipping it in plenty of marinara. Exhibit A: these macaroni and cheese donuts that put together two of our favorite foods, like, ever. Theyre individual-sized cones stuffed with all the ingredients of a charcuterie board. Insanely Good Recipes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Serve with a round of bubbly to balance its salty bite. We've got three different flavor options here, but our fave for spring is pesto provolone!Get the Arancini, 3 Ways recipe. Creamy, smooth cheese balls are speared with crunchy breadsticks for a delicious app-on-a-stick. Chickpea flour is your new best friend in this gluten-free treat. Theyre small enough to satisfy while remaining light and airy. ), or if you're throwing a get together, wait until your guests arrive and have them assemble the dips themselves. Just buy ready-made puff pastry and wrap them up as you would a parcel. (via A Spicy Perspective), If we're sticking to finger foods, that eliminates a lot of our favorite recipesunless we can figure out a way to make them handheld ;). Grab some toothpicks (or skewers if you're feeling extra hungry) and create kebabs that are sure to make all your guests' mouths water. You can use other mushroom varieties, but the delicate petals of the oyster mushrooms get addictively crispy, so we recommend seeking them out.Get the Mushroom Calamari with Spicy Marinara recipe. Ground beef is seasoned with spices, mixed with refried beans, and piled into flaky wonton cups. Scroll down for 46 finger food recipes, from BLTs to chicken and waffles all that you can serve on a toothpick! Toasted ravioli works in the air fryer too, meaning you can skip all of the oil for an even more perfect appetizer. ), it can, Ive always been a big fan of the buffet, but, Must-Haves for Single Serve Appetizers for Parties, This post may contain affiliate links.

)Get the Spinach-Artichoke Zucchini Bites recipe. (via Love & Zest), Simplicity is essential when dealing with sweet, fresh shrimp. Grape jelly meatballs might not sound like an ideal combo, but trust us, it is! Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit to bake the rolls after you've brushed them in melted butter and topped with sesame seeds. If youre a fan of our cranberry brie bites, weve got news for you: Theres a new app in town, and its inspired by another fan fave, baked feta pasta. (via Blackberry Babe), A marinade of pickle juice keeps the beef in these skewers ultra-tender and seasoned throughout. Try these pizza pepperoni bites! Air fryers are slowly winning us over. Garnish with chives and thats it. (via Half Baked Harvest), These mini bites have everything we love about cheese balls, without committing to a giant appetizer that we might not be able to finish. (via Half Baked Harvest), Saucy meatballs are a party must-have. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Contact Us, 30 Best 4th of July Appetizers (+ Easy Recipes).

(via Half Baked Harvest), If you're looking for a finger food that's on the sweeter side, look no further than these boozy, chocolatey bites.

Topped with salmon, avocado, and ginger, you still get all your favorite sushi flavors, with the added crunch of the rice cracker. Youll get all the tastes and textures of satisfying tacos, all in a single bite. Frozen rolls, a pound of ground beef, bacon, cherry tomatoes, sharp cheddar cheese, sesame seeds, and lettuce round out the ingredient list for this easy party appetizer. Festive and impressive, these tiny beef wellingtons would look great on your Thanksgiving table or Christmas menu. It doesnt matter what youre in the mood for, theres a tiny appetizer with your name on it. Sure, they add a lovely kick of crisp heat to skillet migas or pineapple shrimp tacos. Theyre made from layers of salty ham and sharp cheese, nestled in a soft bun and glazed with a poppy seed dressing. (via A Spicy Perspective), Glazed in a buttery brown sugar sauce, any vegetable suddenly becomes fun to eat. Magic! Just swap for honey instead. Hey there! The only thing left to do is to eat them! Its doubtful youll have leftovers, but if you do, serve them over rice for lunch the next day. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! We suggest these super-flavorful (and surprisingly easy) pot stickers! Just make sure you serve them right away, just place them in an air tight container and keep 'em in the fridge until it's party time. Serve them alongside a creamy tzatziki sauce. Quick, convenient, and very easy, I make these soft buttery Bisquick balls when Ive a hungry crowd to feed. They're crunchy, they're tasty, they're gluten-free. Get the Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken recipe. Subscribe to our newsletter.Plus, get access to the latest and greatest content from Brit + Co. Epic appetizers are a *must* for entertaining year-round, and we especially love starting with delicious finger food ideas. And vegetarians dont have to miss out. Theres no cooking involved with these bright bites. After you master this, give fish and chips a go! Theres no frying, no mess, and no greasy after taste.

These easy bites are perfect for literally any occasion. Just take a look at these tasty individual appetizers! ), Stunning & Cheap Graduation Party Decoration Ideas for 2022 (on a Budget!) Theyre stuffed with seasoned sausage and cream cheese for a gorgeously rich starter. Topped with lots of cheese, sour cream, and salsa, you wont be able to resist these tiny parcels of joy. Crunchy, flaky, and cheesy. (via Brit + Co), These no-cook finger food tapas bites are a quick way to satisfy rumbling bellies with minimal effort. Crispy, flaky, and with the *slightest* bit of chew, it's easy to polish off a whole plate in minutes. These little guys are the perfect healthy appetizer. Drench in a buttery garlic glaze and enjoy! Not only will you break it up into smaller portion sizes, but you'll also completely eliminate double dipping. What's not to love? Why not?! Want to really impress your guests? Copyright 2020 Quick & Easy Recipes Get the Brown Butter Radish Crostini recipe. We thought it was time to give them the spotlight, front-and-center on this springy crostini with plenty of sweet, caramelized brown butter. I love running, cooking, and curling up with a good book! You can't go wrong with salty antipasto skewers. You, too, will lose your mind over these savory slices. A brush of garlic and butter is all you need to enhance its flavor to epic restaurant-worthy levels. The spice mix here is what sets this crispy popcorn chicken apart: five-spice heightened with some white pepper, Sichuan peppercorns, onion powder, and mildly spicy gochugaru. The topping for these tender potato bites is made with sour cream, bacon, and asparagus. Get that creamy crunch you desire in an easy-to-eat package by rolling chicken Caesar salad in a tortilla and slicing into pinwheels. (via Foody Schmoody Blog), Cut up some halloumi cheese for these bites. I love doing these in the summer when the vegetables are deliciously ripe and refreshing. It also means you aren't left with tons of dishes, so you can spend more time relaxing post-meal. No votes so far! We love fried pickles, but as much as we'd love to eat them all day, every day, we can't be bothered with the frying!

Keep things carnivore with bacon, spinach, and ham. (via Pizzazzerie), Youll want to savor each and every bite of these sweet and pungent snacks. (via Oh, How Civilized), Bacon wrapped around anything immediately catches our eye, and if you feel the same way then you have to try out these bacon sweet potato bites! couldn't be simpler to whip up. Taco-seasoned beef is spooned into crispy tortilla shells and dressed with all the usual sides. You can mix and match your toppings with this versatile version. A squeeze of lemon juice and fresh marinara and you're ready to go. Despite their simplicity, theyre full of complex flavors with creamy mozzarella, ripe tomato, zesty balsamic vinegar, and fresh basil. Rumor has it that the Romans used to pass around plates of these delicious eggs at their dinner parties. We don't know the science behind this, but we know it's true: the smaller the food, the tastier it is (this might be why we love sliders so much). Once you have one, you'll understand why this cocktail hour staple has stood the test of time.Get the Easy Shrimp Toast recipe. Get the Air-Fryer Coconut Shrimp recipe. This article has been updated from a previous post published in Jan. 2019. Spear with a toothpick along with a tiny gherkin and some fresh dill for a hearty party bite. A rich buttery filling is wrapped in a flaky pie crust. If you're a fan of more mild food, mess around with the ingredient ratio to figure out which spice level you like the most. Today it's a popular item on dim sum menus and as an appetizer throughout the US, UK, Australia, Japan, and parts of Southeast Asia. And considering we'll eat anything with brie on it, it's one of ours too! Serving a crowd? (via Food Fun Family), Chicken marinated in coconut milk and spices becomes tender and moist on the grill. Mac and cheese rolled up in a tiny ball and deep-fried until golden brown! Your email address will not be published. Tried out a few of these recipes and now my family thinks I'm a chef. While the recipe does call for ground pork or turkey, you can easily leave that out to make these dumplings vegetarian. Scallion pancakes might be one of our favorite appetizers ever. (via Iowa Girl Eats), Nix the bagel and enjoy your lox on top of a slice of crunchy cucumber. Looking for a weekend project? If you want to make things easy on yourself, use store-bought guac to fill these adorable little cups, but we gotta warn youhomemade guacamole is ALWAYS better.Get the Shrimp Tostada Bites recipe. Fried calamari doesn't have to be reserved for beachfront restaurants. Simply toss chicken chunks in a panko breading and fry until golden and crispy.

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